The six vital ingredients to holding safe and sacred space

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The six steps to holding powerful transformative space

We’ve all been in those uncomfortable situations:

A healing sessions with someone who has no filter when it comes to sharing their insights

Working with a teacher who shares deep and powerful wisdom… and then disappears when the integration process begins.

A group session which becomes all about the leader, leaving everyone else feeling unheard and unsupported.

And maybe, like me, after each one of those experiences you’ve thought “I’d never put my clients in that situation!” But then it happens…

You run a group session and come away feeling drained and frustrated;

A client brings something to the table that throws you off balance as you have no idea how to handle it;

Our communities begin to dwindle as people tell us it’s just not the experience they expected;

You find your own wounds and traumas triggered by the experiences of your clients;

It happens to us all. Because no matter how much training, experience and expertise we have in our own work, we are rarely taught how to hold a truly safe and sacred space.

Yet whether you’re managing a community, workshop, or other group session; or whether you work 1:1 as a teacher, energy healer, reader or guide, the ability to do that is absolutely vital.

But the truth is that space holding doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact I’m a firm believer that this is a skill anyone can hone by paying attention with just six vital ingredients.

I know this because space holding is something I’ve been passionately dedicated to learning more about and integrating within my own life and work for over a decade now; first with some pretty intensive training as a therapist, then by studying a range of energetic and ritual practices, and learning from some of the most potent space-holders in my industry and beyond.

Perhaps it’s that journey that has led me to be told, repeatedly, that space holding is one of my super powers! And maybe it’s the lessons learned and wisdom integrated during that time which has led me to feel both confident and comfortable in holding space for anything and anyone.

But throughout the whole of that journey, I’ve come back time and time again to those six vital ingredients. Six ingredients that, if put into practice within our community spaces, our conversations with clients, and our personal life, can support our clients, our businesses and ourselves to grow and transform in the most potent and beautiful of ways.

What are those six ingredients? Allow me to explain:

  • Firm Foundations: Space holding may be a term we hear often and one we expect everyone to understand and see in the same way. But what does it really mean? And why is it such a powerful and important skill to have and to share. To hold space is to support someone through it all, from a place of empathy, understanding and truth. Space holding is not guidance, enforced progress or any other type of action-driven work although, when done well, it does provide the platform for those things to unfold, and for the beautiful blossoming of the client to take place.

  • Creating Space: Often we head off to hold space for a individual or group of people without a truly clear understanding of what that will mean – for us or them. To create a truly safe and sacred space requires work from the outset to ensure everyone is aligned on what they can expect, what is expected from them, and what to do if any problems arise along the way.

  • Protecting your own space: We’ve all heard of supermodels who insure their legs, guitarists who ensure their hands, but as a space holder your energy is the most important tool you have. From the outset it is vital that you not only know how to keep yourself safe and nourished at every step, but also put plans in place to do exactly that, and to check in with yourself along the way and ensure it’s happening.

  • Honouring your space: No matter what the books may say, space holding is not a one-size-fits-all skill. And just as every client requires different things from the spaces they are held in, every practitioner will bring different things to the spaces they create and hold. Whether based on your own professional skills and expertise, your astrological make up, or the platforms you choose to work with, honouring how you create space is an important part of this. Get clear and comfortable with that and allow your space to thrive.

  • Clearing your space: This one is a biggie. To be a truly super-powered space holder is to become intimately aware of and connected to yourself – every part of yourself – so that nothing and no one can throw you along the way. That means deep work to recognise and own what may trigger you, bring up judgement or throw you off centre so that you know exactly what you can and cannot hold space for. This isn’t to get critical of yourself, nor to say you must be fully healed or perfect in order to hold space. But this is the work that allows us to create safe spaces in which we can fully support whoever and whatever is placed in front of us, while also ensuring that we are supported and kept safe along the way.

  • Protecting your space: There are no two ways about it – sometimes things go wrong! And from the perfectly natural disagreements and dramatic flare ups that can be witnessed within a group, to individual complaints, and events that affect your own ability to hold space, those can all throw us for a loop unless we’ve spent time preparing for them. Protecting your space means making expecting the unexpected, and putting plans in place to protect yourself and your clients if the worst does happen. Not in the kind of over-burdening way that makes space set up seem like an administrative nightmare, but in a simple and easeful way that allows you to go with the flow no matter what that brings!

Depending on your perspective, right now you’re likely to be thinking one of two things:

“Well that all sounds easy. Clearly I am an expert space holder and have nothing to learn here!”

In which case good for you, you rock!! But remember that space holding is a skill we constantly hone, growing and developing over time as we, our clients and the world change and shift from month to month and year to year.


“OK. I think I understand. But that’s a lot of information… where the hell do I start?” And that’s where I can help you.

Starting in February 2022, I’ll be running Hold and Be Held, a seven-week course and supportive journey aiming to help you integrate all of the skills you need to become a powerful transformative holder of safe and sacred spaces.

Through a combination of weekly workshops, self-study materials and online support sessions, we will journey together through these six ingredients in our own safe and sacred container as we work to integrate the wisdom of this work with our own personality and expertise in order to create the perfect spaces for us, our clients and our businesses.

Want to know more? Just click on the link below. The course starts on 17th February and I would be honoured to hold space for you through this journey.