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Thank you for your order!

Thank you so much for your order of a Soul Integration Reading! 

I LOVE doing these readings and can't wait to get to work on yours. However, before that happens there are two more things I need you to do, they are:
1. Complete the Soul Integration Reading client agreement
This form provides all of the information I need in order to carry out your Soul Integration Reading. Please note that your reading cannot be completed without receipt of this form.
2. Complete the Soul Integration Reading meditation
The meditation linked below will help us to connect to one another in order to support me in providing a deeper experience of your Soul Integration Reading.

You need not do this right away (although it is a good idea to bookmark the link if not), but please take the time to complete this meditation as soon as possible after ordering in order to support your reading.
Thank you once again for your order. Your reading will delivered to you via email within three weeks. However, please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.