The triple threat approach to your story

Little known fact about me, I used to be a huge wrestling fan. Yes, wrestling. As in WWE. I once asked the Undertaker to move out of the way so I could buy my friend some cigarettes, and that same night was hit in the face by Ric Flair (not hard, although entirely on purpose).

I know what you’re thinking, what in the hell does this have to do with your story and your happiness? Well let me explain.

Back in my WWE watching days one of my favourite types of match was a triple threat; the fights which put three competitors in the ring, each with an equally strong chance of winning.

Why are those matches so good? Because there was so much possibility… every one of those people had a role to play in making the match entertaining and inevitably, whoever your favourite or least favourite among the competitors there was something in there for everyone. And my favourite part of all in those matches was always the point when you thought one person was done and the match had become a two horse race, only for person number 3 to leap up from the mat and steam roll into the action to change the game.

It’s kind of how I see my work.

You see, while there are a lot of coaches out there, one of the ways that I like to think I differ from them is because my work's less of a one on one and more of a triple threat...

I love coaching, but it's not the only way I work with my clients. I’m also a counsellor, and a spiritual guide, and because I love all three of those things so bloody much, I decided when I started that business that my programmes would include touches of every part of that to help form the ultimate triple threat on whatever is holding my clients back.

For me, it starts with the counselling. Although I call on a number of different techniques and theories, my counselling is predominantly Person-Centred, which means it’s all about you.

Yup, you. It’s about giving you a space to tell your story, and then working with you to delve deeper into that story to make peace with whatever has been keeping you stuck in the past. Whether it be a memory that goes right back to your childhood, or an experience that happened last week, counselling is about helping you to understand those problems and put them behind you once and for all.

The next step from there depends on the person, but for me this is where the spirituality comes in.

And let me stop here to define what I mean with that word… because for a lot of people spirituality is about Sunday mornings in church, or sitting cross legged on a yoga mat, or maybe even delving into the future as you gaze into a crystal ball. Now personally I’m up for all or none of those, but none of them matches my definition of spirituality.

For me spirituality is about connecting you with the person you really are. It’s about quieting the pain of the pain of the past and the stress of the future to remember who you really are without all of that stuff influencing you; and then using that knowledge to give you a firm understanding of where you are right now and of where you want to be.

In my work I do that through a number of ways: everything from meditation and affirmations, to dancing and movie watching, with the very real potential of oracle cards and/or a little witchy ritual if the need and fancy take us.

And with that knowledge of yourself front and centre that’s when we start on threat number three; coaching.

Coaching is all about looking at where you want to be and then working out a route to reach that place, all with the support of a coach who keeps you on track and helps to keep you moving forward any time you stop.

Does that mean that once we start coaching there’s no need for the counselling or the spirituality? Not at all, because just like that seemingly worn out wrestler in the corner of the ring, sometimes the things you thought you’d gotten to grips with pop back up again further along your journey and need to be dealt with, but that’s OK… that’s why this triple threat approach is so damned helpful, and it’s part of the reason I love what I do so much.

Yes, this would be the cheesiest, gaudiest end of coaching gift in the world... but maybe that's part of its charm ;-)

I love that this work enables me to support clients through every part of their journey from stuckness to empowerment, partly because that’s a cool thing to do and partly because as you might have gathered I’m a sucker for a story, and by working with counselling, spirituality and coaching I get to experience the past, present and future of my clients’ stories, and to see them become the hero of those stories along the way.

In fact maybe we need to get belts made… sparkly belts with “world champion” on the front… or is that taking the wrestling metaphor a tad too far?!

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