She is Rising

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She Is Rising

This sharing of channelings is becoming a habit isn't it? But the more I'm leaning back into my connection with spirit after a few years of "using" that connection rather than embracing it, the more they're sharing words that I just want to shout from the rooftops!

The below came through during Easter weekend, at a time when I was hearing the words "he is risen" a lot... If I'm honest, I think there's likely a companion piece coming around the He who is rising along She but we'll see about that one.

Is that to say this is religious? Hell no! But it is spiritual, soulful, and maybe a reminder for all of us who are rising in these times of darkness too... 

She is Rising

Is she risen?

No. But she is rising.

Out of the place of darkness. Out of the fear. Out of the shadows of shame and repentance within which she has for so long been


And now she is free.

Choosing never again to crawl

Repentantly, to the feet of those offering salvation.

Conditional salvation, only on the terms of their own making.

Instead she will walk.

Walk on feet once tired from a life overburdened by guilt.

Walk on feet once pained from centuries of fleeing, from the judgement and shame they attributed her.

Fleeing to hide in places of false security where safety was found in the numb and the empty.

No longer.

Now she walks on feet that have been anointed as holy.

As strong

As soft

As powerful.

She walks with shoulders back and head held high and lays footprints of her own salvation

A salvation that was always within.


Just waiting,

To be uncovered.


She lays a path not to be followed but to be witnessed

A journey of inspiration for those preparing to make this walk their own.

And as she walks, her steps become rhythmic, swaying

The dance of her bones.

The dance of the wise women whose blood is within her;

Tearing its way through her veins in a torrent that flushed out that which had consigned her to life in the shadows.

That which had terrorised her to hide from her power,

To hide her power.

And in the freshness that follows her whole body hums

Changing with the beat of that wise woman.


Those women that made her dance alongside

Chanting their mantras, evoking their spells

And whispering the secrets of her bones, her body, the bloody from which she came.

And deep within, those words are a wake up.

A wake up to lives she had forgotten to remember, and to the spells and the secrets her own soul had kept

A wake up to truths she had cast out as forbidden

For forbidden they were.

Fearsome to those who wish for dominion.

But now as those truths build to fire within her

As she gasps in new air and remembers her fullness,

She recognises the lie in that dominion.

She remembers the truth.

Every word and every sense of the truth that will be her unlocking.

And within her are born the springs of a new beginning

Planted within her

Dormant within the darkness

Now being whispered to rise

Now being rooted in truth

For creation is her greatest power

In the fertility of her own inner chalice anything can be grown


Birthed unto the world.

Her dancing comes to a halt

For there is no need to move.

No escape route to be taken now.

Only a journey which, step by step, is of

Her own creation.

Birthed by her own drive,

Her own purpose,

Her own lust for this world, for this universe, for life.

So now she stands

Still and sturdy, 

The going in her eye that says:

“Come to get me,

Come to challenge me.

For I am unafraid.

"Your words no longer shame me.

Your cages no longer tame me.

And the handprints you’re hatred had burned upon my skin are no longer marks of my subjugation.

But reminders of my resurrection.

Scars that remind me I am not what you made me,

I am birthed from the fire of her rebellion

Risen from the ashes that were left behind and became one with the earth.

My return signalled by the tide of the tears my grandmothers wept over those smouldering embers as they begged me to remember.

My first breath the memories of my past and the times you wished I had forgotten;

The dreams of the future and that which you vowed I would not create.

"My vow to you? Watch me.

Watch me create.

Watch me dance.

Watch me love.

Watch me soar.

Watch me live.

"And watch those that come along with me, and those that follow behind me as they do the same




Now she stands tall.

Strong in her softness,

Fierce in her mercy.

Peaceful with the rhythm of Gaia drumming within her.

Gentle with the rage of an warrior preparing for battle.

She stands with her feet rooted to the earth



At home in her skin and the dirt that has shaped her

At one with the creatures she knows S her family.

And she raised her arms to the skies,

Dusting herself in the luminescence of the stars

Welcoming in the firepower of storms as their fire buzzes from her fingers.

Breathing the air that is life into clean, wide lungs

Until her heart swells and with every breath she is born anew.

For she knows her place,

Her wisdom,

Her power,

Her grace.

For she knows her heart,

Her mind,

Her spirit and her soul,

And the glorious temple of that which is her body.

For she knows her Self

In its wholeness

Fulfilled with all that she s and has ever been

Touched and embodied alongside all that there is and will ever be so.

She knows for she is.

She feels for she is.

She trusts for she is.

She loves for she is - a love as filled with tenderness and the soft as with rage and fury

And she moves for she is - sturdy and determined just as fleet footed and dainty.

She is 


She is


She is 


And with that rebirth she spreads her wings

And takes

Up to the skies while

She calls aloud

“I am unafraid.

I am finally free.

And I Am

She Is

We Are


Thank you for witnessing.

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