There's no place like home - so where's yours?

If you could call anywhere in the world home where would it be?

It’s a question I was asked a while back when I was doing some business coaching with a lady who was all about the freedom lifestyle; so much so that she’d packed up from rainy old England and was now living the life of her dreams in California.

It sounded amazing, and it’s a choice I absolutely get… I’m a firm believer in following the call of your soul, even if that means re-locating yourself thousands of miles from where you began.

My answer to the question though, was that I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

I think my coach thought I was being unimaginative, and asked me to think again; wouldn’t I want to be on a white sandy beach somewhere, a cabin in the mountains, or in some other exotic location?

I won’t lie, if money and time were no object and I could transport Kali to and from there without too much trouble I’d definitely consider a life on the East coast of America at some point – it’s somewhere my soul has always felt at home, and I’d love to try living in Boston for a while (albeit the next presidential election…).

But in honesty right now, the part of the world that I longed so much to move away from back in my early 20s is absolutely the place I want to be.

I love the history and energy my little corner of the world has, and the magic it carries as a result; I love the people that call this area home, and I love the fact that – weather aside – it boasts so much of the best and most beautiful of what nature has to offer. And what’s more, I love my life here, the people in it and the ways I can spend my time.

My tree... no matter where I go in the world this will always be my favourite place to connect

It’s something I pondered a little while ago on a trip across the fields with Kali. You see less than a year ago I was actually seriously considering a move – only about an hour away but still, out into the countryside to tie in with plans I had for my future. I’d seen the house I wanted and thought it was perfect – huge, old and 20 minutes from the nearest big town with gorgeous views out over the hills.

In the time since things have changed, and although that house is still beautiful, I’ve realised that personally I couldn’t be happy there… there’d be no shop to nip out to if I suddenly realised I’d forgotten something, the internet would be rubbish, and most importantly of all for me I’d be over an hour from the sea.

Walking across the fields where I’ve spent so many happy hours walking dogs in my life, past the tree that I used to hide inside as a child and my dad used to ask to keep me safe while I was away travelling, I realised I don’t need to be in the depths of the countryside to feel the connection to nature I’d been longing for back then.

Does that mean the little town I’ve lived in my whole life is where I plan to stay forever? Not necessarily. I’d love to be even closer to the sea, and one day I intend to live in a gorgeous old house filled with history and character, the kind there aren’t too many of around my current home; but even when the time comes to move I suspect it’ll still be not too far from where I am now.

So often we’re told that we go somewhere else – either literally or figuratively – to find the place that’s right for us. More often than not in this ever shrinking world we’re led to believe that not doing that will leave us in some way lacking.

And hey, maybe sometimes that’s true. If you’re staying where you are not because you’re happy or fulfilled there but because you’re too afraid to make a change then maybe it’s time to try a life outside of your comfort zone. I’m a huge believer in going out to see new places and try new things, and if along the way you find you’re most at peace half a world away then I will 100% wave a flag and cheer you on to follow that call.

But sometimes, like me, after all that exploring what you find is that you were in the right place all along. Maybe your home – and other areas of your life – needs a bit of a tweak to make it perfect for you, but if in the main you’re in the right place and on the right path for yourself then that’s OK too.

So where do you call home right now? And where would you like to call home? Remember there is no wrong answer.

Whatever the similarity or differences between those two answers falls for you, there are two important things to remember when it comes to where you base yourself.

The first is to embrace where you are and find the joy in your life right now – maybe like me that’s by taking more time to get outside into the nature you crave or maybe it’s by redecorating or switching things up a little.

The second is by understanding exactly where it is that you want to be, and putting plans and strategies in place to get yourself there… because the life that you dream of is absolutely yours for the taking!

Whether the changes you want to make are big ones that will take you across continents, or simply those that will help you feel unstuck in a place you know is right for you, get in touch… my six week Get Unstuck programme is all about helping to take you out of wherever you’re feeling stuck and moving you forward to the perfect life you deserve instead.

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