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Step up to Your Soul

You sense the callings of a deeper life. A life inspired by the wisdom of your Soul, in which you feel empowered and fulfilled every single day. 

It's the life you read about, and see splashed all over social media. But when it comes to living that life for yourself? You keep bumping up against those same old walls, asking spirit what in the hell they want from you, and wondering if you're the one person out there who doesn't have what it takes to go any further. If maybe you're not as Soulful as you thought. 

I get it. I've been there too. Bouncing around the same parts of the spiritual awakening cycle over and over again in a constant loop of searching for answers and facing up to the same old wounds. All along wondering when I would be able to truly enjoy the kind of Soul-led life I'd been told was waiting for me. 

Things changed when I learned how to not only listen to the voice of my Soul, but also to align with and steep into that expansive and wise part of me rather than following the path laid out by someone else. 


It was that path, my path, which allowed me to truly integrate the wisdom and power of my Soul into every part of my life.

To step up to my Soul, the teacher and guide who had been waiting for me with open arms all along.

That process and the benefits it brings are something I want to share with you. 

What is Step Up To Your Soul?

Step Up To Your Soul is an intensive eight-week programme throughout which I'll be supporting you at every turn. 

Beginning with a Soul Integration Reading, from the very start of our work together we will connect directly with the wisdom and insights of your Soul and its support team and understand what they have to share.

From there, we will have four 90-minute sessions together over the following seven weeks, each focussed on expanding your energies, aligning you with the fullness of your Soul, and integrating the wisdom and power we find there into your everyday life. 

Together we will re-member the direct line of connection that has always existed between your Human and Soul selves, breaking down and through all that has been holding you back from the fullness of that connection. I'll be by your side throughout, supporting you to step uip and into your Soul to live every day in the fullness of the embodied power and wisdom that brings. 

Why work with me?

As a qualified therapist who has been working with Spirit my whole life, and with my own Soul for over a decade, I've seen and experienced it all.


And I consider it an honour to hold space for the journeys that unfold when wise, wonderful humans choose to step up to their Soul. 

A trained energy healer and dedicated space holder, each session we have together will begin with a ritual invocation. This will help us to create a truly safe and sacred space which is completely dedicated to your expansion, alignment and integration. 

I bide by a strict code of ethics which means that you can be sure all of our work together will be carried out with the highest of intentions and with your best interests at heart. 

Ready to step up to your Soul?

The first step is to book a free introductory session to talk through whether this is the right path for you. You can do that by clicking the link below. 

We will use that time to discuss your aims for this work and to put in place the next steps for this journey back to full alignment with your own Soul. 

The details

Step Up To Your Soul costs £733 (approximately $1,015 USD at the time of writing although due to fluctuating exchange rates this may change over time) in total, payable upfront or through a three-part payment plan.

This covers your Soul Integration Reading and four 90-minute 1:1 sessions, as well as a direct line of contact to Ceryn throughout the six weeks of your work together. Further details of this can be found in the Step Up To Your Soul client agreement, available to view here.

Note: If you have previously purchased a Soul Integration Reading and wish to begin Step Up To Your Soul, please get in touch to make arrangements.