Who is Soul-Led Therapy for?

After a few questions about the work that I do over recent weeks, we’re now midway through a week-long blog series diving into the depths of Soul-Led Therapy.

So far this week we’ve delved into:

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Today though I wanted to go a slightly different way, and answer another question… who is Soul-Led Therapy for…

Because I get it. You might be reading these posts and thinking “that’s great, and I have loads going on this sounds like it would help with… but I’m just not sure it’s for me.”

So hold up, let’s talk about that – who do I find benefits most from Soul-Led Therapy? Here goes…

Those who are new to Soul work

Let me start by saying there’s no such thing as “not being spiritual enough” for Soul Led-Therapy or, in fact, anything. And if anyone tells you otherwise feel free to send them my way so I can tell them my thoughts on the subject 😉

Maybe you’re new to this journey of Soul work and looking to have a foothold that grounds you into yourself as you’re growing, learning and evolving. That’s cool.

Not only am I more than happy to hold that space and help you start off in the spiritually grounded way you mean to go on, but I’m also a firm believer that if we – to put it bluntly – work through our shit from the off, it makes it much easier for those Soul work to take root fully and benefit us in the most effective way possible.

Seasoned Soul workers

I know what you might be thinking: “I’ve been on this journey for years – decades even, there is nothing you could offer me that another healer/teacher/guide/space holder couldn’t/ I couldn’t do for myself.”

I hear you. There are a LOT of people out there offering a lot of things – many awesome, some not so much so. I’ve spent a lot of money over the years too and have also had my fingers burned too many times to write about here. Aaaand I’m also a firm believer that we’re our own greatest healers and teachers on this path.

However, I also know the benefit of someone else holding space for us – not because they’re trying to fix or teach us, but simply to help us reconnect with and heal a more rounded and complete version of ourselves. Sometimes we all need a mirror to learn and grow, and there’s something pretty powerful about actively inviting that mirror in a safe and committed way.

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Those who are stuck in the same old patterns

You’ve read the books, you’ve tried the meditations and the rituals and the positive thinking and yet… There’s something underneath it all that just isn’t bloody changing.

I hear you. Gods do I hear you! I LOVE this wellness movement of ours – I have an altar, work with tarot for insight every day and my phone lockscreen is a vision board. BUT I don’t believe all of that amazing stuff always works on its own.

I know, blasphemy. But hear me out!

It’s not always as easy as meditating or positive thinking our energetic blocks away. There are times that our past experiences, extra conscious memories and beliefs about ourselves can take more of a personalised, focused approach to shift.

That’s something I’ve experienced firsthand and definitely one of the things that made me want to combine Soul work and talking therapies in the first place… So if you’re tired of feeling stuck then by all means get in touch!

Things just feel off balance

Too much grounding and not enough Soul? All sorts of floaty light but struggling to connect with your body or the people around you? Or maybe it’s balancing the joy and the work, the learning and the inspiration, the self and the others… The list goes on.

I’ve often thought of adding balance as a fourth underlying principle of Soul-Led Therapy because I think it’s that bloody important.

That’s not to say I think we should all find the perfect 50/50 between our human and spirit selves, our introversion and extroversion or anything else out there. But I do think it’s important to find the right balance for us in all parts of our lives and selves.

First of all that means reconnecting with ourselves enough to understand what that balance might feel like for us right now (because it will change, but that’s a blog for another day…), and then working through all of the blocks and fears that are preventing us from embracing that point in our lives.

It sounds simple, and it can be. But it can also be a tough journey to take. Which is why I suggest having the space and the support to do that work safely.

It feels like something’s missing with traditional therapy…

I hear you… I have a therapist of my own (I’m a firm believer everyone should) who is not Soul-Led in her practice, but is absolutely flipping brilliant. However, I’ve had others in the past who were just a little too traditional and couldn’t hold space for the way I needed to work.

But then again I’ve also had the Soul workers, healers and teachers who were amazing at doing what they did, but didn’t have the viewpoint or the structure to their work to be able to hold space safely for the healing and clearing I did as a result of their work.

Honestly? I don’t know a person on this path who hasn’t experienced one or both of those things.

And that’s understandable – for all too long we’ve considered the human and soul parts of ourselves as being separate and having different needs in terms of growth and expansion. Sigh.

Soul-Led Therapy exists to bring together those two parts; to help us reconnect to the whole version of ourselves and work with whatever is needed in order to do that. That’s why I spent so long getting the traditional talking therapy qualifications and experience all the while building up my experience of Soul work too, because it’s important to be to offer space for both.

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A traditional therapist might think I was crazy…

OK first up I have to tell you they probably won’t – don’t forget that zero judgement piece I talked about earlier in the week! However, I also hear you completely.

Remember when I spoke about trying to take my past life memories of dying from an opiate overdose on a dirty floor in New Orleans to therapy? Yup, that raised a few weird looks and a pretty damned awkward conversation!

Past lives, spirit encounters, repeated signs, energetic stuckness, ancestral cycles, future self work, manifestation blockages and all sorts of other things… I’ve heard it all, I’ve experienced a lot of it for myself and I’ve never come across something that made me think “whaaaaaaat?!”

So bring it my way, I’ll hold the space for any of those things just as I will your childhood trauma, relationship issues, bereavement pain or job misery. That’s what it’s all about.

You don’t have to be broken…

Here in the UK there has, for the longest time, been this idea that you only go to therapy when something is broken. When you’ve hit a point that’s left you so stuck you don’t think you can move forward without help.

We all hit those points, and if that’s the reason you’re seeking out support then I’d be honoured to hold space and help you through that.

However, I don’t believe that’s the only reason for seeking out therapy… Like the friends of mine who began couple’s therapy early in their relationships when they were still gloriously happy, I equally think that there is a LOT to be gained by seeking support when you’re not in that place.

It’s about fortifying yourself from the off so that when those tough times hit and the wobbles threaten to take hold, you’re already equipped with everything you need to support yourself, grow and move forwards.

You are a Soul in a human body

That’s pretty much the crux of it right? I’m a firm believer that all of us humans are eternal Souls incarnate, and that as we move through this life our job here is to integrate the wisdom, inspiration and learnings of those parts of ourselves with everything we’ve experienced since birth and all of the things that we’re trying to do or challenged by in this lifetime.

There are no rules about who I will and won’t work with, so if you’re interested and think you would benefit, just get in touch.

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