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Soul-Led Therapy

There are times when it seems the Universe is holding us back; times that our spiritual journeys seem to grind to a halt, leaving us stuck in a rut and feeling broken, small and powerless with no clue of how to take the next step.

At others it feels as though we're being pushed to take that leap, with doors opening everywhere we turn that give us a whole new view of ourselves and the Universe around us which seems like it could be wonderful, but also seems overwhelming and terrifying.

In both cases the old wounds, blockages and insecurities we carry can make it feel impossible ever to live from a place of our fullest potential, leaving us feeling like we’re forever stuck in the same old karmic cycles and patterns.

To overcome those blockages and get your soul journey back on track, it’s important to find a safe and sacred space; one which embraces both the spiritual and the every day and benefits from both the traditional and the mystical.

Combining the power of energy healing and Soul work with the guaranteed safety and psychological awareness of traditional talking therapies, and further insights from astrology, past life and ancestral healing and spiritual guidance, Soul-Led Therapy offers that space.

Read on to learn more or book your 30-minute introductory session via our booking page.

What is Soul-Led Therapy?

The world is good at giving us models it claims will fix our problems; telling us what has worked for others and inviting us to buy the books, take the online workshops and break the bank with the courses which will walk us step by step through someone else’s recipe for healing our wounds once and for all.

If you’re reading this the chances are that you’ve read plenty of those books and sat through stacks of those workshops, and that each of those things have helped; maybe something you've seen, read or experienced has even changed your life and mindset entirely, but still but still something is holding you back from living the empowered, connected life they promised.


Why? Because none of the recipes for someone else’s success include the most important ingredient of all: you.


Soul-Led Therapy invites you to connect back into yourself and your own wisdom, combining traditional therapeutic techniques with the energy work and broader insights of soulful living to help you join the dots and break through the blockages you don’t feel you can clear alone, all while staying true to yourself along the way.


Bringing together your conscious and unconscious awareness with insights from your Soul’s broader journey, this innovative approach to talking therapy not only empowers you to take charge of your life, but supports you every step of the way, nurturing the embodied, grounding human and the wise, immortal soul to help you move forward from a place of wholeness.


With a solid background and extensive training as a Person-Centered and Transpersonal Counselling Therapist, Ceryn combines her skills and knowledge as a traditional therapist with decades of passionate soul work and spiritual exploration. Coming from a place of compassion and understanding, Ceryn offers you a safe and confidential space to explore any issues you want to work on, with zero judgement and total support.


You decide how deep you want to go and what parts of your story you want to focus on. Ceryn will be there every step of the way, helping you connect the dots and understand why certain parts of your story keep repeating themselves.


Incorporating meditation, ritual, energy work and intuitive insights, Ceryn encourages clients to work not only with their lived experience but also with ancestral patterns, past life experiences, nature-based practices and the guidance available to us from spirit and the stars. By combining these spiritual tools with traditional therapy techniques, Ceryn will help you reconnect to your own innate wisdom, allowing you to fully step into your power, tending the roots and wings that allow you to take flight from a place of grounding and wholeness.

What to expect from your Soul-Led Therapy session...

Soul-Led Therapy sessions last one hour and are your space to talk about whatever is on your mind.


The session will begin with a short invocation to create a safe and sacred space for deep and powerful healing and insight. Combining her own ritual practice with the energies of Sekhem healing, Ceryn will open up a portal for the work that needs to unfold within your work together.


From there, Ceryn will listen, ask questions, and discuss everything you bring to the table. No subject is off-limits, and what you discuss is up to you, whether it’s day-to-day life, the emotional and spiritual causes behind your mental or physical dis-ease, recurrent past life or ancestral patterns, or any other influences that are holding you back from becoming the hero of your own story.


Ceryn will be there throughout as a guide through the darkness and chaos, supporting you every step of the way through your journey, while also asking the questions and highlighting the experiences that help you make sense of and find peace with your story.



Where the going gets tough you will call upon spiritual guidance, energetic awareness and ritual practices to gain a new perspective on your challenges and find a way through the blockages that are holding you back.


Though your story and experiences will always take centre stage of your session, Soul-Led Therapy also offers an opportunity to discuss and more deeply connect with wisdom and insights you have received from your Soul's support team  where appropriate. Ceryn will also discuss ideas for rituals, provide journal prompts, and suggestions for meditations for you to do on your own, keeping you fully engaged and empowered between sessions.

With Ceryn by your side and supporting your journey on both a practical and spiritual level, Soul-Led Therapy aims to help you feel nurtured, grounded, connected, and fully equipped to make those changes you crave from a place of wholeness and empowerment that's truly aligned with who you are. 


Want to know more?

Visit our booking page to book your introductory session today via Zoom. This 30 minute call is a chance for you to get to know Ceryn and discover if Soul-Led Therapy is right for you. This is a casual chat; your opportunity to say hello, learn more and discover what Soul-led Therapy has to offer, with  no sales pitch to book anything further unless it feels right to you

There is a small fee of £15 (approximately $20 USD at time of writing) to confirm your introductory session. Once you have attended the session this money will be refunded, either as a credit to be used against your first full session or, should you decide not to work with Ceryn, as a direct payment via Paypal. 

If you do not attend your introductory session, or cancel with less than twelve hours' notice and do not reschedule, this amount will not be refunded to you. 


If you do not have Paypal, or have any other problems using our booking page, please get in touch to arrange your introductory session.


Soul-Led Therapy sessions are £85 per hour (approx. $119 USD at time of writing).

A package of three sessions is available at the discounted price of £247 (approx. $346 USD), or you can block book six sessions for £480 (approximately $673 USD).


For more information on the boundaries of Soul-Led Therapy, please click here to read Ceryn’s standard Soul-Led Therapy contract; this page also contains details about data protection and all of the other legal information you might wish to know up front!

Please note that Ceryn offers reduced rates as part of her pledge for diversity, inclusion and equity. please get in touch to learn more. 

Before you go...

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