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I don’t know about where you are, but around these parts Winter seems to have hit with a vengeance.

One day I was in a cabin in the woods, appreciating the autumnal colours and the fact it was warm enough not to use the gloves I’d packed for my trip.

Then the next morning I woke up to find a thick layer of frost on the car window and had to accept defeat and put the central heating on at 11am; a surefire sign of winter!

More than all of that though, I’ve noticed that physically and mentally I’m finding myself more and more in that Winter mindset. And I’m sharing this because I want to remind you that it’s OK if you are too.

We’re all seasonal beings and that’s OK

Nowadays that indoor heating I mentioned means it’s easy to escape the cold temperatures that winter brings, while the wonder of electric lighting and our 24 hour culture means we barely bat an eyelid when the darkness draws in earlier and earlier with each passing day.

But of course that wasn’t always the way.

A few centuries ago these winter months we’re experiencing in the Northern hemisphere would have meant a great big change of pace in everything that we did.

All work would’ve stopped when the night arrived, farmers would’ve tucked their animals away somewhere warm, and families everywhere would’ve drawn their people inside too – lighting the families and making the most of the Autumn harvests to see them through the colder months.

It was a time for rest, togetherness, turning inwards, getting quiet and nourishing ourselves wherever we could through what might potentially be a difficult time.

And despite all of the technological “advances” and changes our world has seen in the years since we humans? We’re still very much attuned to that natural calendar and those old ways of being.

I’m sharing this because nowadays that pull to be less busy and focus more on rest and nourishment is something that’s all too often frowned upon. In a world that tells us to go go go, stay busy and never show the kind of “weakness” that suggests we need rest of nourishment, those winter pulls can seem like an inconvenience at best, and something to be downright ashamed of at worst.

So I wanted to talk to you about them and remind you that it’s not only OK to feel this way, but I’d argue it’s bloody beautiful, and powerful.

The gifts of being in tune with Winter

Because for all winter might seem cold, dark and a little bit sluggish to many people (although I should probably say that as a winter baby with a Libra ascendant I kind of love this time of year, and find myself with all of the ideas and inspiration, so if you’re in that camp too then please remember to ride the wave that’s meant for you!), there is a great deal of beauty and power to be found in surrendering to those winter gifts.

Just like the bulbs that wait underground, waiting to be re-born in the springtime, winter is a great time for us to slow down, rest as much as we can and prepare for the new beginnings that inevitably lie ahead.

Just like those old communities that would make the most of their annual harvest over the winter months, this is a great time for us to take stock too of everything that’s been over the year that’s passed. That means stopping and thinking about all of the good things that have happened over the past year – celebrating them where you can or even just taking a little time out to get super grateful for them and everything they’ve brought you.

And with the less than positive experiences you’ve had? Well winter offers the opportunity to step out of the light, get quiet and really process what those means for you now and in future; whether there’s anything you need to change or let go of, and how you can move on from what might’ve been a really tough experience.

In fact, these colder darker times are perfect for turning inwards more generally; for getting familiar with the darker and quieter corners within your own self and doing the inner work that will help you to step into the springtime, into the new year when it comes, with greater self awareness and more clarity over the road ahead, wherever that might lead.

How to do that?

I know what you’re thinking: “Yeah this all sounds great. But do you know how much I have to do? Work and childcare aren’t just going to stop because it’s winter, and no matter how much I might want to turn inwards, I’ve got a stack of Christmas shopping to do and a diary full of social stuff that will be keeping me pretty damned busy over the next few months!”

Yup, I hear you. The fact is that although our bodies and emotions might still be tuned in with the glorious cycles of nature, the outer world has completely disconnected itself from any of those rhythms, and will drag us along in that constant stream of busyness for a long as it possibly can.

So how do we manage to slow down and turn inwards in a world that is forever telling us to do exactly the opposite?

My advice is to take the opportunities where you can… Get as much rest as you can – even if that means going to bed earlier than usual or swapping planned days out for afternoons snuggled up with the people you love on the sofa; book in time for yourself alongside all of those busy social engagements and spend it conserving your energy or tuning in to ask yourself what you really need.

