Primal Healing

Having first trained in Usui Reiki and later in Sekhem, Ceryn has been working with healing energy for over a decade. However when Spirit began to tell her to begin practicing something called Primal Healing she was a little confused... 

Through deepening her understanding of and qualifications in established forms of energy healing, Ceryn came to understand that Primal Healing is an extension to schools such as Reiki and Sekhem which adds a different flavour of energy... One that could be channelled with great effect for those she was working with.


Primal Healing aims to re-awaken your Primal energy body and connect you with the deepest gifts, power and awareness of your embodied Soul self; a power you had full and complete access to back in the first days of your life here on Earth.

Along the way we will investigate the primal wounds and blockages that have been holding you back individually, as well as those that have affected humanity in general over the millennia and are now ready to be healed.

Read on to learn more about Primal Healing, or visit our online booking page to book your session today.

What is Primal Healing?

Primal Healing is a non-invasive energy healing technique carried out online via a distance session much like those offered in other schools of energy work. 

By connecting with the energy of Gaia, Source and the Cosmos, these sessions will connect back to your most primal energetic self and work with those soul memories to reactivate your own 13 expanded Primal chakras and re-awaken the power and connection you held when you first incarnated here on Earth. 

Along the way you will meet with the Council of Primal guides Ceryn works with daily, while also connecting with your own Primal guides to understand the blockages and wounds that have been holding you back from these parts of yourself in the past. 

Within these sessions we are working with energy from the very heart of Mother Gaia; an energy that existed long before humans came here and will continue to exist long after each of us has gone. This energy helps us to stay rooted and grounded at all times, focusing not only on your own personal healing but on the ways in which you and our work together can impact positively upon the human community and the broader world.

It is important to note that, like all energy healing, Primal Healing is not a cure for any physical, mental of emotional issues. Although Ceryn trusts wholly in her own connection, and previous clients have reported incredibly positive outcomes as a result of these sessions, energy healing and past life work are not scientifically proven. In accordance with UK law we must advise you that any sessions are for entertainment purposes only and are subject to your own interpretation. Any actions taken from these sessions are done so at your own choice and responsibility.

What to expect from your Primal Healing session...

These 90-minute sessions will begin with a short check-in conversation between you and Ceryn to answer any questions you may have and ensure you are wholly comfortable before we begin. 

From there Ceryn will invite you to get comfortable sitting or lying down somewhere where you will be safe and undisturbed, then will call in protection and grounding to create a safe and sacred space before leading you into a guided visualisation. Although you are likely to be in a relaxed and meditative state, this should allow you to be fully aware at all times and you will be invited to contribute to the session if that feels right to you.

Throughout the session Ceryn will continue to talk, sharing with you what she is seeing and feeling, and any insights that make themselves known. Meanwhile she will carry out distance energy healing upon you to clear any blockages and re-active those areas of your energy system that require attention.

At the end of your session Ceryn will bring you fully back to the here and now and have a short conversation with you, answering any questions you have and ensuring that you are safe and well before bringing the session to a close. You will receive a recording of your session via email within 48 hours.


Although you may feel a little groggy or experience an "energy hangover" after the session, there should be no other negative effects. 

Please note that Ceryn begins tuning into your energy 30 minutes before each session begins. Although this should not impact upon you, you may note a change in your energy field during this time. 



What others have said

Don't just take my word for it... Below are some of the reviews I've had (anonymised for their confidentiality) from clients who have experienced Primal Healing firsthand.

My Primal Healing session was amazing, Ceryn's way of connecting you back into Mother Gaia and the expansion points within is just magical.


The messages I received opened up so much for me and her energy healing is next level. If you are looking for deep healing and expansion, make sure you book your session today. So much clarity is waiting for you!

Primal Healing is different to any other energy healing I have experienced. The depth of information that Ceryn shared matched with what I was seeing and feeling for myself perfectly and gave insight into a number of blockages I have felt for years. 

Since our session I have found my perspective very much changed and am noticing changes in my energy too. 

Although this was completely new to me, I felt totally safe and love the way that Ceryn creates both deep and powerful magic and a comfortable environment.

Ready to get going?

Visit our booking page to book your session today via Zoom. At the time of confirmation, you will be asked to sign a client agreement to ensure that we both stay safe and comfortable throughout our session. 

Although you can book further Primal Healing sessions, one is often sufficient. However you can arrange further 1:1 sessions with Ceryn if desired.


If you do not have Paypal, or have any other problems using our booking page, please get in touch to arrange your session.


Primal Healing costs £247 per 90-minute session (approx. $348 USD at time of writing).

Please note that Ceryn offers reduced rates as part of her pledge for diversity, inclusion and equity. please get in touch to learn more. 

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