What you can expect from Soul-Led Therapy

Well hello!

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Over the past couple of days I’ve been sharing more about Soul-Led Therapy with the first two posts of a week-long blog series.

But if you’ve been following those posts then you might have one question more than anything…

This all sounds wonderful, but what actually happens in Soul-Led Therapy?!

It’s a damned good question. Because with a base of counselling therapy, a dash of coaching, a smidge of energy healing and ritual work and a hefty side order of Soul connection work, Soul-Led Therapy can be tough to understand.

But this blog post is all about changing that… so here’s a little about what you can expect from our journey together …

First up, we say hello

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The first step is always a 30 minute introduction chat held at a time that suits both of us and which is completely and utterly free!

This chat is all about us saying hello. It’s your opportunity to ask any questions you have, to understand a little more about what our work together would look and feel like, and to decide whether I’m someone you’d be comfortable working with.

For me, it’s about understanding what brings you to Soul-Led Therapy so that we can be sure this is the right next step for you. If not, we’ll talk about potential alternatives, and I’ll do what I can to help point you in the right direction from you.

When that first chat is over there’s no hard sell. Of course if you’d like to book up your first session there and then that’s great, but I’m definitely not one for pressuring you… Instead I’ll follow up with an email which includes a link to book in for a session.

If I haven’t heard from you within a week, I’ll drop you another line – just in case there’s anything we missed or in case life got in the way of you making an appointment as you’d intended.

After that though, I’ll step back. You know what’s right for you best of all, and so of course you get to decide what happens next.

If and when you book a full session, you’ll be asked to sign a copy of my client contract. This is to keep us both safe, and to help set the boundaries and standards for our work together… You can read a copy of that contract ahead of time if you'd like, but if you have any questions or worries you can always get in touch.

The structure of your Soul-Led Therapy journey

From that point on, we will get together for one-hour sessions, online at a time that works for each of us.

We’ll usually meet each week, at least at first, although the frequency of those sessions is up to you; and our work together will last for as long as we feel is right. Some people stop after a certain number of weekly sessions; others become less frequent overtime but keep our work together ongoing as some extra long-term support.

When I say this is Soul-Led Therapy, I’m talking about two souls specifically – you and me, and so we get to decide how our work together is structured.

In our first one-hour session I’ll usually begin by asking you to tell me your story and to go into more detail about what brings you to Soul-Led Therapy. Towards the end of our session I’ll also ask a third question – what you want to get out of our work together. The insights you share in this one will give us a basic foundation for all of our work together.

What will happen in a session?

I can’t give you a step by step of what will happen in each of our sessions, because that really does depend on us, the energy we create and the needs you have on any given day.

However, I can tell you there will likely be lots of talking! We’ll have a conversation that is all about you and your journey and we’ll take time out regularly to pause and check in with the various aspects of you.

From there it depends; sometimes we’ll meditate, occasionally we’ll pull a card or explore the other insights and guidance that have come to us intuitively as we’ve worked.

Photo of Ceryn Rowntree sitting an a bench outdoors facing the camera with her chin propped up on her hand. Behind her are blue skies and a green hill. Photo by Laura Pearman.

One word of warning: If you hadn’t already guessed, I’m a bit of a geek. That means that I love a

bit of homework! Sometimes that will be a meditation, other times it will be one or more journal prompts or suggestions for reflection. Homework is never a must do with a big red cross if you forget or run out of time, but it is only ever suggested if we think it will benefit you, and help us to move forward more effectively within our sessions.

What do I do?

My most important job in all of this is to create and hold a safe and sacred space for you, and although that starts before our session begins with the casting of a circle for our work, of course that’s not the only thing I do!

Once we’re both online you’ll hear lots of questions from me, and lots of reflecting back the things that you’ve said to help join the dots and dig deeper for further information, not to mention more than a few metaphors (I bloody love a metaphor!). I’ll be working to keep you both grounded and will regularly bring you back to the here and now to ask how this is landing for you.

At times I’ll suggest a short meditation or card pull to connect to something deeper, or will share something I’m seeing, hearing or feeling intuitively for your thoughts and to help us take the conversation further still.

My role is to keep you safe, to join the dots and to help you dig deeper into everything that we’re working on together, and as long as we’re both comfortable with it I’ll do that in whatever way works for us!

I promise...

Although of course the outcomes of our work together are dependent on the things both of us bring, there are certain things that I promise every single client:

  • A safe and sacred space for whatever you need to share (or not… that’s OK too)

  • Confidentiality for everything you share, in accordance with our contract

  • Zero judgement for anything and everything we share

  • That empathy I spoke of yesterday

  • My honesty and authenticity every step of the way – not just within our work, but also outside of it… If I don’t think Soul-Led Therapy is right for you right now then we’ll talk about that too

  • Full access to any insights and intuitive wisdom that comes up to be shared with you, as long as you’re comfortable

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Part of the journey is the end

If you know me at all you’ll know that I couldn’t make it through seven whole days of blog posts without a single geeky quote (this one is from Avengers Endgame in case you weren't sure) … I make no apologies for that.

However this one is pretty fitting. I often say that a big part of my job is in making myself redundant – reaching a point where you don’t feel as though you need a session every single week.

It’s important that we’re honest with each other about that; if we feel it’s time for our work together to draw to a close, or for us to meet less regularly then we’ll talk about that. Equally, if you want or need to bring our work to an end sooner than expected that’s OK too – it’s always up to you. All I ask is that we book in one final session to tie up any loose ends end our work together in the right way.

But from my perspective there’s never really a final goodbye; even if we decide to stop working together there is always the opportunity to come back, be that for a one-off check in or for a little burst of sessions whenever you feel the need.

I’ll be back with another post tomorrow, but in the mean time click here if you’d like to book your own free introductory session and find out more about how Soul-Led Therapy can help you!

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