Is Soul-Led Therapy safe?

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We’re five days into this week-long deep dive into Soul-Led Therapy and it feels like time to dive into the biggest question of all: Is this safe.

It's a question I totally understand, because I know firsthand there are a lot of people out there offering "coaching", "therapy" and "counselling who aren't trained, experienced, or particularly conscious about doing that, and who aren't holding their clients safe as a result.

Now I can't answer the question for those people and the work they do, but I can answer it for mine. Ready?

Is Soul-Led Therapy safe?

In short, yes.

Why? Because it's actual therapy, just with a few extra bits.

I know, that's a pretty short answer isn't it, so let me expand before this becomes the shortest blog I've ever written!

The actual therapy...

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To answer your question in a little more detail, I am a fully qualified Counselling Therapist who is registered with the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). (You can view me on their register here.)

In fact, if you’d like to work with me but Soul-Led Therapy doesn’t float your boat, I do still offer traditional Person-Centered Counselling at a lower rate; if you'd like to know more about that get in touch.

Although the Soul-Led work I do doesn’t follow any one school of thought or theory within the therapy world, I do hold myself accountable to all of the same ethical principles and ways of treating client that I signed up to as a member of that organisation.

As part of that I work regularly with a qualified supervisor, whose job is effectively to make sure I’m looking after myself and doing a good job for my clients.

We meet regularly so I can get the insight of someone more experienced on anything I’m struggling with or worried about, and also talk through where I’m at personally too so that she can flag up anything I might be missing personally that might mean my clients aren’t getting the best they possibly can from our work together.

I’m also a qualified Life Coach who is fully insured for the work that I do, so you can be sure that all of the I’s are dotted and the T’s crossed to offer that same level of safety you’d expect from traditional therapy in all ways.

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The extra bits

All of that said, as I mentioned before there is a but to that yes… a but that there are some extra bits in Soul-Led Therapy you likely wouldn’t find in traditional therapy.

That comes in the form of the more spiritual and Soul-Led side of the work, which leaves space for meditation, card pulls, journal prompts and intuitive insights and wisdom. None of that is intended to “guide” you or tell you where to go, more to open new avenues for exploration based on the conversations we’ve had already and the work that we’ve done.

It's important to note that those are all things I'm trained and/or fully experienced in, so you're equally not heading into the Soul work side of our time together with an unguided cannon for support! Instead you have someone who's walked this path for a long time - both alone and guiding others, and is dedicated to keeping you safe and following the same strict ethical guidelines in her Soul work that she signed up to as a therapist.

It’s those “extra bits” that led to Soul-Led Therapy evolving out of what I once thought of as Soul-Led Counselling. Making that switch allows our sessions to be a little more free flowing and intuitively led, bringing in more of the extra Soul work that is a passion for me and that the awesome souls I work with love too, all while keeping those boundaries and underlying themes that help to keep us both safe.

If you’d like to know more about all of this, or to book your own Soul-Led Therapy intro session then head over to this page. Otherwise though, check back tomorrow for the penultimate post of the week!

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