A photograph of Kali Rowntree, a black and tan german shepherd standing in the sea by a sandy beach. Kali wears a pink harness and is looking to the left of the screen.

Introducing Kali Rowntree

Kali Rowntree, a black and tan German Shepherd dog sits on the grass in front of a large body of water - Kielder Water in Northumberland, England - under a blue sky on a beauiful day.

If you follow me on social media you may have gathered that the single most important girl in my life is Kali, my German Shepherd


She’s my other half and pretty much the mascot of my business, so I thought it only right to introduce her a little more fully.


It's especially important that you know Kali if we're working together... you see, behind the desk in my office I have a day bed... a very comfy day bed on which Kali has a tendency to curl up and go to sleep if I spend too long in client sessions for her liking!

Ocassionally you might also hear the gentle tippy tap of her feet on the wood flooring outside of my workspace.... or her not-so-gentle announcement that the postman has arrived!


Kali was born in December 2011, the day after I first decided it was time for me to leave the world of full-time corporate work and follow the dreams of working for myself. In fact, I often tell people she was delivered to me exactly by the Universe, and here’s how…


A couple of months before she was born I’d created my first vision board, and on there put the perfect German Shepherd puppy. I knew I’d be leaving my job in December, so decided that I’d get Christmas out of the way first and then set the intention of my perfect puppy being ready for me in January.

Fast forward to mid-January and on the day I decided to start looking for my dog, I opened the local paper to find an advertisement for two German Shepherd puppies… I called the guy and arranged to visit the next night and it was completely and utterly love at first sight.


Ten days later, just before my birthday, I headed over to Washington in North East England to collect my beautiful puppy and spent that night wide awake and listening intently like a new mother just to make sure she was breathing.


A photograph of Ceryn Rowntree, a white woman in a green parka coat who sits on a bench in the woods. In front of her is Kali Rowntree, a black and tan German Shepherd. Photograph is by Laura Pearman Photography.
Kali Rowntree, a black and tan German Shepherd, sits in front of a red brick wall and white UPVC door with her eyes closed and tongue sticking out.

Kali is – obviously – gorgeous, but she also has more personality than some of the people I know. She’s very definite about the things she does (walks at the beach, our trips to the woods, fish, scrambled eggs and cuddles) and doesn’t (celery, luminous clothes, fireworks, delivery people and window cleaners) like, and has a whole range of sounds to communicate to you exactly what she’s thinking at any given moment.

She is also more than a little spoiled… with stacks of toys and a whole chair at my house with her name on it. I’d pretend I’m sorry about that but actually this self-confessed crazy dog lady is totally cool with anything that makes my partner in crime smile!

If you can't get enough of this gorgeous face then my Instagram 
is usually a good place to keep up to date with Kali's latest antics!

A photograph of Kali Rowntree, a black and tan German Shepherd, raising a paw and looking excitedly at the outstretched hand of Ceryn Rowntree. Ceryn is a white woman with red hair who kneels behind Kali wearing a blue sweatshirt and jeans. Photo is by Becky Wright Photography
A photograph of Kali Rowntree, a black and tan German Shepherd walking on a lead across a patch of grass towards the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, UK.
A photograph of Kali Rowntree, a black and tan German Sheperd wearing a pink harness and lying in a red tent in a garden. Kali's eyes are closed and she appears to be smiling at the camera.