If you’re looking for someone perfect I’m not your girl

Is it just me or does the world seem increasingly full of Insta-perfect people? You know the ones I mean; those who know everything, never have a hair out of place in their photos and say they have everything cracked.

In some ways those people can be inspirational – they can remind you of all that you can be, and encourage you to do the work you want for yourself to heal and to grow.

But in all honesty, they can also do precisely the opposite – that Insta-perfect culture can trigger all of your insecurities and that’s not helpful at all.

Even working with someone like that can be tough. Believe me I know, I once had a coach with a perfect social media life, and for all the good our working relationship brought me, it also regularly left me feeling pretty shitty and inadequate.

That’s part of the reason truth is such a big deal for me; for starters I’m all about reconnecting you with your own truth and encouraging you to find the power and strength within that, which would be a pretty empty thing to say if I wasn’t doing the same. But also when you sign up to work in a relationship like the ones I offer and build, it’s important you know who you’re working with and what you’re signing up to.

No make up, messy hair and a wonder woman hoodie - this is me most of the time. Not perfect, but who cares?

So here’s my truth, are you ready?

I’m not perfect.

I’m still learning on this journey through life too – which means that I occasionally wobble and make mistakes; I can be messy (the corner of my office you don’t see over the Skype camera? A pile of boxes I really need to sort); I need to balance my work with quiet time, so sometimes take a little longer than I’d like to reply to emails; and I have an ongoing battle with sugar addiction for starters.

But none of those things mean I’m not good at the work I do… actually, I’m bloody good at it and that’s something I never doubt – even on those wobbly days.

In fact, I think the fact that I’m not perfect makes me better at what I do. When it comes to my work with clients I understand the learnings they’re going through and the challenges they’re facing because – in one way or another – they’re things I’ve been through too; and when worries and fears raise their heads I get it, because every now and again those same things come up for me too.

The journey to empowerment isn’t a one stop shop or an exam that you take once and then you’re through it; it’s a constant journey of growing, developing, healing and learning. And although the work we do will give you everything you need to set off safely on that journey, it’s what you do with that work long term, and the small things you do every single day which enable you to become the hero of your own life.

So if you’re looking for someone perfect to work with and equip you for that journey, well I’m afraid I’m not your girl. But if you want someone who's been on that path for a while and gets how tough the journey can be, and who is committed to supporting your journey through that work and doing it every single day for herself along the way? Well then let's talk; because that I can definitely do.

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