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Supporting your soul's journey

Helping you to become the hero of your own story

Past, present and for the magic yet to come

Are you ready to delve into your own story?

I'm Ceryn; Soul-Led Therapist, Writer, Guide and Podcaster.

That means I'm all about supporting you to become the hero of your own story;  helping you to make peace with the challenges of your past, embrace more of your present and enjoy all the magic the future has to offer you. 

But that's just the start... click here to find out more about how I can support you and your journey through life.


Sitting Comfortably?

If you're preparing to share your deepest fears and greatest desires with someone, then it's important you know they're someone you can trust and resonate with. So with that in mind, here's a little about me...


If you're thinking of working with me, the first thing you should know is that I have always loved a story, especially one with a happy ending; and that I am a fully fledged spiritual geek.

A combination of those two things, together with my qualifications and experience as a Counselling Therapist, and over ten years of working as a spiritual guide, teacher and channel and what a good friend calls my "superpowers" for holding space and making connections, led me to create Soul-Centered Therapy; a unique approach to talking therapy and Soul work. 

Through this work, I help clients across the world work through their stories and those of their Souls, changing their lives for the better and supporting them to reach the happy endings they deserve along the way.


To find out more about me, click here.

Ceryn Rowntree, a fair-skinned brunette in her 30s sit amongst tall trees, resting her head on one hand.

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If you're interested in Soul-Led Therapy, find out more and begin the next step on your journey by booking your free 30-minute introductory session.

These sessions are your chance to find out more about this work and whether this is the right step for you to take next on your journey. There is no further purchase necessary and no hard sell on the day... just a chance to find out more!


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