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Unlocking Your Soul Power

You’re more powerful
than you’ve ever been told to believe

Despite what you've been told, your life was never meant to be about struggle, mediocrity, and wishing things were different. We were made for more. You are destined for more.


And I’m not talking here about the kind of power that can be found only when you’ve read the right books, or collected enough certificates from enough courses.


Instead, I’m talking about the power that is truly and completely yours. And is just waiting to be found and unlocked within you.


Doing that can feel tough I know. After all, I’ve felt it too; spending so much of my past chasing the things that will make me feel powerful, aligned, enough. There are definitely times I’ve found myself asking the Universe “what more do I need to do?!” and not always so politely.


It’s something I’ve seen so many times in clients too; incredible people playing small and feeling stuck because the world has led them to lock away parts of themselves, making them feel small, stuck, and disconnected from all that they are and then praising them for being acceptable within this cookie cutter world.

But I’ve seen what happens when that changes too. As a practicing Medium, qualified Therapist and Coach, and Primal Guide, I’ve been supporting people on the journeys back to themselves for over a decade now, watching and guiding as that unlocking happened time and time again.

I’ve seen how doing that allows my clients to reclaim their spark, step forward with courage, recognise and embrace their worth, and start to make the changes that drive them towards a life of greater wisdom, alignment, and power.

And more, experiencing my own shifts as I learned how to reconnect with myself, unlock the power of my soul at the deepest level possible, and integrate what I found there in the way that led me back to a place of alignment, fulfillment, and everyday power.

That’s why I want to work with you to unlock your Soul Power. Together we will:

  • Re-connect with the immortal power of your soul that has been calling to you since before day one.

  • Re-claim the ancestral wisdom that lives within your blood, and work more closely with the guides and helpers of those bloodlines who are forever longing to share their insights with you.

  • Break the patterns of thought and behaviour that have kept you small and disempowered.

  • And repair the energy body that has carried so many of your pains and stresses over the years; supporting it to return to its glorious primal potential.


This isn’t about teaching you something brand new that you must learn in order to be worthy. It’s not about healing some broken part of you that makes you somehow less than another person. It’s simply about unlocking those parts that are yours and have always been there, waiting to be set free.


I want to help you do that. And more, I want to support you through the process of integrating all of this in a way that offers you a safe and sacred space for every step of what I know can be a challenging journey. Which is where Unlocking Your Soul Power can help.


This six-month, 1:1 programme provides you with everything you need for that unlocking in a way that completely fits your goals and experiences, bringing you home to your power and setting you on a path that feels truly aligned with all that you are and can be.


Unlocking your Soul Power costs £2,225 (approx. $2,782 USD at the time of writing) available to pay up-front or in six monthly installments of £371.

Read on to learn more, or click on the button below to book your free introductory conversation.

Ready to get going?

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Why work with me?

If you’re looking for someone to hold your hand even as she pushes you forwards, and to re-connect you with the deepest wisdom of your Soul even while she works through the frustrations of your daily life, then I’m your woman.

The qualified therapist in me is fiercely passionate about holding the kind of safe and supportive space that allows you to do the deepest work your Soul is ready for.


The lifelong soul-worker and powerful witch is ready and able to dive into the deepest depths of your ancestral line and your own Soul’s story to plug the gaps and bring forth the wisdom and energetic repair work that you are missing.


And the 21st century primal priestess will do all of that while laughing and crying alongside you, working together to integrate this wisdom so that we can not only change your life for the better but also figure out how we change the whole damned world in the process.

My clients say I’m the most powerful space holder they’ve ever met and that “everyone should have a Ceryn in their lives”.

They tell me that the insights shared through our both shift their thinking and bring about the kind of powerful energetic transformations that can heal lifetimes of wounding.

And they call me “the kind of wise mentor everyone should have as part of their journey”.

(Yes, my clients are all incredible people who are also very kind!)


Sound like something you need more of?

Our six months together will involve:

During our time together we will meet every second week for a combination of deep and powerful energy activations and therapy-based coaching sessions. The first session of each month will take the form of a two-hour energy activation to unlock a particular aspect of your power.  


Each of these will be followed by a 90-minute therapy-based coaching and integration session tailored to support your needs, and work towards the bigger picture of your goals for our time together. Between sessions you will also receive exercises and other supporting materials aimed at helping you to reconnect more fully with your Soul and unlock more of its unique power within your life.


Each session will begin and end with a short meditation to create and seal a safe and sacred space for our work, while all sessions will be recorded and shared privately to allow for you to review and take notes as feels right for you.

Month one:
Meeting your Soul


From the very beginning, we’ll work to understand where you are, where you want to be, and what is holding you back from that place. Together we will agree a set of goals that will underpin all of our work together.


Along the way, we will focus on re-connecting you to the fullness of yourself and your Soul,

allowing you to ensure that every step you take on this journey and beyond is rooted in your deepest power and highest intention.

Month two: Reclaiming your Ancestral Wisdom


By connecting with the power of the Earth and the Stars, this month’s activation session will connect you back to the earlier realms of your ancestral lineage to re-activate the full and bountiful wisdom that is held in your very bones.


Together we will journey deeply with those who have come before and connect with the ancient ancestral guides that will be such a deep support for our onward journey and for the legacy you are here to create.

Month three:
Re-membering your Soul Power


This month we will dive deeply into the memories of your own Soul, journeying into the Akasha to understand the depth of your power and call it back from all directions of time and space to be embraced more fully in the here and now of your life.