Remember to treat yourself even as you’re rushing around the shops buying everyone else the best possible gifts (even if that treat is just a cup of hot chocolate or a slice of cake – or both – at the end of a busy trip to the mall!), don’t worry about starting anything new but just gently start the prep work for those new beginnings while you focus on tying up the old; and be sure to do what feels right to you – even if that goes against what everyone else wants you to do.

That can still be tough. Reconnecting with yourself and taking time to be still in a world that wants you to do anything but can be a real challenge, even when the energies of the natural world are in your favour!

So if shutting out those voices and demands of the outer world in order to do just that is something you’re struggling with then give me a shout – Soul-Led Therapy offers the perfect safe space to help you do that.

And if you’re wondering about those new beginnings that lie ahead once this quiet time is over, then have a look at my Soul Journey Insight Packs, which offer great insight into the next steps on your soul’s journey.

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If you know about the more soul-led side of the work that I do, you’ll know that learning into the previous incarnations of our soul is a big part of that.

I’ve been fascinated by past lives and the work to gain a deeper understand of those for as long as I can remember. That’s partly because I’m a geek, who finds those realisations and remembrances people get back to so incredibly interesting.

But more than that, I’ve also seen time and time again how diving into lifetimes outside of the here and now can help us to find a greater understanding of ourselves, and to work through the things that previously might have seen impossible for us to heal or change.

What’s more, the information we find there can really help to a light on some of the seemingly odd pulls and interests that make themselves known to us in the here and now…

Things like my soul-deep pull to the North East part of the USA.

As you might’ve seen on social media, I recently took a trip to Boston – somewhere that really does feel like a home to my soul.

I wanted to share a little about those feelings here; about where they come from, what the trip brought me and the ways I hope those things can help you too.

The pull of New England

I live in a little town in the North East of England, over 3,000 miles and a great big ocean away from Massachusetts… yet that part of the world has always called to me.

For the longest time I would read anything I could about that part of the world, probably knew more about its history than I do about the wider history of my own country, and never felt more comfortable in my surroundings than when I stepped off a plane on the East Coast.

I travelled to Boston for the first time when I was 25 and, despite being completely broke when I got there and staying in the scariest hostel known to man, remember feeling so incredibly at home the second I arrived.

From the day I left I dreamed about going back – maybe even about one day living there – and over the course of the next ten years planned two more trips there.

But one fell down at the final hurdle when I had a huge car accident a month or so before, and the other never really got off the ground since financially I just wasn’t in the place to cross the Atlantic.

This year though, I decided I’d waited long enough. And that even if I had to put the trip on a credit card (spoiler: that’s exactly what I did) I needed to head to that part of the world right now, find out what the pull is and see what that means for me now and in future.

Where this comes from

Of course, in the ten plus years between my trips, I’d done a bit of digging away from Boston. And as I’d delved deeper and deeper into the journey of my Soul I’d started not only to understand why that part of the world felt so important to me, but also to remember that this wasn’t the only part of the world that matters to my Soul.

You see, through my journeys into my soul’s past so far I’ve found five lifetimes that took place in that part of the world; almost all around the early times of the USA as we know it now (something that’s definitely bringing up its own issues and challenges to be worked through); lifetimes that mean I set foot on that piece of land and breathe a sigh of relief that “aah, I’m home.”

That’s not to say that part of the world is the only place I feel like that in; another is here in the North East of England – the place I’ve called home so far in this life, and a third is in the area around the South West of this country/ South of Wales – somewhere I have vivid recollections of having not only lived but chosen to reincarnate to immediately as I left another lifetime because I knew I needed to physically be there.

Of course I’ve also seen plenty of lifetimes in other parts of the world; many that I’ve returned to time and time again and some that I undoubtedly have similarly deep soul ties to. Maybe some of those ties will make themselves known to me in this lifetime or maybe they won’t, but I know those soul homes that call to me in the here and now are the ones I need to deal with first.

The places your soul calls home

As you read this you’re likely thinking “Ceryn, who cares about you… I want to find that type of resonance somewhere. Where is my Soul’s home?!”

In short, this post isn’t going to tell you that… But I hope it can help to point you in the right direction of finding out.

It’s my belief that our souls live many lifetimes, and that each of those leaves its own memories, echoes, sometimes even scars. So undoubtedly there will be places around the world that hold a resonance for you – some good and some bad, some that you feel a need to go and experience again and others that you prefer to recognise from afar.

