The next steps on your soul's journey

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Have you ever reached the point where you’ve cracked something you’ve been struggling with for a really long time?

You know the moments I mean; when you realise you’ve learned a lesson or overcome a particular challenge and think: “Woop! This is it – I’ve hit some sort of life path/ spiritual goal, right?”

Back in the day I called that ascension and thought it meant I was about to receive some sort of grand spiritual prize. Yeah, just writing that makes me shudder a little bit, yeesh.

The truth is that there’s no such thing as a check in the box and then we’re done and can sit back in some sort of blissful and deeply evolved state for the rest of our earthly lives; once we embark on this path of soul work it’s one that tends to keep going throughout our life… across many of our lives in fact.

But that’s not to say we don’t achieve certain “soul goals” at any point in our lives, master something that we’ve struggled with and reach a point where we can move onto something new – that’s absolutely a thing!

Only yesterday I caught myself talking and realised that the goal of “patience and faith” that I struggled with for YEARS is something that I now accept as just part of who I am and how I approach the world; and that same level of inner transformation is something I celebrate with clients all the time.

But for all reaching those realisations can be awesome, doing so with the knowledge that there’s inevitably more to learn, understand and get to grips with can be a bit scary. Just like any change or transformation it can leave us thinking “fine, but then what in the hell do I need to do next?”

What’s next?

As we start as new calendar year and, here in the Northern hemisphere, we approach the spring time and all of the new beginnings that represents, it feels like a pretty good time to bring this subject up, and to talk about the next steps on your soul’s current journey.

Maybe you already know what they look like and what you’re being asked to delve into for your own inner work, or maybe this is something you’re feeling more than a little lost about but have a sneaking suspicion your intuition is whispering (or even screaming…) at you about it.

So how might those whispers sound? Well, that will differ from person to person, step to step and maybe even moment to moment. But here are some ideas…

  • What has been calling at you recently as something you want to read up on or learn more about?

  • Where are the parts of yourself that you’re really ready to let go of or understand more deeply once and for all?

  • What ideas, questions or issues keep coming up in your life over and over again?

  • Where have you been inspired to do something new or approach life differently and want to investigate the ways of thinking and being that might help you do that?

  • And how about all those times I bang on about being the most you version of yourself that its possible to be; what’s stopping you from embracing more of that in your life?

But even once you have those sign posts and knowings, how do you go about taking those next steps?

Honestly, there are stacks of ways that you can do that – and the one that’s right will also be different for every different person we talk about and every step they need to take.

Some of those are things you can absolutely do solo, and others might just need a helping hand from someone else.

Taking those steps for yourself

Taking those next steps on your soul’s journey doesn’t have to involve searching for the right teacher, or spending an awful lot of money – goodness knows I spent a lot of years doing some seriously deep soul work on an incredibly tight budget!

Some of my favourite suggestions during those times were:

Photograph of a black journal by Kate Spade, the front cover contains silver text reading "with freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy?"

Journalling: My absolute favourite tool for soul development and growth is to pick up a pen and a journal (this is my current one – I bought it as a gift to myself in Boston and just LOVE it!). The way I journal differs from day to day; sometimes I’ll write a question at the top of the page and then put pet to paper and see what comes out; sometimes I’ll start by writing down everything I know for certain about a particular situation or subject and see what comes up next; other times I’ll literally write “tell me what I need to know” at the top of the page and then see what comes out next. To me the beauty of journaling is twofold – partly about remembering that I have so many more answers inside me than I consciously realise, and partly about safely and comfortably opening myself up to connect to external wisdom in the form of my guides and ancestors as and when I need to. (More on the intricacies of automatic writing another day!)

Photograph of a stack of books and a tea cup on a wooden table. Behind them are blurred out chairs and bookshelves.

Books: Hello, my name is Ceryn and I am and have always been a book addict. I know, I started this section of the post by saying that these things could be done on a super tight budget and, unless you can find them in your local library, books cost money. However, one of my favourite things about the internet is the fact that, thanks to online second hand book stores like Abe Books, you can often buy the books that call to you super super cheaply.

I also know that not everything can be found in a book, and that not everything you read in a book is true… But I’m a firm believer that books can be a great place to start when it comes to learning or understanding something new. Choose the books that resonate with you, those that come highly recommended by people you trust, or those that are written by people you respect as a starter. Read those books and take from them what resonates; where something doesn’t resonate ponder why that is by all means, but know that that’s OK – on this soul journey of yours it’s not just OK to form opinions that are different to the established experts, it’s damned well encouraged!

