Making peace with your past… your far off past

When it comes to the more spiritual side of the work I do, past life delving is one of my all time greatest passions.

I read my first book on the subject when I was eight (seriously) and have always been fascinated by finding out about and working with the lives that I – and other people around me – have lived before.

As someone who’s always believed that the soul is eternal, it’s always made sense to think that we would come back to physical life time and time again to learn new lessons, enjoy new experiences, and generally play different roles in this amazing journey that we all call human life.

A lot of people find the idea that we’ve lived before – and will live again – more than a little weird. But to me, honestly, it seems weirder that in the whole grand scheme of time and space, this energy that makes us us would disappear from the physical world after only a handful of decades.

For a big chunk of my life so far, delving into past lives was something I was fascinated with, but kind of disconnected from. I’d done countless meditations, had the occasional feeling and flashback for myself, even gone to see someone for a past life regression. But none of it had ever given me the feeling of connection that I was sure was possible when it came to the other experiences my soul has had out there in the world.

And then Past Lives, Present Miracles came along… one of those books I often feel like I should be on commission for recommending!

From the outset it seemed like another basic past lives book, albeit one with a really interesting twist on the way past life investigations can help and heal us. Until I reached the section with a quiz…

Yes, a quiz. I mean, I know that we all love a good Buzzfeed quiz but as if any of us would ever expect that to link us back in with the past existences of our soul, right?! And yet…

The quiz was about 20 pages long, and although it began with basics like “which periods of history were you interested in at school”, the questions went deeper and deeper into the subconscious until before I knew it I was answering with sentence I hadn’t even known I thought or believed, and seeing whole stories come together within my answers.

With those answers came the opening of a door somewhere within my subconscious… the one I’d known was there all along but hadn’t really known how to access. And since then, my work with past lives – mine and those of other people – has become pretty much second nature to me.

The momentary flashes and gut feelings have become full blown memories and absolute certainties and the understanding of how these things continue to influence us in the present day has taken on even bigger importance than it had before.

Through that work – not just on myself but also with those clients who are interested and open – I’ve realised that as important as healing the past parts of this lifetime are, healing the even deeper past can have an equally positive impact.

It can help us to heal our relationships, our fears, or negative thought and behaviour patterns, even physical issues at times. And what’s more than that, it’s seriously interesting and really bloody fun! Think about it, past life investigations are like watching a history of the Universe – all through your own eyes. A.Mazing.

So if you’re as much of a geek about this as I am – or even if your interest is just a passing one – then this is a book I would seriously recommend you take a look at!

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