By understanding the fears and blockages that have held you back from the fullness of this power, we will support you to courageously claim your connection to Earth and the Stars, and re-member all that was meant to be yours in a way that feels safe and expansive.

Month four: Repairing your Energy Body

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Our energy bodies carry so many of our experiences, good and bad, bringing those to the forefront of our lives in every moment, whether they’re welcome or not. We will begin our fourth month together with a full energy body repair session.

Using powerful energetic healing methods, we will tune into every aspect of your energy body and support it – and you – to return to a place of full primal potential. And we will listen to that energy body too, understanding more fully the support and protection it needs to stay in that place of fullness moving forwards.

Month five: Breaking your Patterns


So often we find ourselves feeling stuck thanks to the patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour we’ve come to be trapped in. Patterns that were so often taught to us by a world determined to keep us small and scared.


Through a combination of deep energy work and powerful thought-shifting exercises, we will dive deeply with those patterns you have come to believe are yours, freeing you from their clutches to unlock another level of your own powerful place in this world.

Month six: 
Integrating your power


With the power of your soul, the wisdom of your lineage, and the fullness of your energy body unlocked in the here and now, our final activation together will embrace the divinity of both your human and soul selves within you.


As we venture back through your goals and check in on our progress together, our final energy session together will be a re-birthing into the next chapter of your life. A chapter you can step into confidently and courageously, with the full power of your Soul integrated in every part of your life.

Unlocking Your Soul Power costs £2,225 (approx. $2,782 USD at the time of writing), available to pay upfront or in six monthly payments of £371. This covers all aspects of our work together, including thirteen 90-minute sessions, and a number of between-session materials.

Ready to get going?

What others have said

Below are a small selection of the comments that past clients clients have made (anonymised for the sake of confidentiality) about their work with me.

Working with Ceryn has come at the perfect divine time for me - I had done a lot of inner work and also started holding space for other women and felt I needed 1:1 support to work through some of the things that had come up for me during the past year or so.


I was feeling quite isolated and unable to verbalise with others what was going on in my awakening.  Ceryn is the perfect blend of talking therapist and spiritual guide, healer and supporter, it was amazing to find someone who weaved this together so beautifully. I was able to work through some of my past traumas (both in this and past lives!) as well as talk spiritual stuff with her! It was truly healing and just what I needed.


I am now feeling much more grounded and calmer in myself as well as feeling more confident and clearer on what I want to create in my life. I'd highly recommend her to anyone who needs a spiritual therapist to help them navigate their own inner world."

My work with Cerynwas amazing, Ceryn's way of connecting you back into Mother Gaia and the expansion points within in order to re-connect you to your power is just magical.

The insights I received opened up so much for me and not only is her energy healing is next level, but she is a master at supporting integration that happens afterwards. If you are looking for deep healing and expansion, make sure you book your session today. So much clarity is waiting for you!

Working with Ceryn is different to anything else I have experienced. The depth of information that Ceryn shared matched with what I was seeing and feeling for myself perfectly and gave insight into a number of blockages I have felt for years. 

Since our session I have found my perspective very much changed and am noticing changes in my energy too. 

Although this was completely new to me, I felt totally safe and love the way that Ceryn creates both deep and powerful magic and a comfortable environment.

Frequently asked questions

I want something personal. Is this a standard programme that’s the same for everyone?

There are some elements of the programme that are the same for everyone – specifically the order of energy activation sessions we work through together. That aside though, our 1:1 work is entirely bespoke to you, working specifically to overcome your challenges and boundaries and unlock your Soul connection and power in the way that works best for you.

I’ve never worked with Ceryn before – should I do something else first?

That’s completely up to you. Some people choose to begin working with me on a smaller scale through a Soul Integration Reading while others know from the outset that they are looking for something longer term, so head straight into this work. If you’re unsure of where to start, book an introductory chat to find out the best way for me to support you.

You talk about my Soul power, what if there's nothing exciting to be found in there?

I get it, that's a fear I've heard from a lot of people. But I've worked with a lot of people over the years and am yet to find anyone who had nothing exciting, interesting or powerful to uncover when they connected with their Soul more fully. Every Soul has power and wisdom to share and yours is no different. And whether that power is destined to be be shared with the masses to change the world, or simply to be kept to yourself to change your own life for the better, I know that your Soul has something important to do with its power. 


There is a particular part of my life that is a problem for me, can we focus on that?

We absolutely can. That said, if you’re looking to do some very targeted work on one issue in particular, you may feel more suited to shorter-term work through Soul Support. Read more about that here or book a free introductory chat to discuss which option feels best for you.


How will I know if I’m in the right place for this?

The very fact that you’re reading this page tells me that you are! The truth is that there is no “right” or “wrong” place for this work, I’m a firm believer that we are drawn to the next right step for us exactly when the time is right and that you are here specifically because there is a part of yourself and your soul that is longing to be re-membered in your current life.

The cost feels difficult to me right now, what can I do?

I’m not the kind of coach who will talk or pressure you into making an “investment” that isn’t right for you. Instead, I am keen to support you wherever and however possible, and to find a way for us to work together which does feel good. Why not book an introductory chat to talk through your circumstances and what you’re looking for; those chats are free and there is no pressure to book anything further, but give us the opportunity to work together to find the best solution possible for you.

Have another question?

There's no pressure to sign up or buy anything within that introductory session, just simply an opportunity for us to say hello and see if this feels like the right fit for both of us. So book your spot and let's have a chat!