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Updated: May 18, 2020

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Consciously creating the new

So, how are you?

No really. Whatever you’re doing as you read this, I invite you to pause for a moment, take a deep breath and ask yourself “how am I doing?”

Maybe the answer is fine. Maybe through the lasting wonder of words you’re reading this at a time when the world has settled and life feels safe and secure. In which case that’s bloody wonderful, and I’d like you to know that the very thought is making my cheeks perk up in a grin and me want to reach out and hug you through the keyboard!

Because as I write this… well it’s fair to say the world is in a slightly different place to that.

We’re in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic, and here in the UK we’re entering our fifth (I think. Does time even have meaning anymore?!) week of lockdown and unsure quite when that will end.

It’s a sad and scary time for sure; even despite the fact that so many countries are hearing we’ve “passed the peak”, there are still hundreds of people dying each day in the UK alone, and still an awful lot of fear about what happens if the virus reaches us or someone we love.

But a few weeks into this situation and the overwhelming sentiments I’m hearing about this time aren’t rooted in fear, but in a completely different kind of consciousness.

The world is changing

Photograph of the Earth from space. Image courtesy of Wix.
Earth from space

There’s no doubt about it, this pandemic and the way in which so many countries have effectively just shut themselves down to keep people safe has changed the world. And will continue to change the world.

If we’re honest, that particular aspect of this situation isn’t hugely surprising. After all, we’ve known for a while now that big changes need to happen… We’ve overwhelmed our planet and her ecosystems and resources, the divisions within our societies have become broader and broader and with every passing day it seems that we get busier and busier and pay less and less attention to what is actually important for us.

Of course none of us expected the opportunity for big change to come from a global pandemic (who even knew that was a thing three months ago?!). And we definitely didn’t want so many people to suffer, die, or lose those they care about.

But the idea of change isn’t hugely unexpected. In fact it’s something that many of us have been told was coming for a pretty long time now.

And while that doesn’t make these experiences of ours any easier, and certainly doesn’t make the loss that we’re facing any less painful, it does give us something else to carry forward with us:


Hope for a way of life in which we can remember what was really important to us during this time.

Hope that our entire planet will learn from this experience and find ways to embed the positive changes that our lockdowns have had on the environment long after we’re back out in the world.

Hope that this sense of community so many of us are experiencing, and respect for the essential workers that have for so long been ignored, will continue.

And hope that we’ll all know and remember how to make all of that happen.

So what do we do that?

Ah the million dollar question eh? “That’s great, but how!”

On a grand scale, I have no idea. Which is a bit of a shame really, because personally I think “Saint Ceryn” has something of a ring to it…. 😉

Seriously though. On a worldwide scale I don’t know, and I’m really not sure anyone does (although my money’s on Jacinda Ahern if so!). But on a personal scale? Well that one is a little easier to call.

On a personal scale, the truth is that moving into that new, hope filled future isn’t actually about doing anything. No. To paraphrase that old chestnut I’m so fond of, creating the future we hope for is less about doing and more about returning to our roots, and taking our place as human beings.

That’s right, I firmly believe that this new world, and our own ways of life within it will be less about the to dos and the actions, and more about learning to be and then going with the flow of that as we step into that whole new consciousness.

What on earth is consciousness?

Time for reflection.

“Oh here she goes,” you might well be thinking. “Off on some ramble with spiritual jargon and words the rest of us don’t understand.”

I hear you. Oh buddy, do I hear you. Ironically, spiritual jargon is something I’ve had a bit of a telling off about while we’ve been in lockdown, but that’s a story for another day. For now, let me just assure you that that’s really not my intention…

Because yes, I know that the word consciousness is one of those often used in meditation studios by people who claim to be able to heal you and unlock within you all the secrets to the Universe. But in its simplest form it’s really not that complicated or mystical.

Think about it in the terms that we all know:

When we’re asleep with no clue what’s going on around us, we’re unconscious.

When we’re awake enough to drive a car, make a cup of tea or hold a sensible conversation, we’re conscious.

