Photograph of a winding road through a green, hilly Northumbrian landscape. Photograph is by Andrew Ridley via Unsplash.

Work with me

At times this work of connecting with your Soul can be lonely. With so many people wrapped up in the day-to-day and afraid or unwilling to look any deeper, there are times that those of us with a deeper view of the world can feel lost, alone, and left wondering if we're the ones with a problem.

That doesn't have to be the case. I have a lifetime of working with Spirit and the realms of Soul, together with 15 years of practice as a working medium and over five years' experience as a qualified Counselling Therapist and Coach.


I know the weird, the wonderful and the magical just as well as I know the safe and supportive, and I would love to be part of your journey.

When it comes to working with me there are two choices; to go ahead and order your own personal Soul Integration Reading or to book one of the seven 1:1 Soul Sessions I offer each month. 

You can find more about each option on the links below.