A silhouetted figure shines a light up into a blue and green starry sky, with the aurora borealis shining above. Photograph is by Jonatan Pie, via Unsplash.

Primal Energy

Being human can feel frustrating. And goodness knows there has been enough written over recent years to convince us that we humans are somehow less. 

Less than the Souls we began as.

Less than the Starseeds we were before our time on Earth.

And less than the Ancient ones who first came to this planet. 

At times it's easy to agree. Our bodies and emotions can feel restrictive and burdensome and the societies we've created can feel like imbalanced, painful cages built to keep us trapped.  It's why so many people give up, resigning themselves to the idea that the golden days are already behind us.

But the fact that you're looking for more; the fact you didn't stop reading at the words "Soul", "Starseed" and "Ancient One" tells me that you know differently. And that you're ready to break free of the stories that have told you otherwise. 

That you're ready to call upon the Ancient One who is still within you. 

To access the Starseed wisdom that is still accessible. 

And to come home to the Soul that is waiting - always waiting - to guide you back to your own fullness.

Those parts of you are still there, waiting to be called upon and to bring their gifts - YOUR gifts - back to the fore. To show you the path out of those cages and back to a place of your own wholeness. And that's something I want to help you with.

Primal Healing is a unique approach to energy healing which Ceryn incorporates into much of her client work as appropriate. However, you can experience the full benefit of it through this six-week, 1:1 re-awakening process. 

Together we will work through three 90-minute sessions, within which we'll journey with you and your energy body to re-awaken the primal gifts and powers you once claimed as your own.

Through your Primal Energy Re-awakening, we will connect you to the deepest gifts, power and awareness of your embodied Soul. All things you had full and unfettered access to in the earliest days of your time here on Earth. 

I'll be there to support your healing and integration at every step, culminating in a 30-minute session at the end of our time together to wrap up any final questions or concerns you have and ensure you are fully comfortable moving forwards.

What to expect from your Primal Energy Re-awakening...

Upon confirming your Primal Energy Re-awakening you will be invited to book the first of your sessions.


Each 90-minute healing session will begin with the creation of a safe and sacred space in which we can both connect to your Soul, its support team, and your primal energy body. 

Although possibly in a meditative state, you are likely to be conscious throughout these sessions and encouraged to speak up and share anything that feels right or necessary to you as I tap into our energetic connection with one another and my own connection with the primal healing council and primordial centre of Gaia in order to bring through the most appropriate healing and insight for you at this time. 

By journeying together we will investigate and clear the primal wounds and blockages that have been holding you back, as well as those that have affected humanity in general for millennia. Wounds it's now time to heal.

That you're here now is proof that you have a part to play in that healing. Isn't it time you understood the fullness of how?

Over six weeks we will connect together, journeying inwards to first re-awaken your primal energy and reconnect to the deepest wisdom of your Soul, while also meeting the Ancient guides that are here to support you. From there we will work with and through everything that is released and awakened, supporting you to return to the fullness of your own primal power. 

Why work with me?

Primal Healing is a unique energy system and approach to healing that was first given to me in meditation a number of years ago. 

However, as a trained Master Teacher in both Sekhem and Usui Reiki, I have a thorough background in energy healing as well as a lifetime of experience in working with spirit and the Soul. I'll be by your side for every step of your primal journey, supporting you to truly integrate and move forwards with all that we find. 

Meanwhile, as a qualified Therapist, providing a safe and supportive space for your healing and expansion is ALWAYS my top priority. I abide by a strict code of ethics to ensure that you are kept safe at every turn, and will be on hand to support you with any questions or challenges. 

What others have said

Don't just take my word for it... Below are some of the reviews I've had (anonymised for their confidentiality) from clients who have experienced Primal Healing firsthand.

My Primal Energy Re-awakening was amazing, Ceryn's way of connecting you back into Mother Gaia and the expansion points within is just magical.


The messages I received opened up so much for me and her energy healing is next level. If you are looking for deep healing and expansion, make sure you book your session today. So much clarity is waiting for you!

Primal Healing is different to any other energy healing I have experienced. The depth of information that Ceryn shared matched with what I was seeing and feeling for myself perfectly and gave insight into a number of blockages I have felt for years. 

Since our session I have found my perspective very much changed and am noticing changes in my energy too. 

Although this was completely new to me, I felt totally safe and love the way that Ceryn creates both deep and powerful magic and a comfortable environment.

I have suffered with chronic pain in one particular part of my body for years. Since my Primal Energy Re-awakening with Ceryn I've found myself more able to open the door to connect to my body and understand that pain more fully. The flare-ups of pain are now much less than before, and when they do occur I am finding them much easier to manage. 

In all, I loved Primal Healing and found it to be incredibly insightful and rewarding. I am already looking forward to my next experience. 

*Please note, Primal Healing is not a substitute for medical treatment and cannot promise to cure or relieve physical symptoms or ailments.

Ready to get going?

If the call of your own inner wisdom is too loud to ignore and you're reading to get started on your own Primal Energy Re-awakening, then visit the booking page below to confirm your place and get your first session arranged straight away.

The details

Each Primal Energy Re-awakening costs £553 (approximately $754 USD at the time of writing although due to fluctuating exchange rates this may change over time) in total, payable upfront or through a two-part payment plan.

For more details of that payment plan, please contact me.

This covers three 90-minute 1:1 sessions of this unique approach to healing and one final 30-minute 1:1 session to conclude your Primal Energy Re-awakening. Further details of this can be found in the Primal Healing client agreement, available to view here.

In accordance with UK law, please note that any information given in these sessions is for guidance only, and any actions taken are done so at your own choice and responsibility. Although Ceryn wholeheartedly believes in her own connection and the information she shares, mediumship and energy healing are not scientifically proven and I must advise you that any readings are for entertainment only and subject to your own interpretation. Primal Energy Re-awakenings are available to over 18s only.