When we’re acting in a certain way for reasons we don’t fully understand, that’s often the result of our subconscious minds.

And when we’re fully aware of the reasons why we’re doing what we’re doing? Well that’s us acting consciously.

So when I talk about stepping into a new consciousness, really, it’s just as simple as that. It’s about expanding our awareness of ourselves and of the world so that we can enjoy the tea and the journeys and the conversations even more deeply, and understand ourselves better than ever.

Of course there are many ways to do that, and you can read all of the books and take all of the courses along the way too, but in my experience of doing this stuff for over 20 years now (eek!), there are four key things that will expand that awareness more than anything:

  • Listen to yourself. Get quiet and listen to what’s really going on in your body, your heart and your mind. No, I’m not talking about the noise of your to do list, but about the fears and passions that drive you and about the places where you’re feeling stuck.

  • Step out of your comfort zone: Challenge yourself to re-assess the ways you’d usually spend your time and to see what you really want and need to be doing. Switch off the music you’d usually listen to and put down the books you pick up without even thinking. Then try something else… Not to take you away from what you love (you’ll always go back to what’s important to you after all), but to broaden your perspective, and help you to see how other approaches, mindsets and experiences differ to your own, and what that newness might have to teach you.

  • Let yourself feel. I can’t tell you how bloody important this one is. Our world is so so keen to stop us feeling and keep us quiet and numb… that’s why it tells us to shop, eat and drink our pain away and why it’s so keen to tell us we can’t be complete without another person. Because when we break down the dam and let ourselves feel, that’s when we become powerful. It’s when our joy drives us to the things that are really important, our anger ignites the fury in us to change the world, and our sadness helps us to empathise with one another and remember that we were never separate, but always connected.

At it’s most basic level, consciousness is about awareness. And right now, the consciousness that we’re being asked to step into is an awareness about ourselves and the world.

What’s so important about that?

“So what?” I hear you say. “What’s the big deal about consciousness?”

Quite simply, because the more expanded our awareness is, the more we’ll realise the world needs to change, enough to be willing to play our part in that.

What’s more, an expanded awareness will inevitably give us an expanded pool of resources too. I’m not necessarily talking about money there, or social media numbers, networking opportunities or anything else we’ve been told to see as a resource (although who knows, maybe those things too); but about ideas, inspirations and all the things we actually need to show us how to move forwards… to answer that “how” question we talked about earlier.

This broader awareness helps us to see ourselves in a different light; a powerful, trusting light that not only inspires us to want to move forwards, but also helps us to understand more about how we do that.  

And although it sounds twee, if expanding my awareness and working with others who do the same has taught me anything it’s this:

That the more of us there are with that understanding, the wider it will spread and the more changes we’ll be able to make… Turning that hope into action and that action into positive new beginnings.  

Seeking support

That’s not to say that any of this is easy. For all too long now the world has been trying to keep us all small; convincing us that we know everything we can possibly know and that there’s no way or need to look for a different perspective or step outside of the boxes we’ve been put into.

Looking at things through a different lens – even if that’s just about watching something outside of the norm on TV – can challenge so much of what we think and know about ourselves, our lives and the world around us and force us to really dive into our own experiences of those.

And doing that work, coming to know ourselves and more of the world around us, can be painful, difficult and exhausting.

That doesn’t mean it’s not important, or that we shouldn’t do it. But it is an important reminder of why we don’t need to do those things alone.

Of course I’m going to plug my own work here; because whether you’re someone who’s new to the idea of expanding your awareness and wants to work with a spiritual therapist through Soul-Led Therapy; or a healer or teacher who knows they need to make some changes and see the world and their work differently but needs some Soul Support to do that, then I can help with that.

And hey, if you’re looking to dip your toe into this whole idea of soul work and conscious connection, then you could definitely do worse than ordering a Soul Journey Insight Pack from my Etsy store.

However, none of those are the main things I wanted to mention here.

Instead, I wanted to direct you to something that is completely and utterly free, which is always good, right?! Over on my Gifts page you’ll find a stack of meditations, exercises, journal prompts and readings all aimed at helping you to navigate through these strange times, expanding your own consciousness along the way.

