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Soul Support 

Teachers, healers, energy workers, guides and soulpreneurs – this one is for you.


Do you find yourself focusing so much on your clients' needs that you occasionally forget to look after your own energy and spiritual growth?


Maybe you’re feeling stuck; knowing there’s more for you to do but having no clue of where that work will lead you?


Or maybe you’re tired and worn down, disillusioned by those who seemed to be on the same page or promised the next level of enlightenment, but left you questioning yourself as much as them.


These challenges are common to so many of us; things Ceryn experienced time and time again through her own journey to connect with and embody her purpose in the world, and challenges she witnessed and supported friends and clients through from the first days of her conscious work with spirit.

But none of them have to be barriers to our progress personally or professionally; and even on the most seemingly solitary of paths, these aren’t challenges you need face alone.


Soul Support was born to help those in the fields of soul work, healing and personal development fill their own cups in order to truly support those they work with, avoiding the burnout that can leave so many of us feeling unable to do our soul’s work in this lifetime.


To support those whose work brings others to fullness through their own places of stagnation and support them to clarify the next steps their being guided to and make those things happen. 

To overcome the trappings of ego that can be so common to those seen by clients as "gifted" or "enlightened" and help them stay safe and grounded no matter how high their energies rise.


And to tend the wounds inflicted by those placed on our paths to teach the greatest lessons of discernment, personal power and inner wisdom.


Soul Support doesn’t look to heal or to teach, but to provide the safe and supportive space that enables you to connect to and shine that unique light of yours out into the world more fully.

Want to know more? Read on or book your first session today. 

What is Soul Support?

These hour-long sessions are the focal point of a unique relationship that combines personal, professional and spiritual mentoring with coaching, counselling, and support.


Ceryn will hold space for you to release and work through any tensions surrounding your work or personal journey, and provide support to allow you to renew and refresh yourself, thereby allowing you to continue to provide support and healing for others while living your own true purpose in the world.

 With your energy tended to, Ceryn will also be there to support you on your own spiritual journey. With years of experience working as both a traditional counselling therapist and a spiritual guide – not to mention decades of consciously attending to her own soul’s journey and all the challenges that has brought, Ceryn’s unique approach will provide the rejuvenation you need to carry on your work, and the support and motivation to continue on your own spiritual journey.

Together you will meet regularly to work through blockages and celebrate successes, Ceryn supporting you to stay in the best possible condition mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually to walk your path, speak your truth and follow the callings of your soul.

There’s no prescriptive model to follow and no agenda other than supporting you to be the clearest channel and the most powerful you that you can be, enabling you to support your clients and fulfill your own unique purpose in this lifetime both personally and professionally.​

What to expect from your Soul Support session...

Each session begins with a few centering breaths to bring you into the moment, fully present and at ease before Ceryn conducts a short opening ritual to create a safe and sacred space for you to complete your work together.


You are then invited to share whatever is on your mind – this is a completely confidential and safe space, and no topic is off-limits. Ceryn will ask thought-provoking questions and provide reflections, while also pausing to tune in to any insights – both her own and those coming forwards from Spirit – and avenues for further exploration that may come up during your time together. This is your time to talk through anything that’s been on your mind, whether related to your personal life, client concerns, or anything else that is bringing dis-ease or disrupting your energy.


This is your space to share and gain support with whatever you need, enabling you to safely release any feelings of frustration, anger, disappointment, fear or anything else that feels like it’s holding you back. Together you will work through those feelings and experiences to gain a deeper understanding before finding ways to move through and past them in a way that supports your onward journey.


But Soul Support isn’t just about the challenge; Ceryn will also be there to celebrate your wins and will work with your dreams, ideas, guidance and inspiration to create, understand and tend to plans and ideas for your further expansion, keeping you motivated and supported to continue with your own personal, professional and spiritual development.


Soul Support Mentoring sessions end with a clearing exercise, ensuring you go back into the world feeling lighter, unburdened, and free to move forward with your soul’s work.


Between sessions, you will receive further support from Ceryn, as she will provide you with a list of the actions you agreed upon during your session, as well as a summary of the next steps and further avenues of exploration and details of any further insights that came through during your session. This additional support will ensure that you stay focused on your own wellbeing and keep you excited about and focused on your own growth.

What others have to say

Below are a small selection of the comments that Soul Support clients have made (anonymised for the sake of confidentiality) about their work with Ceryn.

I have had the pleasure of working with Ceryn for over a year now and it has changed the course of my work and my business for the better. Our sessions are something I look forward to and no matter how I feel when they start, I always leave feeling energised and optimistic by the end. 

I first came to Ceryn because I was struggling to separate my work as an energy healer and teacher from my personal life. My friends had become free clients and my clients were behaving like friends. Through Soul Support I have been able to put in place much better boundaries in all parts of my life and have found myself becoming more confident in my work and attracting new people into my life too. 

We now have less regular sessions than before but I love the safe space that Ceryn creates and the way she supports me to really cleanse out my energy and approach things from a new angle.

A friend recommended Ceryn to me and suggested Soul Support might be the right thing for my situation. After working as a teacher in spirituality for five years I was feeling burned out and frustrated, like I had lost my way at work and was also beginning to lose my love for what I taught too.

Ceryn has a real talent for noticing and speaking the unseen, bringing together intuitive insights and more mainstream techniques to create something truly special for her clients. Through working with her I have been able to recognise those things that were no longer bringing me joy and step away from them. That has helped me return to a place where I love my work and can truly give my best self to the people I work with too. 

Thank you Ceryn for bringing me back to myself and for supporting me to give the best I can to my students.


Are you intrigued?

Visit our booking page to book your first Soul Support mentoring session today via Zoom. Within this first session, Ceryn will invite you to share your goals and challenges and you will work together to formulate a planned outline for your Soul Support relationship.

From there, there will be no pressure to book any further sessions with Ceryn unless this feels right to you. If this is not the case, or if Ceryn does not believe she is able to support your journey in the best way possible for you, there will be an opportunity for you to discuss alternative opportunities for supporting your Soul and their work in the world.

At the time of confirmation, you will be asked to sign a client agreement, a copy of which can be found here. You will also be asked to share brief details of your current situation and work, so that Ceryn can gain a good background understanding of your work in order to be able to support you in the best way possible from the off.


If you do not have Paypal, or have any other problems using our booking page, please get in touch to arrange your first session.

The details...

Soul Support Mentoring sessions cost £111 (approx $155 USD at time of writing) per hour, with additional between-session materials provided at no extra cost.

A three-session package is available for £315 (approx $442 USD) or you can block book six sessions for £598 (approx $838 USD).

Please note that Ceryn offers discounts on session prices as part of her Diversity, Inclusion and Equity pledge. For more information on this please get in touch.

For more information on the boundaries of Soul Support Mentoring, please click here to read Ceryn’s standard Soul Support contract; this page also contains details about data protection and all the other legal stuff.