The power of a song

When I start working with a new coaching client, there’s one task I set ahead of any other…

Find your power song.

You know, the song. The one you’d walk down to the ring with if you were a boxer or a wrestler; and the one that never feels to make you feel like the best possible version of yourself. That song.

Right now you probably have one question: Why? What is it about a flipping song that makes it important enough to talk about ahead of how I actually take back power over my own life?

For me the song is the start of how you do this.

Music has an amazing way to tap into our energies and emotions, changing our mood in an instant. So if you can find the song that lifts you and puts those energies right where you want them to be, then that gives you a brilliant trigger to help put yourself in that place whenever you need a lift or some motivation.

Not only that, but I’m a firm believer in adding your power song to your morning routine (more on that another day) to put you straight into that mindset and remind you just how awesome you are E Every. Single. Morning.

And as for your power song? Well it can be anything you want it to be… I’ve heard of everything from High School Musical’s Breaking Free to Iron Kiss’ I Was Made for Loving You.

Your power song can be anything that makes you smile, want to dance about or ready to take on the world. It can be something with lyrics that describe exactly how you want to feel, or a tune that takes you right back to the most positive and powerful you’ve ever felt. As long as it’s connected to you and to how you want to feel, then it’s a winner!

Personally, I have four (yes four) power songs I play every morning while I do a mini workout, and a host of others I call on on the days I’m not feeling so chipper.

None of those taking your fancy and still looking for inspiration? Check out my Power Songs playlist over on Spotify.

And if your favourite isn’t on there yet then get in touch… I’d love to add it to the list!

So tell me, what’s your power song?!