There’s no need to enter an email address or sign up for any of those things – just pop to the page and download whatever feels right for you.

And of course get in touch… If you have any questions, any specific concerns about this, or anything you’d like to see in that toolkit I mentioned above then let me know. I’ll definitely try to help if it’s possible.

Updated: May 18, 2020

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She Is Rising

This sharing of channelings is becoming a habit isn't it? But the more I'm leaning back into my connection with spirit after a few years of "using" that connection rather than embracing it, the more they're sharing words that I just want to shout from the rooftops!

The below came through during Easter weekend, at a time when I was hearing the words "he is risen" a lot... If I'm honest, I think there's likely a companion piece coming around the He who is rising along She but we'll see about that one.

Is that to say this is religious? Hell no! But it is spiritual, soulful, and maybe a reminder for all of us who are rising in these times of darkness too... 

She is Rising

Is she risen?

No. But she is rising.

Out of the place of darkness. Out of the fear. Out of the shadows of shame and repentance within which she has for so long been


And now she is free.

Choosing never again to crawl

Repentantly, to the feet of those offering salvation.

Conditional salvation, only on the terms of their own making.

Instead she will walk.

Walk on feet once tired from a life overburdened by guilt.

Walk on feet once pained from centuries of fleeing, from the judgement and shame they attributed her.

Fleeing to hide in places of false security where safety was found in the numb and the empty.

No longer.

Now she walks on feet that have been anointed as holy.

As strong

As soft

As powerful.

She walks with shoulders back and head held high and lays footprints of her own salvation

A salvation that was always within.


Just waiting,

To be uncovered.


She lays a path not to be followed but to be witnessed

A journey of inspiration for those preparing to make this walk their own.

And as she walks, her steps become rhythmic, swaying

The dance of her bones.

The dance of the wise women whose blood is within her;

Tearing its way through her veins in a torrent that flushed out that which had consigned her to life in the shadows.

That which had terrorised her to hide from her power,

To hide her power.

And in the freshness that follows her whole body hums

Changing with the beat of that wise woman.


Those women that made her dance alongside

Chanting their mantras, evoking their spells

And whispering the secrets of her bones, her body, the bloody from which she came.

And deep within, those words are a wake up.

A wake up to lives she had forgotten to remember, and to the spells and the secrets her own soul had kept

A wake up to truths she had cast out as forbidden

For forbidden they were.

Fearsome to those who wish for dominion.

But now as those truths build to fire within her

As she gasps in new air and remembers her fullness,

She recognises the lie in that dominion.

She remembers the truth.

Every word and every sense of the truth that will be her unlocking.

And within her are born the springs of a new beginning

Planted within her

Dormant within the darkness

Now being whispered to rise

Now being rooted in truth

For creation is her greatest power

In the fertility of her own inner chalice anything can be grown


Birthed unto the world.

Her dancing comes to a halt

For there is no need to move.

No escape route to be taken now.

Only a journey which, step by step, is of

Her own creation.

Birthed by her own drive,

Her own purpose,

Her own lust for this world, for this universe, for life.

So now she stands

Still and sturdy, 

The going in her eye that says:

“Come to get me,

Come to challenge me.

For I am unafraid.

"Your words no longer shame me.

Your cages no longer tame me.

And the handprints you’re hatred had burned upon my skin are no longer marks of my subjugation.

But reminders of my resurrection.

Scars that remind me I am not what you made me,

I am birthed from the fire of her rebellion

Risen from the ashes that were left behind and became one with the earth.

My return signalled by the tide of the tears my grandmothers wept over those smouldering embers as they begged me to remember.

My first breath the memories of my past and the times you wished I had forgotten;

The dreams of the future and that which you vowed I would not create.

"My vow to you? Watch me.

Watch me create.

Watch me dance.

Watch me love.

Watch me soar.

Watch me live.

"And watch those that come along with me, and those that follow behind me as they do the same




Now she stands tall.