Your soul’s homes though? Those are the places that call to you. The ones that seem to shout at you to visit them like an itch that needs to be scratched and the ones that – when you do arrive there – bring with them a feeling of absolute “yes, this is my place”, despite there being very little logical reason for that to be the case.

One of my favourite books on past life work – Past Lives, Present Miracles by Denise Linn – invites us to think about the places that we’re drawn to. And if not the specific places then at least the climates, the regions, the landscapes.

What would yours be? Are you someone whose always always dreamed of going to a certain place? Who knows categorically that they’d be more at home in the mountains or close to a desert? Or who knows all there is to know about the history of a particular country because they’re so utterly fascinated by that part of the world?

Then lean into that. Meditate, journal, simply see what comes to mind for you when you think of yourself in that place.

Those simple actions might not give you all of the deep insights you’re looking for, but I can tell you now that they’re a damned good start.

Then where you’re drawn, dive deeper… look at photos to see what resonates, talk to locals to understand how that places is now, and if and when you can maybe even pay it a visit.

My recent trips

The places that I mentioned as having screamed to me as homes of my soul over the past few years are all places I’d visited previously. I took my first trip to South Wales as a teenager and visited Massachusetts for the first time in 2008.

Both trips were interesting. Both places felt familiar to me and the visits to them seemed to tickle something inside me that needed to be worked with…

But even after more regular trips to Somerset and the South of Wales, it took a long time before I visited either place with the conscious aim of connecting. Those conscious connections have all come in the past two years; first with a trip to Glastonbury, Somerset early last year, and then with a visit to Boston last month.

I’d be lying if I told you the trips themselves were different in some soul shaking way… After all, I vividly remember feeling something inside me twinge as I watched a full solar eclipse in Cardiff all those years ago and there was the kind of deep resonance that shook me enough to not want to venture into certain parts of Salem or Boston alone on my first trip. I guess the difference on my more recent visits was that I was conscious of it.

Take this last trip to Boston for example; I was conscious that the physical feelings I felt weren’t some sort of weird temporary illness but were pointers towards memories of mine, so was able to tune into those I memories and understand them a little more.

When I randomly started crying in the middle of a particular path I was able to stop and ask myself who and what those tears for for… Then allow myself to feel those feelings rather than shake my head and try to get on with my holiday.

That consciousness stirred up a lot, but it also gave me the opportunity to tune in and focus on what I needed to know, remember what I needed to remember, and take the actions I needed to take to move myself forwards (like the circle I cast on the Salem waterfront for a mini letting go ritual… unexpected and definitely a story for another time, but so powerful).

The big changes really happened though after I came home – after I’d grieved the fact that I was now an ocean away from that place a part of me called home then was able to sit quietly and process.

To go into all the things that came up and all the internal changes that have happened as a result would take me a book chapter, never mind a blog post. But let me tell you we are talking about some serious cleansing and some major progress towards things that I’ve been chipping away at for a long time. Like my soul needed to be in that place in order to truly move forwards.

Remembering it’s not your land

There’s an important point to add here of course about embracing connections to a land that isn’t physically your own in this life. And it’s exactly that – that for all the soul resonance and belonging you might feel in such a place, it’s important to remember these places don’t belong to us now.

From a very modern perspective that means, of course, that you can’t just waltz into a building that belongs to someone else or that is off limits to the public because you have lifetimes old memories there. Our soul recognitions do not, unfortunately, trump trespass laws!

On a much deeper and more serious note though, it’s important to respect and honour those living souls who personally or ancestrally hold deep connections to those lands in the here and now.

Because yes, maybe you were a part of that culture or that lineage in some lifetime past, and maybe you are drawn to learn more about the land itself and the practices that take place there in order to honour that feeling of home within you. But no matter what our resonances and remembrances, we must always be nothing but respectful to the people who hold that land sacred today, and to their reverence and connection in honouring those places.

What to do if you can’t get there

But of course I get that we can’t all hop on a plane to every place that calls to us – life gets in the way, air fares are expensive and, let’s be honest, currently too damaging to this beautiful planet that all of our souls call home to be done all the time.

So how can you do this healing, nourishing and cleansing work of connecting your soul to its own homes without taking those trips?

