What is Primal Healing?

After sharing with you the story of what I call Primal Healing, it seems only right to tell you a little bit about what that actually is.

Although in many ways, Primal Healing is exactly what it initially said on the tin.

In short, it’s very much about re-awakening and re-membering all those parts of your original primal energy body, and about re-connecting you to your own primal wisdom, power and insight.

I know, I know, you’re probably wondering what that even means! Let me explain more deeply.

If I cast my soul's memory back to the time that we first incarnated here on on Gaia, this planet we call Earth, we came here with much deeper wisdom – the kind of energy that leads us not only to believe in our Soul connections or its starseed origins, but to know about them. Know because we recognise ourselves as living, breathing souls and starseeds incarnated for a time within this physical realm.

That’s not all though; that first time around – perhaps even our first few trips here to Earth – we all came here with much cleaner, clearer energy bodies. And not just the energy bodies you traditionally see in a Reiki manual, on Pinterest or in any of those places but energy bodies that were subtly different. Those primal energy bodies didn’t have the same burdensome task of filtering out the pollution and heaviness that ours so often have to contend with today but more than that, by their very nature, they were also able to connect us quickly and easily to different insights, wisdom and parts of ourselves that we so often struggle to re-connect with today.

Over time, thanks to things this world has thrown at us and the burdens we’ve collected and carried through different incarnations, those energy bodies of ours have changed. In some ways and for some people those changes have been slight; but in others the changes have been absolutely massive. Not to mention destructive to our connections, abilities and overall wellbeing.

Through Primal Healing we work to re-awaken those primal parts of yourselves; to re-tune you to the energy body that was always meant to be yours and to rebuild connections to those parts of you that may well have been hidden or left behind over the years.

And from there? Well that’s when that deeper wisdom kicks in. Often through Primal Healing we meet what we call primal guides, figures whose role is specifically to link you to those very deepest and most powerful parts of yourself, and to your own experiences of them in the past. And with those guides by our side and your primal energy body re-awakened, we can start to move forwards into the big changes.

When I first started offering Primal Healing – not that long ago – I offered it as a one off session which was great; it did what it needed to do it, opened up those additional chakras and really reconnected people in all of the ways I've talked about. But it didn’t quite feel enough; not deep enough and not at all what Primal Healing was intended to be.

What I’ve realised since is, that there’s more to this; that, first and most importantly, people often need support as they’re working through that process of re-awakening and re-connection.

Equally though, I’ve also realised that there’s more for us to re-connect to. More to be re-awakened if we only invest the time and energy to do that.

Recently I asked how we connect to the very, very greatest wisdom, deepest power and most insightful parts of ourselves there have ever been here on Earth. The response was simple, and yet absolutely huge. I was told that we return to the primordial womb – the place that lives under the Tree of Life at the very centre of the Earth. If we can root our energies all the way down into there, removing all blockages until we’re able to find the place that marks our own Soul’s first footprints on this Earth, then we can choose to step into those footprints.

Of course I tried it – first with myself and then with clients too – and what I found was that the roots which grow from those footprints aren’t just something that will root us into Gaia, nor even something that will root us into ourselves. Instead, they are the roots that will connect us always to our most powerful, connected and wisest primal Gaian selves. And from there we start to truly recognise just how much change we can bring about within our lives.

This work of Primal Healing is something that I was nervous to do initially, not least because I often shudder at the terms “healer” and “healing”. As humans, we have big work to do to heal ourselves; work that no one else can do for us other than guiding, supporting and pointing us in the right directions. But through offering Primal Healing more and more, I’ve realised that’s exactly what this is.

In many ways it’s Primal Coaching, Primal Therapy, Primal Guidance and Primal Space Holding. It is opening the doors for you to step into your own role as healer and powerful self-sovreign; and it’s leading the way into the right space for you to do that.

Through Primal Healing I share with you not only the insights and wisdom that have come to me over recent years about this particular modality, but also the wisdom I’ve gathered in over a decade of energy healing; more than 15 years of mediumship, and even longer of consciously working with my own Soul and its journey.

Through Primal Healing I support you by holding a safe and sacred space and sharing the wisdom and knowledge I’ve gained over the years just as much as I do with the symbols, meditations and healing techniques.

Primal Healing is something I love to do, something I truly believe in and something I would LOVE to share with you.

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