Photograph of Bamburgh beach, Northumberland at sunset, with the castle in the background. Photo courtesy of Bruce Edwards via Unsplash.

Hello and welcome

You’ve read the books, sat through the meditations ,and done everything you’re told will awaken the wisdom, power and magic of a fully Soul-led life.


Yet here you are feeling stuck. Frustrated by those same old burdens, tripped up by the all-too-familiar wounds, and wondering if maybe you’re doing something wrong.

Spoiler: You’re not. The secret is simply in learning to connect with your wisest self on your terms rather than someone else’s.

Photograph of Ceryn Rowntree, a white woman with long red hair, sitting on a blue day bed with her legs outstretched and holding a book. Behind her are cushions and three framed images. Photograph is by Becky Wright photography.

I’m Ceryn, a Medium, Therapist and Soul Guide with a huge passion for supporting wise and wonderful people to step into the power of their own incredible souls.

Having connected with the Spirit world my whole life, I began formally working as a medium over 15 years ago and quickly realised that the readings I shared were very different to others around me. They felt deeper, more intense, and more focussed on connecting people directly with the wisdom of their own Souls to understand what they were


A trained therapist and coach, my sessions always offer a safe and sacred space that’s all about supporting you to step fully into your Soul in all their wonder. That’s not complicated, and nor is it something that should feel intimidating. Which is why I’m so passionate about sharing this deep and powerful insight in a down-to-Earth way that helps you not only align with your Soul but expand into and integrate their energies in your daily life.

Want to know more? Head over to the work with me page and book your free introductory session to learn more.

Away from work

In case you’d like to know more about my non-work life, I’m born and raised in beautiful Northumberland in the North East of England where I still live today with my dog Kali (you can read more about her here).

I spent the first 15 years of my working life in the world of corporate communications, before eventually following my lifelong passions for all things spiritual into a career change. A practicing witch and third-generation (at least!) spirit worker and land keeper, I am never happier than when walking in the woods and connecting with nature.

I’m a bookworm and unashamed geek who loves to swim, is on a permanent quest to bake the perfect dairy-free brownie, and is always on hand with at least one book recommendation or movie quote for any situation!


Photograph of Ceryn Rowntree sitting on a bench in the woods wearing a large green parka coat. In front of her is her dog Kali, a tan and black German Shepherd. Photograph is by Laura Pearman photography.

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  • I host the Divine Feminist, a podcast about unpacking our internal conditioning and blockages to create a more balanced and flowing world for everyone

  • My second book, The Divine Feminist, was released in November 2021 through the Unbound Press

  • I am a part of Project Earthwork, a team of wise and wonderful women who work with beautiful Souls across the world to support, tend and heal the energetic grids of Gaia