The story of Primal Healing

A few years ago now I was sitting in meditation when I was given two words:

Primal Healing.

Those words were pretty interesting for a few reasons, not least the fact that after almost a decade as a Reiki Master and some bad experiences with other healers, I’d become pretty disenchanted with the idea of energy healing and had given up on practicing on anyone but myself and Kali.

Yet whoever was whispering to me in meditation found that irrelevant, and every few weeks when I sat down to meditate or channel I would hear the words again, every time with a little more insistence.

“You need to practice Primal Healing”.

And so I did what any self-respecting 21st century witch would do when told she must practice something she had never heard of: I Googled. I googled, googled and googled some more until search results were coming out of my ears. Yet what I found was that those words couldn’t be found anywhere. No one out there was offering Primal Healing.

Again I stepped back. After all, how could I practice something that didn’t exist? It wasn’t like I could bring a whole new form of energy healing into being was it?!

So although the whispers continued – louder and more insistent every time – I decided they were obviously to be ignored and simply got on with trying to force other, easier avenues of my work to open up instead.

Then 2020 came and my life changed. Hell, the whole world changed. And after months on end of being locked down with no other human company, I began to wonder how it would be if I were to lean back into energy healing.

I trained in Sekhem healing – first as a practitioner and then as a Master Teacher; and then undertook a deep journey of DNA activations to unfold more about what my Soul was trying to tell me. And wouldn’t you know the two words that were waiting for me on the other side?

Primal. Healing.

Getting started

Eventually I took the hint and sat down to say “OK. If this is something I’m meant to do then please, PLEASE explain it to me.”

What came through was pretty intense; not only because of the symbols and techniques that I was given as being part of this approach, but also because of what I was told Primal Healing was all about:

“This is how we reconnect to our primal selves and the wisdom we held when we first incarnated here on Earth. It’s a timeless wisdom that Earth needs us to embody if she is going to come back to her own fullness. And it’s the wisdom that we’ve all been looking for.

“To do that we have to reawaken out primal energy bodies. You know how. You’ve always known how because this is for you to share.”

Err, OK.

Initially I tried those techniques, and the memories that had begun to flood back to me, on myself. And every time I did, I found myself in a really deep and potent state of healing, through which I began to understand more and more about this primal energy body they spoke of.

A few sessions in I had begun to feel and experience the differences – not just energetically but tangibly too within many parts of my life. But how could I be certain that wasn’t just me?

The first clients

Fortunately, I have some fantastic, courageous and open-minded friends who were only too willing to act as guinea pigs.

The feedback from those first few sessions blew me away; much like the Primal Healing itself apparently blew my test clients away!

Every one of them came out of the experience with a “wow”, and some iteration of the fact that they had never experienced anything like that before.

But what was more incredible from my perspective was what came after those initial reactions…

The friend who called me two days later to tell me that, after years of trying to develop her clairvoyance, for the first time ever she’d begun to physically see Spirit Guides in her house.

Another who got in touch weeks later to tell me that our session together had opened a door into connecting with her body in a different way; a door that had allowed her to understand and shift the chronic back pain she’d experienced for years.*

And another who, out of the blue, added me into the groups and Instagram accounts for a business she’d been dreaming of for years but had never had the clarity or courage to pursue.

When I opened up to more clients the results were similar; more huge shifts in the kind of emotional and energetic blockages that had been holding people back for years; changes in psychic awareness and apparent abilities; and so much more besides.

It's pretty intense. And it's not something I ever expected yet… It also kind of is.

Because here's the thing. I've been told about Primal Healing for multiple years now.

I've been told about it from guides, helpers and teachers that have also shared with me some of the deepest wisdom of my heart; some of the deepest wisdom that has changed the way I view the world. So why on earth wouldn't I have thought the Primal Healing they should about would be anything but deep, powerful and intense?!

But what even is Primal Healing? Well maybe that’s where this story continues in our next blog post.

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