Why I'm spending time in the dark

I’ve been a bit quiet lately, and there’s a reason for that. I’ve been spending some time in the dark.

Now, by darkness I don’t been depression – mentally and emotionally I’m feeling as healthier as I ever have. I mean in the peace and the stillness that a retreat into the dark brings. Let me explain…

Recently I went to Glastonbury for a workshop on the dark Goddess. It was very last minute, completely unexpected until a week before hand (and as a natural planner that isn’t my normal way AT. ALL.) yet totally and entirely meant.

I know that because the workshop I was on included a woman (in a group of 15 from all over the country) whose family live in the same little village as mine; because on my first night there I literally bumped into the man from over 400 miles away who first inspired Shelley and I to set up Aurora; and because of so many other experiences I could write about for hours.

Then there was the workshop itself. Ever since I started working with the Spirit world I’ve felt connected to Mary Magdalene, and now found myself on a workshop aaaalllll about her which was, lo and behold, on her feast day. And the more the day unfolded, the more I started to realise just why I felt that connection (more on that another day. Because I promise, it's coming).

Over and over again throughout the day the workshop – and our beautiful host Rene – talked about the need to surrender and head into the dark. It made me sit up and take notice.

Except for in horror films, the darkness isn’t something I’ve ever been afraid of – I’ve been spent plenty of time there both literally and figuratively; but through the workshop I began to understand just how rarely I actually stop and let the dark in.

I’m someone who is always on the go, always filling time and even planning out the spaces when I do go into complete silence and rest so that I only ever have a set amount of time in which to do it.

More than that, I’m also someone who has a tendency to hide her own dark side; focusing my mind on the positive anytime if it starts to head somewhere less than shiny and always conscious not to offend anyone – even accidentally – with what I say or write.

But actually, as I started to realise, my strength is in my darkness; the times I’ve been on the floor sobbing, the scary places I’ve found myself and the hard decisions I’ve made – they’ve all made me stronger and wiser; those are the times in which I’ve really found my power.

And after all, isn’t that what I’m all about? Empowerment?

Over the coming weeks and months you might start to see a different vibe from me and the work that I share; less of the shininess maybe and more of the authenticity – even if that means going to darker places with it.

I’m also aiming to try more videos – the idea scares the shit out of me if I’m honest because I’m a writer at heart. But I want to share my voice too, my actual spoken voice.

Meanwhile I’m absolutely determined to work on my next book. It’s called Power of One and is not only about how I found my power but also how you can do the same… I’m excited to share it with you, but of course doing that means I need to go easy on myself with how much extra work I have to do too, so apologies if I continue to be a little more quiet than usual.

I’m still going to be taking on a small number of clients along the way, both for my programmes Get Unstuck and Power of One, and for individual sessions to help you on your journey to empowerment. So check out the offerings elsewhere on this site and get in touch if you’re interested – if I can fit you in I certainly will!

And as I come to familiarise myself more and more with the darkness, I’ll be encouraging you to join me there too. Because you see often the scariest thing you find in the dark is also the most wonderful – your own power.

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