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Soul-Led Therapy

Looking for a safe space to work through the things that are holding you back and keeping you stuck mentally, physically, emotionally, energetically or physically together with the deep insights and wisdom that Soul work can bring?


Soul-Led Counselling Therapy might just be the place for you!


Based around the principles of connection, wisdom and empowerment, together with the core conditions of empathy, genuineness and zero judgment, Soul-Led Therapy holds space for you to talk through whatever is on your mind and soul, and invites you to work with Ceryn and, where appropriate, your Soul's support team to find the answers and healing you need on all levels.


This innovative approach to talking therapy for the Soul costs just £85 (approx $110 USD - other currencies also accepted) for one hour; or click here to book your free 30-minute taster session where you can ask any questions you have.


Sessions can be block booked at a cost of £222 (approx. $290 USD) for three.


You can read more about Soul-Led Therapy below, including details of what you can expect from a session, and click on the video above for a quick 30-second overview.

What is Soul-Led Therapy?

Soul-Led Therapy represents Ceryn’s own approach to talking therapies; a school of counselling developed from her training and experience in Carl Rogers’ Person-Centred Counselling Therapy combined with her deep passion for and years of experience in soul work and spirituality.


Ceryn originally trained as a Person-Centred Counsellor, a client-centred approach to talking therapies created by Carl Rogers and based around the core conditions of empathy, genuineness and unconditional personal regard (aka 0 judgment. Seriously, I’ve heard it all…!).


But the more she practiced, the more Ceryn realised that approach didn’t go far enough… it didn’t bring in any of the energetic and soul work she'd fallen so in love with over the years, and didn’t go into enough depth on any of the spiritual subjects that interested her so deeply and that more and more clients were bringing to the table.


And so Soul-Led Therapy was born; bringing together Rogers’ original core conditions along with the founding principles of connection, wisdom and empowerment.


  • Connection: Joining the dots to make sense of the repeating patterns and cycles in your own life; and working to understand your connections not only to forgotten or blocked parts of your own soul but also to the wider Universe and its effect on you.

  • Wisdom: Reconnecting you with the innate wisdom you have within you and helping you to make sense of the wisdom that comes from each and every one of your life experiences.

  • Empowerment: Our lives start to change for the better when we remember that we have the power to make that happen. The journey of Soul-Centred Counselling is one of empowerment, helping you to heal whatever is keeping you stuck and move forward as the hero of your own life.

Soul-Led Therapy operates in a wholly confidential and largely non-directive environment, offering you the space to talk through whatever is keeping you stuck or unhappy, and helping you to move forward more freely and comfortably into the future you deserve.


Soul-Led Therapy sessions with Ceryn cost £85 (approx. $110 USD, with other currencies also available) or can be block-booked at a cost of £222 (approx $290 USD) for three.


Please click here to book a free 30-minute introductory session via Zoom.

What to expect from your Soul-Led Therapy session?

Soul-Led Therapy sessions last one hour and are your space to talk about whatever is on your mind.


They will usually begin by recapping your previous session and asking you how things are going. From there Ceryn will listen, ask questions and discuss everything you bring to the table.


The aim of these sessions is to help you bring greater understanding to the areas that are keeping you stuck; illuminating the areas of your life, mind, body and soul that have you feeling in the dark, joining the dots where things seem chaotic helping you to let go and move forward of the past experiences that are weighing you down and keeping you stuck.


Whether we talk about day to day life, the emotional and spiritual causes behind your mental or physical dis-ease, recurrent past life or ancestral patterns or the other influences that are holding you back from becoming the hero of your own story, no subject need be avoided in Soul-Led Therapy!


Ceryn will be there throughout as a guide through that darkness and chaos, supporting you every step of the way through your journey while also asking the questions and highlighting the experiences that help you make sense of and find peace with your story.

Although your story and experiences will always take centre stage of your session, Soul-Centered Therapy also offers an opportunity to connect with wisdom and insights from your Soul's support team through meditation, or channelled insights delivered via Ceryn where appropriate and needed.


For more information on the boundaries of Soul-Led Therapy, read Ceryn’s standard counselling contract.


Soul-Led Counselling sessions with Ceryn cost £85 (approx $110 USD, with other currencies also available), or are available to block book at a cost of £222 (approx $290 USD) for three.


Please click here to book a free 30-minute introductory session via Zoom.

If Soul-Led Therapy isn't what you're looking for, then click here to find out about other ways to work with Ceryn.


Book your introductory session today

These sessions are all about you and Ceryn getting to know each other, and you finding out whether Soul-Led Therapy with Ceryn is right for you. They are completely free with no further booking or purchase necessary, and no hard sell to book anything further.

To arrange yours today, visit Ceryn's Calendly page and book the time that suits you best.

If none of the times listed on the link above work for you, please contact Ceryn and we'll work something out!