Soul-Led Therapy

Do you feel like something is holding you back from living up to your fullest potential? Are you at a crossroads in your life or finding yourself going around in circles, unable to decide upon the best path to move forward?

Or maybe your spiritual journey so far has ground to a halt, leaving you stuck in a rut and tired of feeling broken, small and powerless with no clue of how to take your next step?When it comes to overcoming the blockages that are holding us back, we all need a safe and sacred space.


A space where we can face our monsters, seek support for the work that’s needed, and reconnect with the wisest and most powerful parts of ourselves.


Combining the wisdom and expanded awareness of Soul work with the guaranteed safety and psychological insights of traditional talking therapies, Soul-Led Therapy offers that space.

Read on to learn more or book your free 30-minute introductory session here.

What is Soul-Led Therapy?

The chances are that if you’re reading this, you’ve read a self-help book or ten, have signed up for a dozen online workshops and have maybe even broken the bank with a course or two, all with the aim of making big changes in your life and helping you to move forwards once and for all.

But although each of those things helped, there’s still something holding you back…

And whether that something is from your lived experiences in the here and now, or it exists outside of the realms of the conscious and human, it’s a blockage you don’t feel you can clear alone.

For those living the standard human life, this is where therapy comes into play. And of course it’s a great place to start. But  standard therapy misses out on a huge part of our personal story: our spiritual journey.

Soul-Led Therapy might be the perfect solution for you. This innovative approach to talking therapy embraces the connection between our Soul, our Spirit and our Self, bringing together traditional methods and spiritual practices in an environment that is focused on your safety.


Soul-Led Therapy offers support and connection that not only allows you to begin the next chapter of your story, but empowers you to become both the hero and the author of that story, moving forwards from a place of wholeness that nourishes and tends both your roots and your wings..


With a solid background and extensive training as a Person-Centered Counselling Therapist, Ceryn combines her skills and knowledge as a traditional therapist with her passion for soul work and spiritual exploration. Coming from a place of compassion and understanding, Ceryn offers you a safe and confidential space to explore any issues you want to work on, with zero judgement and total support.


You decide how deep you want to go and what parts of your story you want to focus on. Ceryn will be there every step of the way, helping you connect the dots and understand why certain parts of your story keep repeating themselves.


Anyone with a spiritual practice knows that there is more to life than meets the eye, that we are all connected to each other and to something bigger than ourselves. Although our childhoods and past experiences had a huge impact on the creation of our characters so far, we also know that our connection to the Universe and our spiritual practice also plays a massive role in shaping the continuing story of our lives. Each Soul-Led Therapy session incorporates this knowledge, together with tools and practices that exist beyond those found in traditional therapy.


Incorporating meditation, ritual, energy work and intuitive insights, Ceryn encourages clients to work not only with their lived experience but also with ancestral patterns, past life experiences, nature-based practices and the guidance available to us from spirit. By combining these spiritual tools with traditional therapy techniques, Ceryn will help you reconnect to your own innate wisdom, allowing you to fully step into your power, tending the roots and wings that allow you to take flight from a place of grounding and wholeness

What to expect from your Soul-Led Therapy session...

Soul-Led Therapy sessions last one hour and are your space to talk about whatever is on your mind. The session will begin with a recap of your previous session and a discussion of how things are currently going for you.


From there, Ceryn will listen, ask questions, and discuss everything you bring to the table. No subject is off-limits, and what you discuss is up to you, whether it’s day-to-day life, the emotional and spiritual causes behind your mental or physical dis-ease, recurrent past life or ancestral patterns, or any other influences that are holding you back from becoming the hero of your own story.


Ceryn will be there throughout as a guide through the darkness and chaos, supporting you every step of the way through your journey, while also asking the questions and highlighting the experiences that help you make sense of and find peace with your story.


Although your story and experiences will always take centre stage of your session, Soul-Led Therapy also offers an opportunity to discuss and more deeply connect with wisdom and insights you have received from your Soul's support team  where appropriate. Ceryn will also discuss ideas for rituals, provide journal prompts, and suggestions for meditations for you to do on your own, keeping you fully engaged and empowered between sessions.

Soul-Led Therapy aims to help you feel nurtured, grounded, connected, and fully equipped to make those changes you crave from a place of wholeness and empowerment that's truly aligned with who you are. 


With Ceryn by your side, supporting you through your journey on both a practical and spiritual level, you can feel confident in taking charge of your story and becoming the leading lady of the life you’ve always dreamed of.


Want to know more?

Fill out this form to book your free introductory session today via Zoom. This 30 minute call is a chance for you to get to know Ceryn and discover if Soul-Led Therapy is right for you. This session is completely free, and there’s no sales pitch to book anything further.


This is your time to explore and discover what Soul-Led Therapy has to offer.



Soul-Led Therapy sessions are £70 per hour (approx. $92 USD at time of writing).

A package of three sessions is available at the discounted price of £200 (approx. $263 USD), or you can block book six sessions for £380 (approximately $499 USD).


For more information on the boundaries of Soul-Led Therapy, please click here to read Ceryn’s standard Soul-Led Therapy contract; this page also contains details about data protection and all of the other legal information you might wish to know up front!

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