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Our Souls are the bearers of so much wisdom and power, but so often within this world of ours, that wisdom and power can be easy to forget. 
The offerings available below - some free and some available for a small cost - aim to support you in that process of re-membering all that is truly you. 
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Super-powered Space Holding
Seven week journey, begins 17th February 2022

No matter how much training, experience and expertise we have in our own work, we are rarely taught how to hold a truly safe and sacred space.

But we deserve better. Our clients deserve better. Our work deserves better.

Ready to activate your own super power for space holding? Visit the link below to learn more about my seven-week Space Holding journey.



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The resources below are all available to download for a small fee. Click on the relevant links below to learn more and order today. 

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Meditation covers - CR (1).png

Use this short exercise to help tune into the various parts of you and "re-member" your selves.

Meditation covers - CR.png

This exercise aims to cleanse your energy field of any tension or negative energy you may be carrying.


In days gone by, oral storytelling was one of our greatest traditions and one of the most powerful ways we built communities. Even now, I don't know about you but I love someone reading me a story... it's probably why I'm such a big fan of Audible!

The recordings below are my attempt to do justice to some of my favourite powerful and empowering excerpts from some of my favourite books. The words are property of the respective authors, but complete the form below to hear me reading some snippets.

The cover image for "If Women Rose Rooted" by Dr Sharon Blackie

The Selkie Song

From If Women Rose Rooted 

by Dr Sharon Blackie

The cover image for Untamed by Glennon Doyle.


From Untamed

by Glennon Doyle