Photograph of white dice spelling out the word "change" lined up on a pale wooden table.

Doing something different: If you know it’s time to try something new, investigate something further or generally make some changes, then start by doing something differently. Maybe that means going somewhere new, talking to new people, trying out a new hobby, changing up your routine… Hell, maybe it even means something as simple as changing the radio station in your car or having something outside of the usual for breakfast every day.

What you do differently almost doesn’t matter, the key is more just about changing things up… Because the more you consciously change your outer world, the more you’ll find your inner world begins to change a little too.

Photograph of a person sitting cross-legged on a sandy surface with their back to the camera. Behind them is a body of water in which they are reflected; in front of them the sea and a pale sky.

Meditation: If I could give you just one tip for doing soul work kit would be this – quieten your brain. I know that’s not easy; never more so than in a time when the planet is suffering, the news is crazy and we’re constantly connected to huge big swathes of the planet through a little handheld gadget that constantly emits radiowaves in every direction… But it is possible.

I’ve spoken before about how much I love the Headspace app for training your mind to be still and quiet, but of course it’s not the only place to look. There are stacks of meditation books, YouTube videos and audio recordings out there that you can try, and the more you practice, the easier it will be to ease yourself into that meditative state; a state in which it suddenly becomes much easier to hear your own inner guidance, and to work through the old thought patterns and ways of doing things to figure out a little more about those next steps you’ve been looking for.

Whatever your inner work involves, and however you choose to do that, remember that keeping yourself safe is always the most important thing of all. Remember to go gently on yourself by going at your own pace and not taking on too much at any one time; protect yourself and your energies throughout every step of this work and remember to seek support from someone you trust whenever and wherever you need it.

So how can I help you?

OK, I admit it – this blog is part sales plug… But that’s only because holding space for and supporting that soul work – whatever it may involve – is something I love to do and know I can help with; and there are three ways in particular that I can help with that:

  • Soul-Led Therapy: Offers you a safe space to work through anything and everything that has been keeping you stuck, and to help you not only understanding what you need to move forwards but also work through whatever you need in order to do that. Part traditional therapy, part soul work, part coaching – Soul-Led Therapy is a safe and sacred space that is all about you. If you’d like to know more about Soul-Led Therapy then check out more details here.

  • Soul Journey Insight Packs: I often get asked if I offer readings and the answer is usually no – not in the traditional sense of the word anyway. But I do offer Soul Journey Insight Packs – a much deeper twist on the traditional channelled reading or guidance document. Each pack is channelled individually and contains at least ten pages, divided between four sections: A one-card reading to support with your pack; a channelled letter from a member of your soul’s guidance team; a deep dive into your soul’s journey thanks to insights gathered directly from your ancestors and/or your own soul’s record; an intuitively compiled pack of journal prompts, meditation or ritual ideas and/or other prompts to help you understand and take the next steps on your souls’ journey. I’ve often been told that these packs are a great way to understand the next six months plus of someone’s soul journey, so click here if you’d like to know more and/or order your own.

  • Soul Supporting Mentoring: Having spent almost fifteen years of my life working with the spirit world, and almost a decade offering one-to-one soul work and guidance to clients, I’ve lost count of the number of times I wished I had someone to support me and hold me accountable. Not a teacher, a coach or a friend as such – I had plenty of those in my life in different ways – but just someone who could hold space for me to talk through the ideas that I had, realisations I’d come to, guidance I’d been given and challenges I was facing while also being able to share their own experiences in a judgement-free way at the same time. Meanwhile I also saw friend after friend who fell victim to their own hype and lost some of their humanity and specialness because no one was around to help them stay grounded as customers and colleagues started to look at them as gurus or miracle workers. And so a combination of all of that led me to I launch Soul Support; mentoring for the soul. You can read more about that here.

Photograph of Ceryn Rowntree sitting inside a swinging chair surrounded by blue and gold flowers.

Whatever you choose to do, and whatever it is that you want to look into, it’s important to remember that the next steps of your own soul’s journey can focus on whatever you need them to.

If you don’t know what those are then it’s absolutely fine to ask for guidance and see what you’re told or shown; or simply to surrender to whatever needs to happen next.

Either way, I’m here to remind you that no matter what the world will tell you, you can do anything you want or need to and it’s both OK and possible for you to try something new and take ownership of not just this next chapter of your journey, but also this story we call life.

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