Strong in her softness,

Fierce in her mercy.

Peaceful with the rhythm of Gaia drumming within her.

Gentle with the rage of an warrior preparing for battle.

She stands with her feet rooted to the earth



At home in her skin and the dirt that has shaped her

At one with the creatures she knows S her family.

And she raised her arms to the skies,

Dusting herself in the luminescence of the stars

Welcoming in the firepower of storms as their fire buzzes from her fingers.

Breathing the air that is life into clean, wide lungs

Until her heart swells and with every breath she is born anew.

For she knows her place,

Her wisdom,

Her power,

Her grace.

For she knows her heart,

Her mind,

Her spirit and her soul,

And the glorious temple of that which is her body.

For she knows her Self

In its wholeness

Fulfilled with all that she s and has ever been

Touched and embodied alongside all that there is and will ever be so.

She knows for she is.

She feels for she is.

She trusts for she is.

She loves for she is - a love as filled with tenderness and the soft as with rage and fury

And she moves for she is - sturdy and determined just as fleet footed and dainty.

She is 


She is


She is 


And with that rebirth she spreads her wings

And takes

Up to the skies while

She calls aloud

“I am unafraid.

I am finally free.

And I Am

She Is

We Are


Thank you for witnessing.

If you'd like your own channeled document, read more about my Soul Journey Insight Packs

Updated: May 18, 2020

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Breaking free from persecution and using our voices

Note: This is not my usual blog post. It flowed out of me in ways I wasn’t quite expecting and so I’ve gone with it. If you want to read it all, that would be awesome and I’m super grateful! But if you just came for the channelled message, which I truly believe is an important one, then you might want to scroll down to the sub-heading which reads “the words that were given to me”

Since I first started paying attention to the stars, one thing has begun to irritate me more than most – the bad rap that Mercury Retrograde gets.

Yes, when the planet of communication slows down and looks like it’s going backwards we might well find electronics starting to break, plans going haywire and communications being misinterpreted to the point of causing havoc. But that’s only half of the story.

What these “may your Mercury be less retrograde and more Freddie” (OK, that one does always make me smile)-type memes and words of warning never seem to tell us is that Mercury Retrograde is, however, a brilliant time to connect with yourself, to break patterns and to get still and listen to the wisdom that’s coming through for us.

And this current Mercury Retrograde in Pisces – going from 17th February to 10th March – is no different.

Except that if what is being shouted (or more like screamed!) at me is that this time around we’re being asked to connect all three of those things in a very specific way and with a very particular reason.

It’s time the persecution stops

The wonderful Caroline Flack. Photograph courtesy of the Press Association.

Last weekend, the British TV presenter Caroline Flack was found dead at her home in London, having taken her own life.

I didn’t know Caroline, but like so many of the UK, I was a big fan of hers. In fact it’s fair to say that I had a pretty damned huge girl crush on her.

The passing of a celebrity is always cause for news of course, and for outpourings of grief from both those who knew them and are forced to express that most painful and soul-breaking of emotions publicly; and those in a weird place of mourning someone who touched their lives without ever actually being part of those lives.

In this case it’s been obvious over recent days just how loved Caroline was, not only because of the beautiful things being said about her and the wonderful stories being shared, but also because of the changes that are being called for.

Because despite how popular this beautiful woman was – not only with the people who actually knew her, but with those who connected with her through TV screens, her social media accounts and countless other channels – for far too long she was vilified through those very same channels.

For over a decade she was hounded, vilified, mocked – let’s call it what it is – bullied by the British tabloid media and on social media too, where she had death threats regularly from the time she dated Harry Styles back in his early One Direction days.

And because of that there have been calls – there are still calls now, days later – from what seems like all corners of society that we should regulate the tabloid press, be kinder to one another online and change the way we see people in the public eye.

I stand by all of those things. Hell, I even wrote a post along those lines myself over the weekend. And although I won’t write more deeply about them here I will recommend Russell Brand’s beautiful blog on the subject, and if you’re in the UK I’ll share the link to a petition for “Caroline’s Law” which was started earlier this week.  

