Looking for magic in the real world

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Magic is and always has been one of my most favourite words… never more so than right now at my favourite time of year.

But often when we talk about “magic” people will roll their eyes, and understandably so I guess.

Because the world has taught us that magic is all about waving your wand and shouting “Alohomora” to unlock a door a la Harry Potter, or about the kind of Bibidi Bobidi Boo-type fairy godmothers that transform pumpkins into carriages, and that anyone who talks about it is on some other planet where that sort of thing happens regularly.

I mean, all of that would be wonderful, and I still occasionally wish that my Hogwarts letter would turn up or that someone would wave a wand and transform my old pjs into some sort of fancy ballgown. But when I talk about magic, that’s not exactly what I mean.

Photograph of a book open on a bed, the room around it is dark but illuminated fairy lights sit in the centre of the book. Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

The magic I see

The magic I’m talking about is the kind we see in our world every single day…

I’m talking about the powerful changes that happen when someone sets their mind to it; changes that seemed nigh on impossible to them at the very start of their journey.

I’m talking about the ways people light up almost supernaturally when they stop allowing themselves to be dimmed or lessened by the world around them and instead step into the true gloriousness of what it is to be them.

I’m talking about the unexpected and sometimes seemingly miraculous things that seem to pop up out of nowhere at the most unexpected times and create opportunities that are better than we ever dreamed of at the exact moments we need them.

And also about the ways that so often when we set intentions to get out there and bring something into being, the Universe often seems to pull out all the stops to bring those things into being in the most perfect ways possible.

Then there are the moments that we tune into the bigger picture of our Universe, start to join the dots between all those connections and find ourselves unearthing a seemingly magical order in what previously seemed like madness as a result.

And finally, maybe my very favourite, are the times we see something in nature so utterly and unexpectedly beautiful that it takes our breath away and makes us question whether it’s even possible for something to be that naturally stunning.

Yes, but is that real magic?

Photo of Kali Rowntree, a German Shepherd, walking away from the camera through an autumnal woodland.

You bet your ass it is.

Just talk to some of my clients and hear about the times they stepped up and did the things that scared them most, only to have the Universe repay them with the kind of opportunities they previously couldn’t have dreamed of.

Or stand in the woods by the side of my favourite lake as the sunlight pulses its way out on a cloudy day and try not to feel the tingle of something miraculous inside you.

Hey, maybe even reach a point when you can block out the noise of the wider world and focus truly on what that wise voice within you has to share and connect you with, and I promise you’ll start to notice the kind of feelings that can only be described as having at least a touch of magic to them.

I know this time of year can be challenging for many reasons. It can be busy, it can be expensive, and there can be lots of spending time with people we would usually be able to tuck ourselves away from…

But it can also be magical, and if I can encourage you to do one thing over the coming days it would be to remember that magic and tap into it whenever and wherever you can.

Whether that be the traditions you have in the run up to the holidays that are all about excitement and creating something lovely, getting to watch the children around you be utterly enraptured by all things festive, witnessing people put the joy and happiness of others ahead of themselves for a little while, or something else entirely.

Photo of multicoloured fairylights illuminated against a blue backhround. Photo courtesy of Wix.

For me there are fewer experiences of magic in our world than Christmas Eve – a day I have always loved for all of the traditions my family brings to it, for the subtle sheen of excitement that sits under the surface and – if I’m totally honest – for the Father Ted Christmas Special (because what can be more magical than a really good belly laugh?).

But the time I notice the magic of this season most of all isn’t even one that includes all of that tradition and fun, it’s Kali’s first walk of the day the following morning. It’s the fact that people who wouldn’t usually make eye contact will smile and say good morning as they walk to relatives’ houses, to church or to wherever else they’re spending their day; and the fact that everywhere we walk there are fairy lights in downstairs windows as children wake up to a day that’s all about them.

I know not everyone is lucky enough to say that, and I know that some people have a seriously tough time during this part of the year.

But there’s a reason that this time of year is home to so many holy days across so many different belief systems; a reason that makes the magic of our world almost tangible for once even in times as chaotic as these

The truth is that there’s so much magic in this world of ours if only we’re willing to open our eyes and pay attention to it, so whenever and wherever you can over the coming days, look out for that magic. Because I promise that when you find it, it will touch something deeper and more beautiful in you than almost any of the gifts under your tree.

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