Soulful humanity: The spirituality in daily life

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There’s something I need to get off my chest, something that’s been frustrating me for a while.

I’m tired of people telling me they’re too spiritual for daily life.

I get it: life is bloody hard, especially at the moment and especially for those of us who are more empathically attuned and so more likely to be brought down by other people’s pain, fear or negative feelings.

And hey, I’ve been there too… As I’ve moved through this spiritual journey of mine there have definitely been times when I’ve been frustrated by the “mundane” and the “normal” and decided I just don’t have the energy to spare on things that don’t take me soul deep every single minute.

Not to mention the fact that when you’re flying high on spiritual awareness, or going through the kind of huge changes that come from deep soul work, diving into the everyday can be frankly a drag… Who cares what some celebrity wore last week when you’re diving into the eternal mysteries of the Universe?!

I’ll be honest here, having grown up in a family where spiritual connection was discussed over dinner as often as football, and the books lying around the house were as likely to be stories of past lives as they were romance novels (and I had no real preference which ones I read!), I’ve never been one to spend too long in that idea that I’m too “ascended” for everyday life… But that’s not to say I haven’t had my moments.

However, if I had a pound for every person who’s told me they don’t need “normal” friends now they’re so spiritual; or that they’ve given up on all other hobbies in favour of focusing all of their time and energy on raising their vibrations? I’d likely be able to afford that house by the sea in Salem that I’ve been coveting for the past few months!

As I say, I’ve been there and had those moments too… And always come out of the other side being super grateful that my friends hadn’t given up on me and glad I can pick up those old interests of mine without too much having changed. So at the risk of sounding super irritating, let me share the reasons for that, and the things I’ve learned along the way…

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Chopping the wood is important

There’s an old zen proverb that says “before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.”

Why? Because it doesn’t matter how spiritually enlightened you become, as long as your Soul is living in a human body, it will need to stay warm and hydrated.

When we’re flying high on our spiritual journey it’s so easy to think that the day to day human things are no longer important; but not only are some of them vital if you want to comfortably continue that spiritual journey in this life, they’re also the things that keep us grounded and enable us to keep learning, growing and changing.

That’s not to say we have to concern ourselves every day with the trappings of this materialistic culture of ours, or with whatever happened on the soaps yesterday – of course we can and absolutely should let go of some of what no longer feels right to us. But when it comes to the basics, the practicalities, part of being a human being on this Soul journey of ours truly is in remembering that our physical selves are just as holy and important as any other part of us.

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The trap of spiritually bypassing your own life

There are two sides to this Soul work of ours; one is the bright, sparkly and spiritual that is so clearly about love and light; the other is the deep, sometimes dark and soulful that can be tough and painful and challenge some of the most deeply held beliefs we have about ourselves.

If we truly want to grow, to change and to fulfil our very deepest potential, then the truth is that we have to journey into both sides of that spectrum and do the work we find there.

Sometimes heading out into the human world means leaving our safe, pretty meditation space and facing up to the people we were before – hands up the reason I hated seeing friends in pubs during the first year of my sobriety, or to the work we still have to do. It can be tough.

But when it comes to Soul work, life is the journey… life is where we're tested and taught and inspired and changed. Life is the root of that work and in bypassing the tough parts of that, we’re not only avoiding the parts of this work that have the potential to help us grow and change the most, but we’re also bypassing so much of the work this world needs us personally to be aware of and do.

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The secret is there’s Soul in everything

Conversations with friends that remind you where you still need to do that work, pop music that brings you joy and causes you to move your body, throw away movie lines that remind you of the bigger meaning of life, letting yourself be blown away by the beauty of nature, or allowing your mind to wander into meditation as you wash the dishes.

The truth is that there is Soul in everything – EVERYTHING if only you’re willing to look for and be open to it.

Maybe that Soul is of the sort that will immediately crack you open and fill you with the kind of Divine light that reminds you there’s more to life; or maybe it’s something that will lead you further along this path of personal growth for yourself.

It almost doesn’t matter. What matters is that we open our eyes to the whole of this journey and remember that the shit is as sacred as the sparkles; the shadows are as holy as the light and the man in the street might have just as much to teach you about your own journey as the 500-year old prophet.

And the moment we start to believe we’re too spiritual to learn from one half of that equation? Well that’s the moment we know our ego has over ruled our Soul.

Does that mean it’s easy?

Hell no.

Of course I know first hand that there are times on this Soul journey of ours that we’ll turn around, look at our wider life and feel totally and utterly out of place from everything and everyone we knew and loved before.

Sometimes that does mean we need a wholesale change, others it means

a change in perspective, and others still it’s an invitation for us to reassess how we look at and interact with the world as the people we are now.

Remember to take it slowly, day by day and even breath by breath if you need to, and to check in with yourself fully before you make any big decisions.

And if that’s something you’re really struggling with then don’t feel you have to go through it alone. That struggle with re-balancing is something that Soul-Led Therapy can be great for so by all means get in touch…

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