Life is short… do the thing

This week I had stacks of blog posts planned. You see I had the kind of life affirming weekend that reminded me of how far I’ve come in my own life and made me want to inspire everyone I could reach about how to find their own inner peace and happiness. And those posts will come, I promise.

Then on Monday night I got a phone call to say that my friend’s husband had died suddenly.

To say it shook me would be an understatement.

This man wasn’t someone I knew well; he lived literally half a world away and although I absolutely adored him when we met, we only actually met in person once – and a couple of times over Skype.

What shook me was the suddenness of it; only that morning this wonderful man had dropped his husband off and headed to work; undoubtedly with plans of what they’d do that evening, with arrangements made for when next to see his mother and his daughter, and of dreams of watching his little grandson grow up. And suddenly out of nowhere, all of that was gone.

But not just for him… the future plans his mother, his sisters, his daughter and her husband, his grandson, and his friends had imagined with my friend was suddenly gone in an instant.

And then of course there was my friend, his husband. Theirs wasn’t an easy love story; it began with them living on opposite sides of the Atlantic and underwent all manner of challenges before they reached the point they were finally at: Married, living together in the same country, renovating a dream home and building a life together. Until in a few short moments those plans changed.

I know it’s a story many of us have been through, and even more have heard of so many times before. Yet it’s one that never becomes any less sad or shocking.

Even for me, a medium who firmly believes that death is nothing at all to be scared of and that our Loved Ones on the Other Side are still very much around us and doing their best to let us know that we’re here, new like this has that same effect.

Of course it’s sad because it means the loss of a wonderful person to the world, and the sadness of people that I care about as they work to rebuild their lives without him.

But it’s also a stark reminder to all of us of the frailty of life. Be they long or short, each of our journeys through life will one day come to an end, and possibly at a time we least expect them to.

And while I firmly believe that each of us will come back here to experience life time and time again, each arrival will bring with it different experiences, different dreams, and different lessons to learn.

What does that mean? What is the big lesson of this post?

It’s to stop dragging your heels, and to get out there and do the thing you’ve been longing for.

Whether that’s learning something new, taking a big leap or breaking down the barriers that have been holding you back, make the most of your life by doing the thing that you’re longing for, please.

One of the most powerful questions I ask coaching client is what they’d like the first line of their obituary to read. I ask that not to make anyone sad or scared, but because I think it says a lot about what we want out of life, and about what we should be aiming for.

Whether you believe in divine purpose, personal truth or just doing what makes your heart sing it’s that thing that I’m talking about here. The thing your soul is crying out for and the one that makes you you.

So whatever that is for you please take my friend as your inspiration this week and go do it.

After all life can be short, so let’s spend it doing what’s right for us x

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