Crutches to fear

In less than a month Shelley and I will run the first Aurora workshop of 2016 on the topic of Moving Through Fear. In honesty it’s not one we really planned, but when we started planning for this year it was one that sprung up and wouldn’t go away again, no matter how hard we tried to ignore it. And believe me, we tried…

You see, what we’ve found over the years is that every workshop we run is preceded by a huge period of learning and healing on that subject for us; Angels, Guides and Masters workshop? Hello new Spiritual support team. Soul Story workshop? Hello extra past life learnings! And our very first workshop on literally all things Aurora? Well the fortnight before that was just chaos! You see we don’t “teach” these things because we know all about them, we run these sessions because we’re learning and growing from them too.

And Moving Through Fear has been no different. If anything, the healing ahead of this workshop has been even more intense than many of the others we’ve run before, which is why we know it’s going to be a good one.

One of our biggest learnings so far have been the crutches we have to fear. Think about it; when you’re feeling panicked, uncertain, self-conscious or any number of the other feelings that tend to show up as fear in disguise, what’s your go to? For me the main culprit is food. When I’m feeling stressed, or like I’m just not quite enough to do what I need/want to, I head for the fridge… or the cupboard… or the shop across the road, and usually straight for something in a pretty purple wrapper.

Of course there are others; alcohol, drugs, sex, self harm, exercise (which might sound positive initially but can turn the opposite way) and an almost endless list of other things, each of which may seem to soothe our fear but are really just crutches to it, putting off the thing that we need to do with something which often makes us feel even worse in the long run and so allowing us to continue along that fear-filled path when we otherwise might have stepped off it and found ourselves on the road we really want.

How do we throw those crutches away, or at least minimise our use of them? Well that’s something Shelley and I have worked hard to get to grips with over recent weeks, because there are ways.

There are ways to feel the fear yet keep going about our business without reaching for the Cadbury’s/Hendrick’s. Gods, there are even ways to overcome that fear completely in some cases.

What are they? Well here’s the catch, because of course I’m writing this as a trailer to our Moving Through Fear workshop. So join us, and hear all about our recent learnings while also working with the other brave souls who are hoping to move through their fear, and learn how to throw your crutches away.

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