However there’s one call in particular that I’ve heard ring out since Saturday which has particularly stopped me in my tracks a few times, not because it’s any more valid than the others, but because it’s precisely what shouted inside of me the moment I first heard the tragic news.

It’s something the wonderful Lisa Lister spoke about in a powerful She Power Collective post on Sunday, and something I’ve seen magazine editor Jo Elvin refer to in a post on her Instagram:

It’s time that we stopped vilifying women.

It's time that we women starting building one another up even in the face of that persecution.

And what’s more, it’s time for all those who are tired of being scared of that vilification, tired of saying the wrong thing for fear of bullying or harassment or persecution, stood up and fucking shouted.

For ourselves, for the women that have been persecuted in all manner of tragic and horrific ways, and for those in times ahead that should be free to speak and act and live and love freely, in the ways that feel right for them no matter how that might be.

Finding our voice in the face of persecution

Photo by Mario Azzi, courtesy of Unsplash.

I know. That short rally call looks simple, but in reality we all know it’s nowhere near. In reality it’s terrifying, and never more so than when we have very real and very recent evidence of the effects of persecution in even the most seemingly wonderful lives.

And I’ll be honest, when I first heard that sentiment being shouted within me on Saturday I very much tried to ignored it. Because I’m scared too; even I, with only a few hundred followers on social media, a super supportive network and a safe little base in a part of the world people tend to forget about, often find myself tempering my words and missing bits of my story for fear of being called names, harassed or criticised.

It took me over three years to start my Divine Feminist podcast because referring to myself by those two words made me scared of the abuse they might lead to.

And after being vilified and harassed in my own life for daring to live as a single woman, I absolutely shut myself down and became terrified of men, terrified of even daring to appear attractive for a good while.

So when the voice shouted at me to tell me it was time for us to stand up in the face of that fear, and that this Mercury Retrograde would, for many of us, be about breaking through the patterns and fears that have led us to stay silent and scared, I definitely did my damnedest to ignore it.

But when a message is important it refuses to be ignored.

So I saw and heard it repeated three times the following day from three wise, wonderful women who I respect massively and trust implicitly; every one of them telling me that Sunday had seen them triggered massively into a place of shame that they somehow weren’t enough to do the work that they had been called to; that they should stop trying to do things “their way” and instead slide back into those old easy patterns that had felt so painful and restrictive to them but that society had told them were acceptable.

I was momentarily livid each and every time. And then I rolled my eyes and said OK fine, I’m listening. You’re right. It’s time this stops.

Not that we stop being afraid of judgment and persecution, because as the beautiful Caroline Flack proved, and as women much further outside of the spotlight prove each and every day in every corner of the world, those things are very real and can have incredibly damaging consequences.

But that we stop letting that fear hold us back. That we speak what needs to be spoken and live what needs to be lived even in spite of that fear and that we do our damnedest to support one another not just in doing those things but also when it comes to fighting off the persecution it potentially leads to.

Because what is that persecution? What is the harassment and the vilification, the witch trials and the abuse, the bullying online offline or anywhere these people who are afraid of us shining or light choose to target us?

It’s an attempt to keep us small. All of us. It’s an attempt to remind us – whoever we are and whatever we do – that we are not enough and will never be enough, so should stay in our tiny little boxes and satisfy ourselves with the lives and beliefs that society deems to be acceptable.  

I saw a post on Twitter earlier this week (and then lost it before I could screen grab or even credit the author – sorry about that) which suggested that any time you see someone being harassed online or in the media it’s time to stop taking a screen shot of that, or rolling our eyes and navigating away from it.

Instead it’s time to start reporting the posts and comments, complaining about the articles, and maybe even doing what we can to combat them by adding our own positive comment to the original post to let the person featured know that someone is supporting them.

Mercury, photograph courtesy of NASA

Maybe it’s about more than that too; about recognising that this “cancel culture” we’ve all played out part in creating needs to stop, and allowing people to make mistakes and to learn from those mistakes rather than believing that putting one foot out of line will result in catastrophic consequences for them and their lives.

