Soul-Led Therapy: The underlying principles

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Soul-Led Therapy is, as it says on the tin, led by the two Souls working together (that’s us btw!). But that’s not to say it isn’t helpful to have a bit of a framework for our work to flow within.

First, some core conditions...

The first thing I ever learned in a Counselling classroom was what Carl Rogers (one of my biggest intellectual crushes of all time) called the Core Conditions. Carl, the founder of Person-Centered Therapy believed that every individual is capable of reaching their full potential, just as long as they have three things:

  • Empathy: Someone being able to put themselves in your perspective and understand where you’re coming from no matter what.

  • Congruence: An authenticity and genuineness that allows you to fully trust the person you’re working with.

  • Unconditional Personal Regard: Zero judgement, no matter what you share.

He called those the Conditions, and said they should be present in every therapeutic relationship.

And I agree (I mean, who am I to question Carl Rogers?!). I love the Core Conditions and it’s important to say that they guide and shape every single piece of client work I do, from one-to-one sessions, to workshops, to channelled messages. Consider them my moral compass in a way!

But as I leaned more into Soul-Led Therapy and understood what that really meant, I realised that I needed a little something extra… some founding principles that explain what people can expect from working with me in this way, and also helped to keep me on track if and when I was side-tracked by the power of someone’s story.

So I took a lead from Carl and came up with three underlying principles of my own:


​Be it the connection between the different parts of ourselves – the body has a lot to share on the subject of our emotions if only we learn to tune in and listen; the connection between our lives today and those we’ve lived before or those of the people whose DNA runs through our veins; our own connection with Spirit and other energies; or simply joining the dots to recognise the patterns and cycles we seem to find ourselves stuck in, this work all comes back to connection of some sort.

To be honest I love that! Partly because whether it's the non-coincidental signs from spirit or movie Easter eggs, that's something I do a lot of in daily life; but more importantly, because it seems to me that making the connections our our own between all aspects of this journey of ours is what allows us to understand and break patterns, and to find new ways forwards.


To paraphrase the Wizard of Oz, you had the power inside you all along you know, it’s just that this world sometimes makes that far too easy to forget. But it’s also important to me that we bring your own Soul and the work that you’ve done back into your daily life, combining it all to help you feel more like the all-round superhero that you are.

That means supporting you to ground your spiritual learnings and Soul-led insights into your daily life to help you approach your day-to-day like the powerful Soul that you are; reminding you that – even when they seem totally overwhelming - you’re powerful to break through all of the patterns and overcome all of the challenges that face you and reconnecting you with the power to do just that; and helping you to break free from your past so you can take your spot in the centre stage of your own life as the all out powerhouse you are.


I once heard one of my favourite writers, the theologian Meggan Watterson, talk about the castle library Belle finds in Beauty and the Beast and how we all have access to that much wisdom if only we know where to look. Yuuuup. Exactly that. The problem is that for far too long we’ve been told we can only access that wisdom through other people. Sigh.

Our sessions help you to tune into the wisdom you carry within your body, intuition and the other parts of yourself and also to reconnect you with what I like to call your extra consciousness (more on that later in the week) and all of the insights and guidance that are waving frantically at you and trying to catch your attention.

So how do those principles work in practice?

Soul-Led Therapy isn’t coaching, so we’ll never write these things at the top of a page and check in on them every week. And of course, in just the same way a traditional counsellor never says “behold, I am using empathy right now”, it’s very rare that we’ll use any of those three actual words in our sessions.

But we’ll know right? You’ll know that when I talk about joining the dots or ask about you ancestors, we’re thinking about connection; you’ll know that I am always certain you’re pretty much a superhero, even when you don’t believe it for yourself; and you’ll know that whether it’s through meditation, the signs you receive, or my frankly bloody annoying incessant questioning we’re always on the road to uncovering your wisdom.

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Or watch this space – this post is day two in a week-long blog series diving right into the depths of Soul-Led Therapy, what it means and how it can help you.

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