Soul-Led Therapy: A sacred space that's all about you

Here we are, the final day of our week-long deep dive into Soul-Led Therapy.

Before I get into today’s topic (you!), I thought it might be helpful to share links to the last six days of posts, just so you have the whole set in one place…

If you missed a post then by all means go back and catch up, they’re not too long (except for yesterday’s – heads up, that was a long one!).

But anyway, back to today.

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I wanted to wrap up the week by talking a little about what I think might just be the crux of this work; that for all of the practicalities and the details Soul-Led Therapy, at it’s heart, is a safe and sacred space that’s all about you.

What do I mean by that? Let’s explain.

A sacred space

We’ve talked already this week about the fact that, throughout this Soul-Led Therapy journey, your safety will always be the most important thing. But have I also mentioned that the safe space we build together is also a sacred one.

As you might have gathered I’m a big one for ritual, and so before every session I light a candle, cast a circle of protection, wisdom, insight and empowerment for us and call in both of our support teams.

The purpose of doing that is partly to ground myself fully into the moment and into your session, and partly to keep us both safe no matter what energies we’re working with. But mainly, it’s about dedicating the time and space we’re about to enter into solely to you and your journey.

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To me that’s super important. From moment to moment the world will always try to distract us and pull us in 100 different directions, all of which take us away from the super important job of tending to and fully reconnecting with ourselves. Soul-Led Therapy is and should always be a chance to escape those distractions – or maybe even consciously work through them – and remember what’s really important: you.

Whether you choose to go the whole way with lit candles and a ritual at your side of things (I'll offer some suggestions for that ahead of our first session), or simply to switch off your phone and tuck yourself away somewhere quiet is completely up to you, my only ask is that you take the time and space to honour this work of yours too.

I will invite you to centre into your body at the start and end of our sessions and will be sure to keep you focused throughout our time together, but anything else is your call.

Although I’ll invite you to ground back into your body again at the end of each session, the circle itself will stay open for a short while after we’re done while I work on any notes of what we’ve discussed, any journal prompts or other pieces of homework I agreed to send you, and any arrangements for our next session. Then I’ll close it down for now keeping the container for our work safe and sacred until the next time we meet.

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All about you

And when I say that sacred space is all about you, well I mean it!

As we’ve talked about already this week, the idea of Soul-Led Therapy is that it’s led by the two Souls directly involved in our sessions (albeit with some extra input and support from our guides and helpers along the way…).

For starters that means that you get to decide where we begin; specifically what you want to work on and where you’d like our work together to lead you.

And it means that, although I might sometimes share something external that I think could be helpful to your journey, our time together will be all about you and to immersing ourselves in your story so far and your journey onwards.

The sole purpose of our time together – and the time you devote to our work in between sessions – is about supporting you to work through what’s keeping you stuck, joining the dots and helping you to gain more insight into the things that are evading you, rebuilding your connections and moving forwards step-by-step towards what’s really important to you.

That’s why the safety of all of this is important, because this work can be tough; it can drain you and take you into the depths of your shadows and scariest experiences… but it can also be the key to helping you move forwards towards a much more free and fulfilling life that’s more in line with who you truly are and what that part of you really wants.

Soul-Led Therapy sessions are always your time to go where you need to go. I’ve had clients cry for a full hour, others do lots of ranting, and others sit in silence (seriously). I’ve had clients talk about their childhood, others unpack deep ancestral wounding patterns or past life flashbacks they’ve had, and others discuss a book they’ve read or movie they’ve watched that triggered some deep soul wounding or inspiration within them. And while I’ll always try to keep the content of our sessions relevant to the bigger picture of our goals and work together, in reality anything that feels relevant and important to you goes on that journey because this really is your time.

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Equally, you also get to decide if there’s somewhere you really don’t want to go. If I bring up a subject, ask a question or make a suggestion that you’re really not happy to dive into there and then, you can always say no. I might ask you why, or suggest that we come back to that another day if it feels important, and I will always remind you that you’re safe, supported and held to work through even the toughest of things in our sessions. But I will never ever force you to go somewhere that feels totally uncomfortable for you in that moment.

Because the crux of all of this is supporting you – holding you as safely as possible in that sacred space that’s all about you and helping you to move forwards.

If you’d like to know more about Soul-Led Therapy, you can do that here.

Or, visit my Calendly page to book your free 30-minute introductory chat.

For now though, thank you so much for sharing in this past week of blog posts with me. Of course there’ll be more to come over the coming weeks and months, so watch this space for more insights, more of what you can do to take the first steps on this journey even before we speak, and maybe even some handy freebies along the way!

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