We’re human. Isn’t it time we allowed ourselves to act that way? Particularly in the face of a society so keen to tell us that in itself is some sort of inadequacy?

As I was looking through Instagram before writing this post, I saw something about Glennon Doyle’s new book, which is due out next month. I’m a big fan of Glennon and her work, so have heard a lot about this book, Untamed, which is all about the need for we women to get wild again. To stop living life shackled and tethered by what it is to be a “good girl”, and instead remember what it is to live and speak on out terms.

But reading about it this morning struck me as incredibly resonant – resonant to the message I’d been given and the patterns I’d been told that we’re being asked to break. Even more so when I realised that the book is due our on March 10th – the day Mercury

goes direct and, with it, invites us to move forward free of all of those patterns we’ve broken in the three weeks previous.

The words given to me this morning

Before that trip onto Instagram though I started my day in the way I always do; with a heavy spot of morning journalling. But this morning’s writing was a little different… more of a channelling which left me firmly in the backseat in terms of thought, and just holding onto a pen as I scrawled for dear life and tried desperately to keep up.

Those words felt important and powerful, and very much like they needed to be shared. So here, without further ado, are the words that were given to me:

This is the year of the woman’s voice – yours and so many others that you know.

This is the year of the woman’s truth, and of so many refusing any deterrent that tries to prevent them, you, us, from sharing that truth. Not because they are told, nor because they must sell their soul and their story – take a stance of vulnerability in order to be granted a place from which to speak. No, but because it is time.

For some time now the feminine has been awakening, opening one eye and gently, cautiously stepping out from a slumber that was forced upon her. Cautiously she watched. With intrigue and insight she waited to understand what she had missed, how the world had unfolded during the time of her exile.

And now she returns. Sleeping Beauty has awakened fully from her cursed betrayal, and from the self-selected downtime which allowed her to recover thereafter. But no longer is she the genteel princess, longing to be chosen.

No. Now she is the Queen, the Wild One, the Priestess.

Now this woman of clear knowing, clear speaking, clear sight stands at the centre of her circle; fires blazing around her and hair streaming wildly into the wind. And she calls.

She calls to her sisters of all places, of all times.

She calls to her sister of all races, all creeds.

And she asks them to stand, to speak, to be.

She asks them to trust.

She reminds them that the key to this time, to the progress she heralds lies not in us not being afraid. For after all, who could not be afraid in the times in which we find ourselves? But instead to know that the key is in trusting enough to act in spite of our fear. To tend our roots so that we may stand tall and strong in even the most vicious of winds.

For those winds are coming.

That which has been in control, which has clasped its power in a harsh and tightened fist for longer than any of living memory will fight unto the death to retain its place at the top.

But this is the year that woman does not cede to it. This is the year that woman shouts back, fights back. This is the year in which we truly begin our reclamation.

And know that it is not only the feminine that we reclaim.

Know that the masculine; the true and beauteous masculine of our earth, has been beaten down too. Know that part of our journey in this year is in guiding him outwards – through the same awakening that we have taken – and to claim back his own seat alongside us, and the energy that we may once again call his own.

You have heard the call. And thousands more have also heard calls of their own. Will you trust it? Will you take the next steps as you are guided even when those seem vague and uncertain?

Will you stand with her, with us, and do your part in reclaiming our world, in setting the new ways of the future even as we have no idea where those new ways will lead?

From the smallest corner to the grandest platform, every voice is needed.

From the freshest outlook to the most wizened bodies, every part of every woman is valued.

We are here to take back our world.

We are here to reclaim a humanity built upon wisdom.

And we are here to lead the way into an ancient new beginning.

Hold your torch aloft and stand tall. Let your voice shake and speak true. Feel your doubts and shed your tears and know, KNOW that none of those make you weak.

Know a connection to them, a connection to all – of the world and of you – is what makes you strong.

And know it is that strength which leads to our triumph.

For those that have fallen, for those that were persecuted, for we, for she and for those yet to come. Our reclamation is upon us and begins with our voice.