A love letter to the Moon

Earlier in the week someone told me they were tired without reason.

My reply? “Oh don’t worry, that will be the moon.”

Yup, I’ve become one of those people. But you know, I’m totally cool with that. Because the moon? She’s flipping awesome.

She sits there in the sky, illuminating our nights and remind us that there’s a light there in the dark, even at the times we don’t actually see it.

And she reminds us of the power in embracing exactly where we are – full and beaming or dark and empty – safe in the knowledge that we will refresh ourselves again just as she does every 28 days when she drains and fills again (more on that in a sec).

As any middle school scientist will tell you, the ocean’s tides are caused by the gravitational pulls of the Moon and the Sun interacting with the pull of the Earth’s own gravity, and since the Moon is the closest of those two to our planet of course she has the greatest impact.

A couple of fun Moon facts – tides are actually highest and lowest when the Moon is either full or new; and the reason why tides are slightly later each day is because the tidal patterns follow a lunar day of 24 hours and 50 minutes rather than the solar day of 24 hours exactly. I know, crazy. But let’s back away from the science and get back to the bigger picture.

In fact, let’s start with the bit that science doesn’t quite get… The fact that the moon influences our feelings as much as she does the tides.

I’ve read in the past that that’s down to the amount of water in our bodies, and the fact that the Earth’s gravity impacts that liquid too. Science will tell you there isn’t enough water in our bodies to scientifically mention that impact but given that everything in our skies has an impact on our lives and feelings, is it any wonder that as the closest astrological body to our planet, the Moon would affect us most of all?

Another big aside here - why do I keep calling the Moon a She?

Because with the Moon we’re talking about a figure that renews itself once a month, one who is comfortable in the dark and hell and one who is intrinsically linked to the water and to our feelings. Remind you of anything?

Although some cultures have Moon Gods, the vast majority of Lunar deities are female – Diana and Luna of Ancient Rome, the Greek Selene and the Welsh Cerridwen . And it’s no surprise that many of the world’s Moon-related Goddesses, such as the African Yemanya and Polynesian Hina, are also strongly linked to the Sea.

Just like a menstruating woman, the Moon goes through the phases of its cyclical month, with every one of those phases carrying its own powers and importance, if we only think to look further than the beauty of the full moon or the quiet of the dark.

If you’re reading all of this and thinking “this is all great, but I don’t fully get it – I’m not one of those people who know enough” then I get you. I’ve been there too. Not that long ago I was definitely the girl who envied those that talked about the Moon but felt like the only connection I had was on the nights I stepped outside and looked up.

But you know what? Sometimes that’s the only connection you need. And it’s almost certainly the most important one you can ever have.

Take your connection deeper by all means; find the Moon in your own birth chart and see what that means for you, track the Moon in the skies (there are countless Moon phase apps out there which are really helpful for doing just that, and I can’t recommend Moonology by Yasmin Boland and the same lady’s Insta-feed, through which she gives a daily run through of the lunar landscape) and then track your own moods and feelings as you move through each of her phases.

Until I started with that last part I honestly didn’t realise the strength of my own connection to her… I began by tracking my own inner cycle, but in the years that have passed I’ve found myself taking that even deeper to track against the Moon too; and the things I’m finding are a whole other level of interesting and amazing.

Right now we’re at the point between two major eclipses – the solar eclipse that took place on the New Moon late last week, and the full lunar eclipse that will be happening on the Full Moon of 27th June too.

I won’t go into the science of eclipses because I’m no scientist, nor into the depths of astrology because – for all my interest, I am not an expert astrologer. But I will tell you that makes for some crazy feels and some big ass influence on what’s going on in our lives day to day.

Eclipses offer us a real opportunity to go within and really sit in that darkness, both to understand the shadow within ourselves and to spend time focused on the things we’ve been otherwise trying to avoid. But in bringing that period of total darkness they can also leave us feeling tired… and often just a little emotion.

For last week’s eclipse particularly, with the Moon in its own watery sign of Cancer, emotions were running high, and it’s more than a little understandable if you felt that in your own life too. Because yes, we might all feel like we’re going a little crazy, but for those who don’t keep track of the Moon’s movements that will be even tougher to get to grips with because it feels so damned out of the blue.

By keeping track of the Moon though we won’t just know more about those basic to’ings and fro’ings and where we might be feeling a little heightened; we’ll also have a greater insight in how to harness those energies in our own lives.

Because the Moon and its continuing cycles are a powerful helper when it comes to making the changes that you want within your life… As the Moon goes dark at the very end of her cycle we find ourselves in a place of peace so can use that to enjoy our own space, do our own thing and decide what it is that we want more of.

At the first light of the New Moon we then use those growing energies to help us attract more and more of that to us as in line with the Moon’s growing energies.

Two weeks later when the Moon is full we can enjoy the fullness of its energy along with that of what we’ve brought into our lives and instead decide what we need to let go of… Then as the Moon begins to grow smaller again we focus our minds on that letting go and on feeling these things go further and further away from what we want.

Of course all of that works better if you focus your mind and energies on it but honestly?

The Moon’s power is so strong that you don’t actually have to do anything… those things will naturally come closer to and further away from you just as the tides go in and out.

My advice to you – go outside tonight (or on the next clear night) and look up at the skies… then once you’ve done that, take the time to look at the Moon night after night until eventually you know what She’s doing.

Pay attention to how her moods affect yours and the wider world, and then start to work with them. Because as she illuminates the darkest corners of your feelings, you’ll find yourself changing in all of the best ways too.

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