Keeping on top of your Soul’s journey

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If you’ve taken a look around this site you might’ve spotted something called Soul Support and wondered what the heck that’s all about… well let me explain.

As a Counsellor I have regular supervision – a check in with someone else who can support me to make sure I’m doing the best work I can for and with my clients, help me work through whatever I have going on to stop it getting in the way of that client work, and help me keep on track with my own plans and development.

I can’t tell you how helpful that’s been– and STILL IS!

There have been more than a handful of times when I’ve felt a little stuck with a client only to have my supervisor give the most golden piece of advice to help me move our work together forward; and during the toughest year of my life so far it was my Supervisor who not only kept me sane but also helped me to leave my troubles at the door of the therapy room so that I could concentrate fully on what my clients needed from my own stuff getting in the way.

But when it came to the more Spiritual and energetic work that I do, for a long time there wasn’t really anyone to help support me with any of those things.

As a result I’d find myself drained, frustrated and knowing that I could be doing better for my clients. What’s more, I’d also find myself feeling stuck – getting so far into the day to day of my own work that I forgot about the personal development that’s so important to those of us who are working to help people advance on their own journeys.

Some of the tools of a soul worker; a number of crystals lie on a dark wooden surface along with a sage smudge stick, a wooden stick or wand and a large piece of red corn. The image is courtesy of Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash.

And that’s not really a surprise. Because don’t those of us who work with Spirit and the Soul go through a lot of the same experiences as counsellors?

  • We see our own lessons and experiences reflected in the journeys of our clients and have to work hard to stay detached;

  • We reach points of feeling stuck with our clients or customers and need the view of an outsider to continue to support, guide or heal them… all while maintaining that bloody important client confidentiality;

  • And we all too easily get so wrapped up in the day-to-day that we forget the importance of continuing to grow, develop and progress our own journeys

I’ve seen it happen to far too many friends and colleagues over the years who’ve ended up burned out, walking away from their passion and finding their clients walking away from sessions without the results they’d had in the past.

And yup, those are all things I’ve experienced for myself too.

Which is where Soul Support came from and why it’s so close to my heart.

A full moon against a cloudless black sky with a bare tree in front shadow at the front of the image. This photograph is courtesy of David Dibert on Unsplash.

So whether you’re an empath, a lightworker, an energy healer, a soulpreneur, a teacher, a guide, a psychic or simply someone who’s making their way through life trying to do their bit for the world while trying to keep their own soul’s journey on track; Soul Support is about giving you a safe space where you can be held and honoured.

Soul Support is a place to talk over your challenges, hopes, goals and experiences in a confidential and non-judgmental environment where the interests of you and your clients are the most important thing on the agenda.

And equally importantly? Soul Support is about helping to remind you of why you do the work that you do and keep you connected to everything you love most about that work.

Part counselling, part coaching, part mentoring with a heavy dose of the spiritual and magic thrown in for good measure; we’ll not only work through whatever is going on in your life and work in that moment, but will also pull together an ongoing plan for your own work and development with actions that you’ll decide and commit to for yourself where necessary.

Visit the Soul Support info page find out more and book in for a free 30-minute introductory session.

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