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Soul Journey Insight Pack

Feeling lost and looking for guidance on your next steps? 

In need of a reminder of who you really are, and of the beauty, power and wisdom that lives in your immortal Soul? 

Want to reconnect more deeply with the eternal part of you that has been here time and time again and knows so much more than you give it credit for? 


The Soul Journey Insight Pack is for you. 

What are Soul Journey Insight Kits?

Personally channelled to blend Ceryn's passion for past life and ancestral work, and love for supporting and guiding people to make sense of and reconnect with their own power with over a decade's experience of channelling and mediumship work.

This individually created pack provides guidance for where you are now, insight into your past and signposts for the next steps of your Soul Journey work.

Order yours now by visiting my Etsy shop

What to expect from your Soul Journey Insight Kit?

The Soul Journey Insight Pack is an electronic document personally channelled for you which includes:


  •  A one-card reading introducing you to the key guidance for your Soul at this time

  • Your very own Soul Insight Guidance letter: A channelled letter of at least two pages in length from a member of your Soul Support team, giving insight into your current lifetime and the challenges and opportunities you face as well as the gifts you’re here to share with the world

  • Delving into your Soul’s story: Insights into your Soul’s previous incarnations and/or ancestral influences to not only lift the curtain on the patterns, relationships and challenge that may be holding you back right now, but also to remind you of all that you carry within you and can reconnect to today;

  • Signposts and journalling prompts: At least two pages of journalling prompts, suggestions for further Soul work or research and/or meditations and rituals given to Ceryn during the channelling process to help you progress with your own personal healing and development journey. 


Recipients of a Soul Journey Insight Pack are also entitled to an exclusive discount on their first full session with Ceryn.


The contents of each document are channelled personally for each individual recipient, making this not only a special document to receive, but also an energy-intensive item to produce. Consequently, Soul Journey Insight Pack can take up to eight weeks from order time to arrive, although your pack will be delivered to you via email as soon as it is ready!



Visit my Etsy shop today to purchase your Soul Journey Insight Pack. 


Please note that a small number of Packs are available to purchase at any one time, but please check back regularly to purchase yours, or follow me on Instagram to be kept up to date whenever packs become available.


Terms & Conditions

  • These documents are intended to guide your ongoing Soul work over the next three to six months after arrival; consequently only one Soul Journey Insight Pack will be created for each individual person during any six month period.

  • Your Soul Journey Insight Pack will be delivered to the email address provided within eight weeks of ordering.

  • No refunds are possible once your document has been delivered.

  • If you purchase a Soul Journey Insight Pack as a gift, please share the name of the intended recipient

  • Please note that any information given in these packs is for guidance only, and any actions taken are done so at your own choice and responsibility. Although Ceryn wholeheartedly believes in her own connection and the information she shares mediumship, past life and ancestral insights are not scientifically proven and we must advise you that any readings are for entertainment only and subject to your own interpretation. Soul Journey Insight Packs are available to over 18s only.