The limitlessness of your soul

A cream square surrounded by green and pink flowers and the logo and web address for In the centre is the text: "We so often forget that it's only ever the physical part of us that can be limited, or put into boxes. The souls within us? Well they laugh in the face of even the most basic limitations! The question is how we tap into that limitlessness and use it to our benefit... The limitlessness of your soul."

Have you ever thought about the sheer scale of your soul?

I know, that’s a pretty big question, but it’s something I’ve thought about a LOT recently.

The boxes of human life

Within this human life of ours we spend a lot of time living inside boxes don’t we?

There are the boxes society puts us in because of where we come from, what we look like, who we love and what we do.

There are those created for us by the people we love because of the attributes we do or don’t carry and because of our place in the family or group we’re a part of.

Not to mention the boxes those people who matter to us have put themselves into over time, that we’ve also settled into because we’ve never really known of another way.

Aaaaand there are the boxes we’ve made homes for ourselves base don the things that have happened to us in the past and those we’ve come to believe about ourselves.

But for all of their differences, those boxes have two things in common – their limiting natures and the fact that they just aren’t real. Yup, I said it. None of these boxes of ours are real.

The truth about our limitations

Photograph of a box being unwrapped, inside is a striped item and an envelop tied with a red box. Photograph courtesy of Wix.

After all, ask those people who’ve transcended their tough economic starts to life and gone on to become millionaires; or those who’ve built happy and beautifully functional families despite growing up in difficult or even abusive homes.

I’m not here to deny that the privileges of particular lifestyles or circumstances make it easier to sail through life more happily and or successfully – we all know that’s the case no matter how much we’d love to believe otherwise.

But we’ve all heard the stories of people who’ve broken out of those boxes life originally consigned them, so we know that it possible to change that destiny we’re told is ours.

In fact, in this human world of ours the only real limitations we’re up against are time and space – the fact that there are only 24 hours in every day and that, no matter how hard I try, I can’t quite click my fingers and teleport across the Atlantic just yet.

But here’s the thing that we forget about those limitations… it’s only ever our physical selves that can be limited by those or any other factors. The souls within us? Well since they’re not physical, they laugh in the face of even those most basic physical limitations.

The limitlessness of our soul

Photograph of the interior of a cathedral, looking upwards towards high ceilings and stained glass windows. Photo courtesy of Wix.

I had a dream recently that absolutely wowed me with its detail; when I woke up the next morning I remembered the pattern of the carpet in the room I’d been in, the food I’d ordered from the bar I’d gone to for party catering (and believe me, there was a LOT of food!), and the detail of the watch worn by a man I’d been talking to.

A little while later I was doing one of Meggan Watterson’s Soul Voice meditations when I paused to look around the gorgeous place of worship I always find myself in when I move my awareness into my heart and suddenly marvelled at just how stunningly beautiful the place was.

That’s no surprise really is it? After all, we know our imaginations are very rarely limited by anything; especially not the boring hum drum of daily life… It’s why we can so easily visualise the perfect futures that we dream of, even when those things and experiences feel a million miles away from us in daily life.

But what if we remembered that those imaginations of ours are most aligned with our souls – the very truest part of our beings?

Photograph showing the silhouette of a person leaping between two rocks in the mountains, an orange sky behind them. Photograph courtesy of Wix.

So what?

I know, I know. So what? Remembering that my soul is amazing and completely limitless isn’t going to suddenly enable me to pop over to my friend’s house in Brooklyn, NY for a quick cup of tea before I hit the hay here in North East England, and nor will it mean I can take on twenty client sessions in a day and still have time for three square meals and enough sleep to feel properly rested.

Buuuuuut it can make it a little easier to break through those other limitations that might otherwise hold me back.

Remembering that limitlessness makes it easier to remember that nothing is quite as scary as it seems and that maybe, just maybe, I can do anything I put my mind to, no matter what the voice of doubt might say!

Remembering the detail and depth of what I can visualise when I shush my conscious brain and tune into my true creative power helps bring that true creative spirit closer and closer to the forefront of my mind and my life.

And pausing to put myself back in that cathedral of my heart reminds me of the amazingness I’m worthy of even on the days my old “not enoughness” threatens to creep back in and make itself heard.

That’s part of the reason I’m so big on bringing soul into the therapy room; not because I want to try and bypass the physical, emotional or mental human sides of us (more on that in a sec), but because I want to ground it, enlighten it and remind the wonderful people I work with of the power and wonder that can be found in their wholeness.

Bringing together the human and the spiritual

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Because that’s the point of this – the wholeness.

Dancing, eating amazing food, having really good sex, crying at something that touches our hearts, literally sharing the work that’s important to us with other people – there are so so many things we literally couldn’t do if it weren’t for our human selves.

That’s why I’m so big on the need to feel our emotions, to reconnect with our bodies and to learn to live with rather than spend so much time getting out of our minds.

Photograph showing a black of frosting-topped cake and caramel sauce, a fork resting next to them. Photo courtesy of Wix.

But equally, those more human parts of ourselves will always be limited – will always feel somehow disconnected – unless we remember that they’re just as much a part of us as the timeless, limitless soul that exists alongside them.

And when we remember that, and learn to reunite and work with all of those parts of ourselves? In my experience that’s when profound changes start to take place.

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