Quite simply, by taking them in another form. By coming into connection with those parts of you that have existed before and then journeying more deeply into those other existences to understand what they want to share with you today.

Of course you can seek out support with that wherever you need to (my Soul Journey Insight Packs, for example, are a great way to tap into the places and experiences your journey wants to share with you and encourage you to dive more deeply into… just saying!).

But honestly, as someone who has loves few things more than working with her past lives, I’m a firm believer that one of the best ways to dive into our past incarnations is to grab a journal and a pen and ask our souls what they want us to know…

Seriously, give it a go. You never know what will come up.

And of course, if you’re looking for some support in doing that – or in working through whatever you find there – you can always get in touch.

Soul Support sessions are designed specifically to support you through your current soul journey and to help you advance in the way that’s right for you.

Meanwhile Soul-Led Therapy is about giving you a safe and supportive space to explore the challenges and experiences of not only this life but all those that have gone before.

While Soul-Led Therapy

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I write this post two days before Halloween, or Samhain – the date traditionally deemed as witches' new year.

I’ll be honest, this witch is a geek who will happily wax lyrical about this time of year and the witchy roots of many of our current Halloween traditions (and will, in just a moment!).

Yet still, even after years off honouring 31st October as sacred and even longer of connecting with the spirit world, the energy of this week never fails to take me by surprise.

Just this week I had a conversation with a friend in which I said “this week just feels a little slow and ungrounded… almost like things are ticking along around me and I’m not really in it.”

She replied: “Well yes, because the veils are thin.” Doh.

So just in case you’re feeling a little weird right now too, I thought I’d share a bit about those thinning veils that occur at this time of year.

Samhain: What’s it all about?

For a couple of years I co-ran a working coven, one of my favourite parts of which was getting geeky and sharing insights into the Sabbats or witch festivals that we were honouring.

So before I talk about the here and now, let me share a little about Samhain – what Halloween means when you dive past scary movies and trick or treating.

This day of the year, 31st October, is generally considered to be the beginning of winter. Traditionally it’s the end of the working year, the time to bundle up ad tuck in for the winter and, on that particular night, the day when the veils are thinnest…

Just like Dia De Los Muertos in the Mexican tradition and many other similar festivals around the world, in Celtic lore Samhain is the day that our ancestors will come to visit.

In fact, not only is Samhain a great day to carry out any ritual that involves connecting with ancestors or others in the spirit realms, but it’s also said that you should set an extra place at your table for the ancestors, or leave a candle burning (or indeed a lantern) in your windows so they know they’re welcome to visit.

Those thinning veils mean it’s not just our ancestors who can pop over from the spirit world but that during the time between sunset on 31 October and sunset on 1 November, all things otherworldly are able to draw a little closer.

In fact, that’s where the tradition of dressing in scary costumes comes from; people would dress up as demons and various otherworldly creatures so that any actual spirits would mistake them as one of their own and leave them be.

Or, people would leave cakes and other goodies on their doorsteps as a treat for any spirits who did come calling; a little something to placate them from entering the house and playing any naughty tricks. Sound familiar?

Of course we’re talking years ago, in the times when people worked with the land and had no central heating to keep them warm through winter or no electric lights to help them navigate the outdoors once the sun went down.

No wonder the premise of those longer, darker nights inspired ideas of spirit visitors and spookiness eh? But surely those things are just stories, right?

Err… No. As you’ll know if you’re at all energetically sensitive.

The thinning veils this week

How might it be affecting you? Well that’s likely to be different for each and every one of us, but I thought I’d share some of the ways it affects me in case that sheds any light on the impact that may be having on you and your energies.

  • Time is ALL over the place. At times that feels a bit like I’m plodding through my days super slowly and have to wait a week until I can go to bed; at others it’s as though I blink and three hours have passed. I don’t mind telling you that for the first time ever this week I completely forgot that the clocks had changed here in the UK and showed up almost an hour late to a client session… Doh! (Fortunately my client was very flexible and very lovely) Why? Because time just doesn’t feel real right now.

