Why now is the perfect time to start your new year

I don’t know about you but I’ve heard LOADS of people talk recently about the fact their year doesn’t really feel like it’s started yet, and they certainly don’t feel organised or planned for 2018.

And everytime I hear that sentiment it seems to come with an undercurrent of panic; the feeling that we’re almost four months into the new year, so does that mean they’ve completely missed the boat?!

OK, first up, breathe.

And secondly, I’m here to tell you that no – actually now is a pretty bloody good time to set some intentions and make the most of everything 2018 has to offer.

Because actually, who decided that January 1st was the best time to start a new year and decide on our goals and actions? If you’re reading this from South of the Equator then maybe that feels possible but from where I’m sitting about 55 degrees North, let me tell you that the dark nights and mornings, and the weather that is nothing short of bloody freezing for at least another couple of months after that mean that January feels about as close to a new beginning as the halfway point of a marathon – you know the end is a possibility, but there’s still a slog up ahead!

Often it’s not until the end of January before I get my head out of the winter mindset and start to remember that such a thing as spring actually exists. And even then, well I’m usually too deep under a stack of blankets to start leaping ahead towards the goals I’ve set for myself.

Who isn’t though right?

If we head back in time to the days before electric lighting, central heating and an endless supply of whatever food we wanted on the supermarket shelves, winter was not the time to be making fresh starts. Instead, we’d all stay bundled up by our fires, animals tucked indoors with us while we all lived off the remainder of last year’s crops.

When the light started to return and the spring arrived… well that’s when the new year action planning would really kick in. We’d start to plant seeds, deliver the next generation of our herds and make the most of the growing daylight hours to work on anything and everything we wanted to accomplish in the year ahead.

It’s why Ostara – the festival associated with Spring Equinox – is all about fertility and is linked to new beginnings; and it’s no coincidence that astrologically we’re currently in the period of Aries – a sign which is heavily linked to action and to setting plans and then taking action to move those forwards.

To put it simply as the light and the sun comes back so does our energy, our drive and our imagination. So instead of stressing or moping about how little we’ve moved forward in the last almost four months, let’s harness that energy and make the fresh start we’ve been waiting for.

Take some time out over the rest of this week to pin down all of the ideas you’ve had so far this year about what you’d like the next eight or nine months to include – where you’re ready to heal, how you want to make changes, and what you want to do more of.

And then, as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer (albeit slowly if you live as far north as I do!), take action to achieve each and every one of those goals.

We may be almost four months into 2018 but the year is a loooooong way from over, and there’s still a load of time left for you to do everything you want to.

So pin down those intentions, set your brain and your intuition off thinking of the hows, and then start with the doing. Because now is not only as good a time as any, but energetically it’s actually the best time of the whole year to start moving forwards.

And as always if that healing, that change, that action are things that you’re struggling with then get in touch. I’d love to work with you and make 2018 the year you become your own hero!

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