Episode Three: Balance

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Balance. It's one of the fundamental principles of divine feminism; balance within ourselves, our relationships, our lives and our world. But lately, the idea of balance has been getting a bad rap. Yet the question is this; is balance really a myth, or some impossible idea we should all stop beating ourselves up over? Or is it just that we're looking at it all wrong? Join me on the links below for a journey into balance - what it means to me and how we can all embrace that more fluid, individual approach to it that is less about perfectionism, and more about finding the places and situations that work for us.

********************************* EPISODE NOTES

  • Read more about working one-on-one with Ceryn here.

  • Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle available here.

  • Core Desired Feelings by Danielle LaPorte available here.

  • Music is Start again, copyright Alex (2014), sourced through YouTube and available to hear in full here.

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