Why I'm encouraging a bloody conversation

Earlier this week a friend of mine posted on Facebook that it “may be oversharing but I hate periods!” I loved the status and I love her but a (jokey and well meaning) reply that yes it was oversharing sort of boiled my blood, if you'll pardon the pun.

Around half of the world’s human population will bleed at some point in their lives, yet we still talk about periods in hushed tones as though they’re something to be ashamed of.

I’ll hold my hands up and say that not long ago I was one of those people… periods, and hormones in general, were an inconvenience, and I would never dream of mentioning them to anyone but my closest friends.

Then last year I read a book called Code Red which changed my life.

It helped me to see my whole monthly cycle – including the days that I bleed – as something that was a big and important part of me, and to listen to what that part was saying.

The book showed me how to track my cycle and how to understand what the hormones were doing to me and asking of me, and in doing so gave me a bit of a map to help navigate my way through each and every month.

But why pay attention to periods...?

Seriously! Over a year of tracking on and I know the best days to go out and have fun, the best days to sit down and write, the best days for strategising, the best days for cleaning, and even the days when I should just curl up in a corner and avoid people as much as I can.

And by doing those things on the relevant days wherever possible, and learning to both listen and pay attention to my body’s needs, I also found that the less desirable symptoms of each part of my cycle lessened too, and my periods overall became much much easier to deal with.

Amazing right? And for the women who no longer bleed, or never have bled, this works too – female cycles and rhythms are so in tune with nature that you can get the same sort of map for yourself simply by paying attention to the moon.

Over the last 18 months I’ve become one of the biggest advocates I know of listening to your body, working with your cycle and understanding what each part of the month means for you… in short I’m a period geek. And the things I’ve learned along the way have been so beneficial that I’m desperate to share them with anyone who’ll listen!

Post originally published at www.auroracentre.co.uk.

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