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Psychic News Reader Offer -
Soul Integration Readings

No matter how strong and powerful our own connection to spirit and soul, there are times when the wisdom and guidance we are looking for elude us and we need to turn outside of ourselves for those insights. 

Soul Integration Readings provide you with exactly this, taking  you straight to the truth of your Soul's journey here on Earth while sharing the insights that Spirit are trying to send your way in order to bring you back to the parts of yourself you may be struggling to connect with. 

As a qualified Therapist and Coach, everything I offer to clients - including readings - is done in accordance with an ethical framework and comes rooted in empathy and acceptance, with your best interests at heart. 


After over 15 years of actively working with all realms of Spirit, I have cultivated a deep connection to many of the unseen realms. Through this truly unique offering I am able to connect you - directly and otherwise - with any of those most determined to speak with you, including guides and ancestral figures from the furthest reaches of our world and beyond.

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What are Soul Integration Readings?

Soul Integration readings are personally created videos featuring channeled messages specifically for you from the world of Spirit which aim to reconnect you with the wisdom and insight that will help you to move forward with your Soul's work and journey here on Earth from a place of your own wholeness and power. 


Different from your typical spiritual reading or guidance session, Soul Integration Readings focus less on the detail of everyday life and instead invite in guidance and wisdom from a deeper perspective which aims to connect you with the wholeness of your Soul and its power in a way that few other offerings will. 

Each Soul Integration Reading includes two parts:

Personal Channeling

Within this first section, I open my energy fields and invites your guides, helpers or teachers to step in and talk through me directly. Beware of the strange facial expressions that may take place in this one as I allow your spiritual support team to take the lead! 

With messengers ranging from primal and starseed ancestors to teachers, healers and guides new and old, these channeling videos will directly connect you with your own support team in a way you are unlikely to have experienced before. 

Messages from Spirit


Although still completed with the highest intention for you and your Soul, the second part of your reading takes the form of a more traditional spiritual session, in which I act as the conduit for messages from your support team. ​

Tapping into over 15 years of work and practice as a medium, together with the experience of my own Soul's journey, I provide a bridge between you and those in the highest realms of your spiritual support team who wish to work and communicate with you. 

With the usual intention of keeping you safe, I work hard to ensure that everything your Soul and its support team share is presented in a down-to-Earth manner that you can align with and integrate into not only your spiritual practice and Soul work, but the whole of your life. 


Through my connection to the Tree of Life and Akashic Records, as well as my temporary connection to your own Soul, these messages may also include information around your past lives or ancestral connections. Throughout your reading no stone will be left unturned as I share a full outline of all I am experiencing clairvoyantly, clairaudiently and clairsentiently,


Soul Integration Readings were initially offered as two separate products, with the option to combine both of the above if desired. However, I quickly learned that a Personal Channeling would inevitably come with Messages from Spirit too! 

As a result, these are now offered in one combined product which includes at least 60-minutes of direct connection with your Soul and its support team.

What to expect from your Soul Integration Reading...

Upon ordering your Soul Integration Reading you will be directed to a meditation aimed at helping you to tune your energies into mine in preparation for the perfect reading for you and your Soul. 

This can be done in your own time, safe in the knowledge that energetic connection will always stretch across time and space in a way that allows us to fully connect to one another. 

Each individual video will last at least 30 minutes, with the contents channeled personally for each recipient, making this a special and unique offering to receive.

Your reading(s) will be carried out, filmed and shared with you within four weeks of your order via an unlisted YouTube link, allowing you to watch time and time again, take notes upon and research anything that strikes a chord. 

The information contained in these videos is intended to guide your ongoing Soul work over the next three to six months and beyond. Should you wish to follow up with me, you will have the opportunity to do so as outlined in the email you receive,

In accordance with UK law, please note that any information given in these readings is for guidance only, and any actions taken are done so at your own choice and responsibility. Although I wholeheartedly believe in my own connection and the information I share, mediumship, past life and ancestral insights are not scientifically proven and we must advise you that any readings are for entertainment only and subject to your own interpretation. Soul Integration Readings are available to over 18s only.

What others have said

Don't just take my word for it... Below are some of the reviews I've had from clients who have experienced Soul Integration Readings firsthand. 

My Soul Integration Reading from  Ceryn was mind-blowing to put it mildly.


I have been looking for years for someone to give me messages that were this clear, accurate, and on point. The information she provided through the channeling and messages was incredible and seven pages of notes from a one-hour session just left me speechless!


I am excited to work with this information and move into the next level of expansion. So grateful for the work she does. Don't miss out on this magical opportunity to find another part of who you are.

I decided to go with the full channeled package that Ceryn offers and I am absolutely blown away. Both channellings are very different but go hand in hand with each other.


The guidance and support that came through Ceryn was mind blowingly accurate and touched parts of me that felt like they were awakening with the messages that came through. I watched them again to take notes down as the first time I was just so immersed in the information that was coming through Ceryn for me. Towards the end some information came through about my partner and I watched this part of the recording with him. He is a bit sceptical of things like this but after listening, he was blown away as well.


Ceryn, you are a truly gifted woman and you have created something so precious. I can't thank you enough for holding such a beautiful space for me to receive, I feel like a different person from this experience. I highly recommend Ceryn's work to everyone, absolutely brilliant and a beautiful experience that I will never forget

Want to order your reading? 

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Please note that at the time of check out you will be re-directed to a meditation aimed at helping us to connect energetically. You can use this meditation as often as you wish, but please do take the time to listen and connect to it before your reading arrives in order to make this process as smooth and powerful as possible for each of us.

Each Soul Integration Reading usually costs £175 (approx. $247 USD), but Psychic News readers can save over 20% by using the link below and paying just £135.

This covers all aspects of your reading, including the administration involved in recording and sending videos to you and energetic preparations required to conduct such a deep reading. 

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