Speaking opportunities

It's been said that I look never more at home than when I'm leading a workshop or delivering a speech.

I have been leading workshops and courses on a range of spiritual and personal development subjects for over a decade now, with one particular highlight including Fearne Cotton's Happy Place Festival in 2019.

Meanwhile as a podcast and radio show host, I have frequently guested on other audio channels and am always happy to talk to like-minded souls on their shows or radios. 

Whether in person or online, I am comfortable delivering workshops, energy activations and more to audiences of any size. Below are some examples of workshops and courses I've delivered to date.

To learn more or discuss a speaking opportunity, please get in touch.

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In-person workshops


I love delivering interactive workshops to a live or online audience, and specialise in doing this on a number of themes, including:

  • Mediumship, including in children & young people

  • Divine feminism – bringing the world back to a place of true balance and alignment

  • Witchcraft and practicing everyday witchcraft

  • The power that can be found through connecting with and integrating the Soul

  • Working with Spirit Guides, Goddesses, ancestors and more

  • Holding safe space for healing and self-reflection

  • Grounded, discerning soul work and spiritual connection

  • Ego in the spiritual and wellness fields

  • Using past life healing, energy healing, ancestral connection and ritual safely for personal development and healing

Photo by Rachael Morley, taken at Fearne Cotton's Happy Place Festival in Tatton Park Cheshire, Spetember 2019

Online workshops

As part of Project Earthwork I co-facilitate a monthly meditation, channeling, sound journey and energy activation session accessed by 100 people across the world. 

I also run my own workshops and courses via Zoom on a range of topics, including those listed above and those outlined on my courses page, and am very comfortable presenting online to groups of people large or small.

Podcasting and voice over work

Image by freestocks

Host of my own Divine Feminist podcast, and former host of the monthly Soulfully Speaking show on Wellbeing Radio, I am a confident and well-respected voice in the world of online speaking. 

I have guested on a number of podcasts to date and am always keep to speak with other like-minded souls about topics close to their hearts. 

I also love to take on the role of interviewer and have been praised by a number of my own former guests for my warm and attentive interview style. 

Listeners have frequently told me that my voice is "powerful" and "magical", and has an ability to active their energy all of its own. I offer voice over work, with my voice reel available here

Academic and corporate speaking

I have a great passion for bringing the Soulful and energetic into the mainstream.

As a practicing Therapist and student of Consciousness, Spirituality, and Transpersonal Psychology, I am well placed to talk about all things spiritual in a grounded and practical way.

Over 15 years of experience in corporate communications, together with my typically warm and down-to-Earth Geordie approach also makes me the perfect person to deliver even the most complex or "out there" messages in a way that is both accessible and supportive. 


Photo by Amy Potts, taken at The Tony Mudd Memorial Lecture, North Tyneside in March 2019