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Hi I'm Ceryn, Soul-Led Counselling Therapist, Soul Support Mentor, Writer and Guide.


To put it bluntly I'm all about helping you to overcome whatever is holding you back, make the most of your time here and remember how bloody amazing you are. 


I LOVE what I do, and I'm always honoured to work with amazing people

who decide it's time to delve into their stories. 

But, I'm a firm believer that before you can trust someone with the things you hold most sacred, you need to get to know them. So here are some of the things you may want to know before you choose me as the person to support you on this journey...

This all begins with a once upon a time…

I’ve always been a lover of stories, both creating my own and enjoying those shared by other people.


A love of writing took me first into the world of corporate communications, where I spent over ten years before deciding there just wasn’t enough magic for my liking!

Instead, I chose to retrain for a job that felt more aligned with the callings of my own heart and soul, enabling me to not only bear witness to other people’s stories for a living, but also hold space for and work with those people to help them overcome their past and find the happy endings they deserved.

After qualifying first as a Counselling Therapist and later as a Life Coach I began to practice, but still felt there was something missing…

A view from the Millenium Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne out across the Tyne river at sunset. To the left is the Sage Gateshead, to this right the Newcasle Quayside, and straightahead the Tyne Bridge which is reflected in the water below.

Adding a dash of the more spiritual

Along the way, I’d been guiding and teaching people for some time in a more Spiritual and Soulful way – using the spiritual connection I’d experienced since childhood to connect clients with insights from their lost loved ones and Spirit Guides; reminding friends of their ancestral patterns and the stories of their own Soul’s reincarnations; and leading a range of workshops and courses aimed at helping people connect with something bigger both within and outside of themselves. 

Soul work was my passion. In my spare time I read, watched and studied anything and everything that connected me to that greater sense of meaning all while determined to help other people understand that these “gifts” of connection are something we all have access to.


The breakthrough came when I combined those two passions; bringing the safe space, firm boundaries and proven techniques of traditional talking therapies together with a more holistic approach to energetic blockages, shared individual stories, pattern breaking and personal power in a way that felt connected, grounded and downright powerful!

Building on my own passions and experience with clients and fellow soul searchers over the year, my personal approach to talking therapies – Soul-Led Therapy – was born, closely followed by Soul Support Mentoring – my way of supporting others through the challenges I’ve faced throughout my own journey so far.

Incorporating what have been called my “superpowers” for holding space and making connections, these two services enable me to help the amazing clients I’m fortunate to work with, while also helping me fulfill the callings of my own Soul along the way.

Behind the scenes

Dog mum, story lover, witch and geek: Away from my work these are the words you're most likely to hear me use to describe myself.

A practicing witch, third generation (at least) spirit worker and keeper of the land my ancestors have tended for generations, I live in beautiful Northumberland, North East England with my dog Kali – my favourite soul in the world, and am never happier than when the two of us are walking in the woods together.

I’m a bookworm who loves to swim  and is on a permanent quest to bake the perfect dairy-free brownie.

An unashamed geek, vocal Divine Feminist and proud witch, I can often be found watching Marvel movies, lying in my back garden talking to the Moon, podcasting about my dream of creating a more balanced world, or combining all three in various weird and wonderful ways!

Ceryn Rownree - a fair skinned brunette in a khaki colored winter coat witha large furtrimmed hood sits on a wooden bench in a forest, with her dog Kali, a black and tan German Shepherd, standing in front of her

Some things you should know...

  • Having always spoken to people no one else could see I began formally connecting people with their ancestors, guides and loved ones over 15 years ago.

  • I qualified as a Person-Centered Counselling Therapist in 2015 and am a registered member of the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy).

  • In 2017 I qualified as a Life Coach with an internationally accredited year-long Diploma in Life Coaching.

  • I am currently midway through an MSc in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Pscyhology

  • I am also a qualified Sekhem Healer, Usui Reiki Master and EFT practitioner with over ten years’ experience in working with past lives and meditation, although I recognise there is always more to learn!

  • All of the client work I do is fully insured, with details of that available here.

And some more you might want to know...

  • My Hogwarts letter must’ve been lost in the post, but I’m Ravenclaw and proud! And since I'm born and bred in the North, I'm Team Stark all the way!

  • For those interested in Astrology, I’m an Aquarius with a Libra rising and Scorpio Moon.

  • I wrote and illustrated my first picture book at the age of 6 about a giant called Mr George. For some reason that never made it onto shelves, but I became a published writer in 2015 when The Teen Spirit Guide to Mediumship was published

  • My podcast, The Divine Feminist, launched in May 2019 aimed at encouraging us all to reconnect with the balance we need in our own selves and the wider world.

Now you know all the important bits, click here to find out how to work with me!

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