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Are you a healer, coach, light worker, therapist, energy worker, or any other sort of soulpreneur? Do you find yourself focusing so much on your client’s needs that you occasionally forget to look after your own energy and your own spiritual growth?


Anyone working in the field of healing or personal development knows that you can only fully give of yourself, your time, and your energy when you’re taking care of your own needs. You can’t pour from an empty cup – it’s essential to make sure you’re taking the time to fill up your own cup before you attempt to fill someone else’s. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for healers to forget to look after themselves, which can lead to them feeling drained and suffering from burnout – and you won’t be able to do your soul’s work in this lifetime if you succumb to burnout.


Or maybe your soul work has reached a point of stagnation – you may find yourself feeling exhausted, both physically and emotionally, and unable to pursue your own personal spiritual growth if you aren’t replenishing your own energy after helping others on their journey. You want to continue on your own path of development, but after spending so much of your time devoted to your clients, you need a guide to help you along with the story of your own life. 

Read on to find out more, or visit this page to book your free 30-minute introductory session.


Soul Support Mentoring may be the answer for you.

What is Soul Support?

These hour-long sessions combine mentoring with coaching, counselling, and support.


Ceryn will hold space for you to release any tensions surrounding your work, talk through any issues that may be troubling you, and provide support to allow you to renew and refresh yourself, thereby allowing you to continue to provide support and healing for others. Soul Support will help you fully clear and protect your energy field, which will allow you to be the clearest channel possible for your clients.


Once your energy is looked after, Ceryn will also be there to support you on your own spiritual journey. With years of experience working as both a traditional counsellor and a spiritual guide, Ceryn’s unique approach will provide the rejuvenation you need to carry on your work, and the support and motivation to continue on your own spiritual journey.

What to expect from your Soul Support session...

Each session begins with a few centring breaths to bring you into the moment, fully present and at ease. You are then invited to share whatever is on your mind – this is a completely confidential and safe space, and no topic is off-limits. Ceryn will ask thought-provoking questions and provide reflections, while also pausing to tune in to any insights – both her own insights and any messages or insights from Spirit – and avenues for further exploration that may come up during your time together. This is your time to talk through anything that’s been on your mind, whether it’s something to do with your personal life, client concerns, or anything that has you feeling uneasy or has disrupted your energy. Again, this is a completely safe, judgment-free, and confidential space, so you are totally free to release any feelings of frustration, anger, resentment, unease, or anything that hasn’t been serving your highest self. Ceryn will also be there to celebrate your wins and provide ideas for further expansion, keeping you motivated to continue with your own spiritual development.


Soul Support Mentoring sessions end with a clearing exercise, ensuring you go back into the world feeling lighter, unburdened, and free to move forward with your soul’s work.


Between sessions, you will receive further support from Ceryn, as she will provide you with a list of the actions you agreed upon during your session, as well as a summary of the next steps and further avenues of exploration. You will also receive a copy of any channeled insights or messages from Spirit that came through during your session. This additional support will ensure that you stay focused on your own wellbeing between sessions, and keep you excited about your own spiritual growth.

Are you intrigued?


Complete this form to book your free 30-minute introductory Soul Support Mentoring session.


This is a chance for you to get to know Ceryn and decide if Soul Support is right for you. There’s no pressure to sign up for anything further, and it’s completely free.


If Soul Support Mentoring feels in alignment for you, Ceryn will further discuss the details of signing up for future sessions.

The details...

Soul Support Mentoring sessions cost £83 (approx $103 USD) per hour, with additional between-session materials provided at no extra cost.

A three-session package is available for £230 (approx $286 USD) or you can block book six sessions for £430 (approx $534 USD).

For more information on the boundaries of Soul Support Mentoring, please click here to read Ceryn’s standard Soul Support contract; this page also contains details about data protection and all the other legal stuff.

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