The story of Soul-Led Therapy

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Recently I’ve been asked a few times to explain Soul-Led Therapy which made me realise that, although “talking therapy for your soul” and “a safe space for all aspects of your soul journey” are nice taglines, since what I do is pretty different to a lot of other people out there, it would make sense for me to explain some of that I’m more detail.

Over on Instagram I asked what you’d like to know, and the responses varied from a very specific “is this really therapy?” to my personal favourite: “EVERYTHING!”

So I’ve decided to get as close to that last one as I can and go into a little more detail than I’d planned, with seven whole days of blog posts dedicated solely to Soul-Led Therapy and what you can expect from the sessions I offer.

With that in mind, I thought I’d start with a little background; specifically the story of how Soul-Led Therapy came to be. Ready? Let’s go!

Once upon a time in a Spiritualist Church...

I’ve been interested in all things spiritual for as long as I can remember, and began practicing as a medium in my early 20s. Quickly I realised that the majority of the people I spoke to in that work were grieving, seeking guidance, or just generally looking for a safe place where they could be validated.

Although they - and I - met some amazing mediums as a result, that wasn’t always the case. Some mediums (like the guy I once heard tell a woman, in front of 50 or so people, “I have your mum here. She was incontinent before she died. She used to pee herself.” Tactful, eh?) were so concerned with the spirit world that they forgot about taking care of the living people sat in front of them.

To me that wasn’t ok, so I decided I needed to sharpen up my space holding skills and make sure I was giving people the respect and empathy they deserved.

... Add in a dash of nosiness

Photograph of Ceryn Rowntree aged 25 at Machu Picchu, wearing a white charity t-shirt and shorts.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve also always been a lover of stories. But on a trip around the world back in 2011 I realised that people seemed to like telling me their stories as much as I liked to hear them!

I was travelling alone, so met a lot of people in hostels, on tour buses etc, and so often they would tell me all about their lives. It was fascinating, and also a real honour.

But again, I wanted to make sure I was doing those stories justice and decided that if I was going to take that particular part of my life forwards, I needed some training.

So when I came home it was back to college, and the first of many counselling courses.

The most irritating student in the Counselling classroom

I loved my training - what can I say? I’ve always been a geek! But time and time again I’d find myself frustrated that the theories didn’t seem to go far enough for me.

Jung’s ideas on the collective unconscious were fabulous, and really excited me... But they also stopped short of the past life healing and ancestral insights I was finding with clients I was seeing for readings and other one-to-one work, not to mention on my own journey.

And I LOVED the fact that Sigmund Freud, the daddy of talking therapies, had spoken of the connection between our emotional and physical wellbeing. But he didn’t go deeply enough into the energetics of that for me to really feel I could work with it.

One day a teacher told me, “well if the theories don’t go far enough for you, maybe you need to create your own.”

Hmm. I mean, that seemed a big ask... but it did inspire some serious thought.

Bringing it all together

Photograph of Ceryn Rowntree facing to the left and blowing silver stars out of her hands into the air, with a forest behind her.

I wish I could tell you Soul-Led Therapy walked into my head fully formed like Harry Potter on JK Rowling’s famous train ride. But unfortunately it wasn’t quite so quick.

However over time, I started to understand how all of the things I’d done and learned - literally a lifetime of connecting with guides and ancestors, and over 15 years and counting of soul work - could combine with the qualifications I’d gained along the way - a counselling therapy degree and a life coaching diploma for starters - and my own intuition and knack for joining the dots to create something pretty awesome.

And so Soul-Led Therapy was born; my way of providing a traditional safe space for the deeper and maybe not-so-traditional issues and blockages that need to be held and worked through in order to help people move forwards in a way that’s more aligned to their own power and truth.

Of course there’s more... As I’ve been writing this it’s struck me that I could say so much! But I’m pretty sure that’s enough for now.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing more about Soul-Led Therapy, and specifically the founding principles that give our work together a framework to flow within. Until then though if you’d like to know more, get in touch.

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