Soul Mates

"I don’t know how it is you are so familiar to me – or why it feels less like I am getting to know you and more as though I am remembering who you are. How every smile, every whisper brings me closer to the impossible conclusion that I have known you before, I have loved you before – in another time, a different place – some other existence."

- Lang Leav

You know, I LOVE Lang Leav’s writing. I stumbled across her on Pinterest a while ago and her words are just stunning… they really seem to invoke the feelings they talk about.

Take this one for example; how many times have you met someone for the first time, but felt as though you’re not quite getting to know them so much as remembering them from a past meeting or relationship you can’t quite find the details of.

The most romanticised version of course is with potential romantic partners… the idea that we meet, click, and that’s us reliving countless happily ever after lives together. And absolutely that can happen. OK it doesn’t always lead to happily ever afters either now or in the past, but it definitely happens.

But this feeling doesn’t just come with romantic partners; the same thing can happen with friends, colleagues, new family members, and even casual members that you meet only a few times never to see again. Whatever the relationship you just know there’s a connection.

And more often than not that connection is all about the experiences and memories you’ve shared in previous lifetimes.

If you haven’t delved very far into previous lives then that in itself can be a weird thought… having a whole history with someone you don’t remember? And how weird to think that there’s already water under the bridge on a soul level even before you try to establish a relationship with someone in this life.

At times that connection can be wonderful… it means you’re both already so attuned that getting to know each other seems to flow perfectly and the relationship – whatever that may be – progresses and builds in the most natural way possible.

But that’s not to say there are never challenge. After all if you’ve lived, died and experienced countless struggles and learnings on the way with someone before then who’s to say that those patterns won’t repeat in the present day?

Exploring past life relationships...

For me one of the most interesting things about working with your own past lives is the insight it gives into the relationships - both positive and negative – in your life; how, where and when you’ve been connected before and where you’re current patterns and struggles may have come to.

And not only that but it can also provide insight into the newer people in your life, including those you don’t even know yet but should be looking out for.

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