The Spiritual home on my bookshelf

I don’t often get massively spiritual on this blog. That’s not be it’s not important to me; my spirituality is a massive part of who I am and delving deeper into that is and always has been a huge passion and fascination for me.

So with that in mind let me tell you a secret… I have always wanted to feel at home in a place of worship.

I’m not talking about needing to go to religious ceremonies, but just about finding the peace and solace that so many other people do in a church, mosque, synagogue or temple.

A few years back I went to a christening at a Catholic Church on Easter Sunday. It was a full mass, and there was a girl two rows in front about my age who was completely rapt; she drank in everything the priest was saying, threw herself into the hymns and prayers and snuggled herself back into the pews wrapped up in a blanket as though she was entirely at home.

To be honest I was a little jealous. Because for me every place of worship I’ve ever been into has seemed cold and uncomfortable, and left me feeling less connected to wisdom, guidance, love and wonderfulness than I ever did outside.

Even when I went to a Spiritualist church – the religion I probably connected with most at the time – that seemed too rigid, uncomfortable, and unwelcoming to anyone who wasn’t exactly the same as everyone else. Despite the fact we shared a lot of the same beliefs, I still didn’t feel like I fit in.

Last year I overheard someone mention a book called Reveal by Meggan Watterson. She was someone I’d followed on Instagram for some time, but didn’t know much about other than the fact she posted some really awesome stuff.

The next time I was in the gym (the cross trainer is my place for YouTube binges!) I watched a couple of videos of her and suddenly had to get my hands on this book!

Meggan is a theologian – Havard trained no less – and is one of the most fascinating women I’ve ever had the privilege to listen to.

When it comes to spirituality, she knows! And not just in a hippy-esque priestess way (not that there’s anything wrong with that, I say as my incense burns away on the altar in the corner of the room!) but in way that’s totally grounded… in herself and in history.

Meggan is someone who has done so much studying into the religions, traditions and cultures that are already out there, and then has used all of that study to formulate her views and opinions.

Then she’s taken all of that study and gone on a journey with and into herself to understand what those views and opinions really mean for a woman, not only in our society right now but within our entire world. And it’s that journey that Reveal is all about.

Why is the idea of a woman so important? Because Meggan’s work focuses predominantly on the Goddess, and on Divine Feminine within religion.

The first time I ever connected with the idea of the Goddess was in a book by Doreen Virtue many moons ago. In retrospect it wasn’t the deepest or even most interesting book on the subject I’ve ever read, but as I read this book I suddenly realised that this was what my own spiritual journey had always been missing… someone like me!

You know me, I consider myself a witch and have always felt most at home and connected to the greater powers of the Universe when I’m out in nature – ideally watching the sea or standing with my bare feet on the earth and my head looking up at the stars.

But I’m also a geek – I love the books and the studies so have always wanted to find the stories and the theories that connect with what I feel and believe.

Reveal is the first book I’ve ever read that does just that… but it also does more than that; it helps me to see myself – or at least people like me – in the religious texts I’ve always felt so disconnected from, and to understand just how powerful women once were in the schools of thought so many people hold dear, back before the need for power became stronger than the need for real wisdom and connection.

This book was the one that finally gave me a spiritual home; one that sits comfortably and safely on my bookshelf.

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