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Soul Sessions

Are you longing to deeply connect with and honour your Soul?


We read a lot about the beautiful expansion, power and wisdom available to us when we're fully in alignment with our Souls in every moment of every day.


But as we’re moving through our day-to-day lives, that can feel really hard to do.


There are times as you make your way along this spiral path of transformation that you might just find yourself wondering “what am I missing? What is it that’s holding me back from that feeling and connection?”


It’s something I’ve heard a lot from clients, and definitely something I’ve experienced myself too; completing the rituals and trying out the meditations that other people assured me would bring back my own power and wisdom, yet still finding myself feeling lost, alone, and more than a little stuck as I moved through life.


It doesn’t have to be that way.


It’s time we all realised the step up to your Soul doesn’t have to be an arduous climb we face alone, but can instead be a positive and expansive journey through which we’re supported every step of the way.


I’ve been working with spirit my whole life, as well as supporting people through their Soul journeys and Soul work for a decade now; and things shifted for me when I learned how to truly connect to my own Soul on Her terms, in the way that led me back to a place of alignment, fulfillment and truth.


My favourite description comes from a client, who told me recently: “It’s like the doors to the cage have been thrown open. I see what’s possible now, and more than that, I feel that possibility, and feel like I’m living in the highest aspects of that possibility every single day.”


I’d like to offer you that same gift.


This month I'm offering seven Soul Sessions – a completely free opportunity for us to get together and talk about your connection with your Soul.


Let’s have a chat about any barriers you might be facing to that connection and about the challenges you’re experiencing on your path right now.


Then, let’s talk about how we can tap into your Soul directly and use their insights to help you to step up your Soul and align with that wisdom and power all day every day.


Sound good? Click the button below to book your exclusive Soul Session today.


And If you're excited about this opportunity but feeling hesitant - then it's all the more reason to sign up.  That excitement - and the hesitation - is your Soul calling.  The session is completely free and it’s no coincidence that it has arrived now at the time you know your Soul is waiting to connect more deeply with you!

What to expect from your Soul session...

These 45-minute sessions will begin with a short invocation to ground us both into the moment together and create a safe and sacred space for deep and powerful healing and insight. Combining my own ritual practice with the energies of Sekhem healing, I will open up a portal for the wisdom, insight, and healing that needs to unfold within your time together.

From there, I will invite you to talk about your connection with your Soul; sharing any barriers or challenges you might be facing on your path.


Together with a like-minded Soul who has seen and heard it all (seriously!) over the years, you're free to share anything and everything that's on your mind in a confidential and non-judgemental space where I will provide as much support as possible.


We will then talk together about how we can tap into your Soul directly and use their insights to help you step up to your Soul and align that wisdom and power every day.


From there it's over to you - with my support - to decide the next right step for you and your Soul to move forwards on this journey together.

What others have said

Don't just take my word for it... Below are some of the reviews from clients (anonymised for their confidentiality) from clients who have worked 1:1 with me. 

When I first met Ceryn I was in a difficult place. Six months earlier I'd had a spiritual awakening that had changed the way I saw the world and left me unsure of who I could trust, including myself. 

Through working with Ceryn I was able to come back to myself and work through the things that had held me back in the past as well as grounding all of the new awareness and opportunity that was on offer to me. By the end of our work together I felt like myself again, but a stronger and wiser version of myself than I had been before. 

Working with Ceryn gave me confidence in myself, my Soul and her work. And although I feel much stronger about the idea of future spiritual awakenings, I would not hesitate to have more sessions with her in future if I find myself struggling to re-connect again in future.

Ceryn was recommended to me by a friend and I was looking for someone both to address past issues and assist me through current circumstances and future decisions. I was immediately put at ease by her combination of professionalism and warmth, and I think I may say now with retrospect that she has a naturalness of style that to an extent masks the deftness of her skills. I can confidently express that as our work together has continued I have developed emotionally and personally, and have successfully worked through some of what may be seen as "blockages" to my fulfillment and empowerment as a person.

While ultimately approachable, Ceryn's professional integrity has always been apparent to me in her tone, her transparency, and her consistency of communication. I credit Ceryn not only with facilitating the development of my own self-acceptance, but in part with inspiring me to pursue this area of professional work myself. I am genuinely full of admiration for the amount she achieves as a therapist, writer, speaker and all-round inspiring human being. Ceryn is clearly a person whose work is her true passion and, in my opinion, few could be better suited to it.

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