  • And it’s not just time but space… earlier this week I closed my eyes for a second and could’ve sworn I was in London, some 300+ miles from where I actually was. Now I have a vivid imagination, but this was another level… and it happened two or three more times over the following days. Why? Because our souls are never limited by time or space, and as the veils between the physical and spiritual realms become thinner our souls might just find it easier to remember that and to do a little dance of a more limitless kind!

  • Spirit feels closer than ever, because if your soul is feeling that pull to dance between realms then you can guarantee others will be feeling it too, no matter where they currently reside! I say that not to scare anyone but because you might well feel, hear or even see more otherworldly entities around you… Even as I’ve been typing this blog I’ve heard my bed creak loudly as though someone was sitting down on it. I’m in the other room and Kali is asleep on the sofa next to me. Or maybe you’re not noticing actual spirits around you but are spotting more signs and synchronicities than usual as you move through this energy. Personally I’ve seen 1111 at least hourly for the past few days, and have found so many people repeating the words and wisdom of other – totally disconnected people over and over again, especially when those were things I needed to hear. The secret in all this is not necessarily to do anything (except maybe some extra protection – more on that later), but simply to pay attention. Tune into those encounters and experiences as they come up and connect more deeply as and when you want to.

  • The shallows are NOT enough! I’m always one to dive deep in thought and conversation but right now a combination of Scorpio energies, last weekend’s dark moon and this liminal Samhain energy have my tolerance for surface level activities at an all-time low. Watching TV and talking about shoes? Not this week please, I’d rather journal on the deepest wounds of my Soul and ponder the wider purpose of humanity! (And no, that’s not really a viable long-term plan and I’ve absolutely had to keep reminding myself to come back to the surface whenever possible before I forget how to operate there!)

  • Emotions may be heightened. When the energies are as high as they are at the moment, our emotions have a real tendency to get carried away with themselves. If we liken that wheel of the year that my ancestors abided by to the cyclical nature of a woman, this would be the point where she moves from pre-menstruation into her period… a point when I for one am often carried away by my emotions! Let your emotions express themselves as they need to and know that’s absolutely natural, but equally remember that this period of transition will be over soon, and you’ll feel less beholden to those emotions when it is.

  • Ready to retreat? In days gone by Samhain would’ve represented the start of winter… the point at which our ancestors would have finished harvesting their field, tucked away their animals and begun to rest as much as possible for those cold and dark days ahead. So if you’re feeling a real need to turn inwards, connect to something deeper and rest? Well that’s totally and utterly understandable. In our always on world we forget that some times of the year are better suited to work while others… well their energies are much more about the downtime! Wherever you can though, take the cues of this global energy by resting where you can and giving yourself what your energy needs.

Working with this energy

In the face of this slightly weird, liminal energy it an be all too easy to feel like all of these symptoms – and any others you might be facing – are things you need to battle against or power through.

But that’s just not true.

In fact, I’d argue that by working with the energy rather than against it, you’ll find it much easier to move through this time and to regain your footing on the other side.

Of course you must always do what’s right for you, but my top tips for moving through Samhain energy are…

  • Celebrate and honour: This time of year and these energies in whatever way works best for you. Whether that’s lighting a candle and setting up an ancestors altar or dancing your butt off to the kind of music that makes your own soul feel limitless doesn’t matter; neither is better or worse, this is all about honouring this time of year in the way that feels right to you.

  • Ground yourself: If you’re someone who can drift through these liminal times without any responsibilities to attend to or tasks to complete then by all means tuck yourself under a blanket and meditate your way through these liminal times if it feels right. But if not? Well then remember to ground yourself… Practice deep breathing, get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, keep your body moving and of course eat whenever you need to (as a little aside, I’ve eaten about double the amount of food this week that I would usually. Why? Because I’ve been super hungry, and because I’ve desperately needed to ground!) to ground yourself firmly into this physical realm.

  • Remember your protection: Whether it’s by saying a prayer, visualising yourself in a bubble of light, using essences or aura sprays or carrying a crystal or total be sure to do whatever you need to help yourself stay safe. Talk yourself through a protection ritual daily, nightly, or as often as you damn well please!

  • Don’t panic! Of course if you’re really struggling with the energies of this time then seek support in whatever way you need. But wherever possible keep your protection up, look after yourself, feel free to say no if you want some alone time and remember that these energies are – as always – in flux and will settle themselves down over the coming days and weeks.

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