What can you bring to Soul-Led Therapy?

Here we are, the penultimate post of this week-long blog series on Soul-Led Therapy… didn’t that go fast?

Before we wind down though I thought it might be helpful to share the answer to another big question I get a lot… What can I bring to a Soul-Led Therapy session?

It’s a bloody good question, so let’s get going with the answer. If you’re headed into a session with me, or about to embark on a whole new journey of Soul-Led Therapy, what can you bring to our work together?

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Absolutely anything!

Let’s start with the most important part of this answer. If you’re headed in to a session with me we can talk about and dive into anything you want… Anything. Seriously.

Not only is absolutely nothing out of bounds (zero judgement, remember) but when it comes to the path our work will take, there is only one person who gets to decide whether that starts. That person? You.

As I’ve said before, Soul-Led Therapy is like is says on the tin – led by the Souls involved. And since those Souls are you and me, you get to decide what to bring into those sessions and that work.

From there, we work together to journey through and into that and see where those things take us.

That said though, I know the answer “absolutely anything” might feel like a bit of a cop out, so let me share with you some other thoughts I came up with as I was planning this post in my mind.

hey’re not specific issues or conversation starters, but more themes that I recognise coming up with the amazing people I work with in these sessions.

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Grounding your journey

Maybe you’ve learned something new on this Soul path of yours which has made you feel out of place in your own life right now; or maybe as you’ve journeyed further and further into these callings of your Soul, you’ve gathered so many tools and practices that still feel like something you “do” rather than who you are.

Seriously, if I had a pound for every time I’d heard someone say “I’m just not doing spiritual things at the moment” or “I’ve stopped with my witchy activities so I’m not a witch now”… well at the very least I’d be able to take myself on an awesome holiday right now!

Your spiritual, soulful or witchy self; the soul that carries your greatest potential and deepest power? That’s not about the classes you take, reading you do, work you’re part of or rituals you make time for, it’s about who you are. And Soul-Led Therapy can not only help you to remember that, but also to help you to re-build those bridges between the parts of yourself in order to live every single day as the wise, wonderful, seriously flipping powerful Soul that you are.

But that said, the flipside of this is true too… I know firsthand just how easy it is for day-to-day life to get in the way and stop us making time for the things that emphasise or connection, bring us back to centre and remind us of our power; or how quickly one step in a direction that didn’t feel quite right for us can throw us off the path of Soul work we’d hoped for.

Whether it’s ritual, meditation, journaling or simply figuring out your next steps forward; Soul-Led Therapy holds space for you to not only integrate the human and Soul sides of yourself, but also to create a plan for yourself going forwards that will help you to fully ground your Soul work into yourself and every part of life.

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Making the connections

A friend of mine likes to tell me often that making connections is my superpower… and I guess she’s kind of right!

Whether it’s joining the dots between a meditation or dream experience that has you completely freaked out and the childhood story you shared with me three sessions ago, figuring out what the signs you’re receiving time and time again have to do with the big life transition you’re about to embark upon, or recognising where Disney movies link with the themes of our Soul’s growth (alright, that one might not be something for our sessions, but it’s still definitely something I do…); if you’re looking to join some dots then I’m your woman!

And of course those connections are more obvious too;

They’re about you working to reconnect with your body, not just so that you can ground back into the hear and now but also so that you can learn how to hear its wisdom and understand how help your mind, body, heart and soul to work more fully together.

They’re about reconnecting you to your own intuitive connection, helping you to reconnect with the Spiritual support team who are on hand to guide and support you and to overcome the blockages and fears that are stopping you from trusting those insights again.

And they’re about helping you to take a step back from the day-to-day and see your life through a wider lens – one of a wise and immortal Soul who came here to learn, grow and evolve.

Had I mentioned that connections are among my favourite things to make?!

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Embracing your extra consciousness

We’ve been talking about the Unconscious – the bits of our mind and personality that we don’t see and process every day – since the 1700s (crazy eh?!), and even diving into that idea of the Collective Unconscious ever since Jung first coined the term.

But recently I’ve started to think about our extra consciousness… the half conscious/half unconscious parts of our mind that connect further than our human minds and experience out into the other lives our Souls have lived; the ancestral experiences and influences that continue to play a role in our today; the influences of the wider world; our connection to the Universal rhythms or movements around us; and the more Soulful and spiritual experiences that make themselves known to us when we switch up that dial and tune ourselves in.

Soul-Led Therapy gives you a space to not only access those parts of your own experience, but also to work through what you find there – diving deep into both the wounds and the gifts to come out of the other side more empowered and more able to live a life that embraces all parts of yourself every single day.

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Regaining your balance

Feeling more stuck in the mud than spiritual, or feeling too floaty light to think about your roots? We all get out of balance at times.

And of course balance isn’t just about the spiritual and the human; it’s equally about the balance of yin and yang, inward and outward facing energy, the different influences in your life and the person you truly are, or even the different parts of yourself and where their battles for victory are causing problems.

Whatever is feeling shaky or wobbly for you, Soul-Led Therapy is a great place to get it all on the table and then work through what we find there to figure out the right balance for you and help you find your way there.

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And that doesn’t necessarily mean helping you reach that constant state of 50/50, or 25/25/25/25 for that matter. It’s about figure out where you’re best balance can be found for right now; and then about looking at the ways that point is likely to change and equipping you with everything you need to relocate your own centre and head back there as often as you need it.

OK, I confess, that was a long one. And maybe I should’ve just stuck with “absolutely anything” after all! But hopefully it gave you a little more clarity on the things Soul-Led Therapy is especially good at working with.

If not, then by all means get in touch to find out if I can help you and whether this feels like the right way forward for you.

And of course, if you’d like to go right ahead and book your free introductory session, then you can do that here.

Meanwhile I’ll be back tomorrow with the final post of the week... See you then!

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