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Soul Journey Sessions

The experiences we've had in this lifetime shape so much of who we are and how we think and feel, but there's so much more to your story... 


You carry within yourself the stories and experiences of your Soul - the lifetimes that immortal part of you has experienced over time - and of your Ancestral heritage and everything those who've gone before you have experienced; and every step of the way you have access to the insight, wisdom and guidance those experiences provide.

What is a Soul Journey Session?

Marrying together Ceryn’s passion for and experience of Soul Connection work with her Counselling qualifications and talent for creating and holding a safe and productive space for development and growth, Soul Journey Sessions are a great way to connect to the wisdom of your own Soul.

Costing £111 (approx $140 USD, with other currencies also accepted), these hour-long sessions include a mixture of Spiritual insight, meditation and space holding to help you gain deeper insight into your current challenges and experiences, and how these form part of the journey of your own Soul.  


Click here to get in touch and book your session.

What to expect from your Soul Journey session?

Carried out online, these hour-long sessions are your opportunity to delve into your Soul’s current journey to gain greater insight 9nto and guidance for the Soul work you're undertaking right now.



You will work with Ceryn to tune into your Soul before delving into the insights we find there and using that to shed more light on your current journey through life.



This may involve a journey into past lives and your Soul's history, or an exploration of your ancestral influences; or may even include guest insights from members of your Soul's Support team... possibly even a combination of all of the above! These sessions truly are a chance to connect with your Soul's Journey.


It is advisable to experience your Soul Journey session in a quiet environment where you will not be disturbed for the full hour; also please try to ensure you are in a comfortable space to sit or lie and have earphones on hand to help with any meditation exercises we undertake. 


Book your session today

If you would like to book your own Soul Journey session, please get in touch.


Soul Journey sessions are exempt from the free thirty-minute introductory introductions offered through my other sessions.


It is not necessary to have purchased or received a Soul Journey Insight Pack in order to have a Soul Journey session, although anyone who has ordered a pack will receive a discount on their first session with Ceryn. If you are interested in purchasing both, please wait to book your session until your pack has arrived so that we can get the best possible insights from each!

Please note that any information given in these sessions is for guidance only, and any actions are taken at your own choice and responsibility. Although Ceryn wholeheartedly believes in her own connection and the information she shares, mediumship, past life and ancestral insights are not scientifically proven and we must advise you that any readings are for entertainment only and subject to your own interpretation. These sessions are available to over 18s only.