Gathering The Collective


If you've found your way here, that likely means you've read Entrepreneurship Goddess-Powered, a book I'm so proud to be involved with alongside thirteen other incredible womxn.

I'm particularly proud of this book because, as someone on their own journey as a Soul-led business owner, I know both how wonderful and how challenging that can feel at times. To know that there are others who have been through - and are still going through - many of the same experiences is such a relief; but to hear firsthand from those people about their own stories?  Well that's something I wish I'd had access to sooner in my career. 

Below you'll find a link to Gathering the Collective, the free meditation promised in my chapter of the book. 


Meanwhile, below are also links to a few other things that may be of interest to you. And of course, while you're here take some time to explore - who knows what you might find!

As entrepreneurs our support networks are so important.

Ready to call in yours? Then check out this free meditation via SoundCloud.

Want to learn more?


The Divine Feminist

Enjoyed my chapter of the book? Then check out my other books, including The Divine Feminist, published in 2021 via
The Unbound Press.

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Hold and Be Held

Do you hold space for others in your work but sometimes find yourself feeling unsure, drained or out of your depth as a result? Check out my seven-week course on embracing your own fullest power as a holder of safe, sacred and transformative space. 


The Divine Feminist Community

Looking for a space where you can continue your own journey back to wholeness amongst a group of like-minded Souls? Then check out the Divine Feminist Community, where we would love to have you join us.