Work with Ceryn

There are a number of ways to work with me. Whether you're looking to break free of the cycles and blockages that have kept you trapped in your past; seeking support and a space to work through the lessons and experiences of your Soul's work and development; or trying to put plans in place to work towards writing the future you dream of, then one-to-one work with me is the place to start. 

All of my one-to-one sessions blend the traditional techniques and approaches I have studied together with a dash of magical soul work to create a safe and sacred space focused on nourishing the roots that keep you grounded and tending the wings that help you soar.

Read on to find out more about the other options available to you; then book your 30-minute introductory session (available for Soul-Led Therapy, Soul Support and standard Therapy only) to get to know me and see if you'd like to continue our work together.

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Soul-Led Therapy

Soul Support Mentoring

Soul Journey Insight Packs

If you're interested in working with Ceryn but Soul-Led work does not fit your needs, please check out the offerings available through The Divine Feminist.