Standing in my truth

Well hello there!

It’s fair to say that I’ve been quiet for a while on here, and on social media when it comes to my work, and there’s been good reason for that.

To cut a long story short, I’d reached a point where the way I was promoting my work just didn’t feel right to me and I needed to step back and look at that.

Last year I worked with a lovely business coach who is absolutely amaaaaaazing and really helped me not only to hone the programmes I deliver further, but also with advice and tips on how to promote and build those programmes.

It was brilliant advice from a super successful lady, and so I followed it to the letter. But the more I did it the more I realised that doing things the tried and tested way wasn’t quite the right way for me…

In promoting my work the traditional way I’d started to feel less like myself and more like I was building some unrealistic, perfect character who had every single one of the answers. And that made me feel more than a little uncomfortable.

I’m only human… so although I have an awful lot of answers when it comes to life, love and happiness; although I have stacks of experience in working with women to help them fall in love with themselves and change their lives as a result; although I’m more passionate about the work that I do than I can explain in a blog post; and although I’m bloody good at that work; I’m not perfect.

So I stopped promoting my work for a little while and instead did a bit of soul searching and a bit of research. I looked around at the people I admire and realised that every single one of them communicates and promotes their work differently. In fact the only thing they all have in common? Their authenticity. The fact that they are unashamedly them. And that’s what I love and respect about them.

I took a bit of time to think about what was right for me, and spoke a lot to one of my best friends in the world who just happens to be an entrepreneur and social media guru, and then did some work.

And so I’m back! I’m changing some things… actually changing a lot of things. But in doing that I’m running my business in a way that feels absolutely right for me and in a way that I think – no, I know – is right for my clients too.

That includes a brand new Facebook page, which you can find here. It’s pretty quiet at the moment but that’ll change over the coming weeks and months. So head over there, give it a like and join me on my journey!

It also includes a bit of a re-write of some of my programmes, to add in some extra bits and pieces like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique. Have you tried it? It’s amazing, but more on that another day!), exercises to put your personal development into practice, and more content designed to help you get deeper into the roots of exactly what you want from life and love.

And possibly most excitingly of all, it includes even more passion from me than I had before.

Because this feels right. This is me and the way I work, and feels like the perfect fresh start to the work that will empower you to find peace with your story so far and create the happy ever after you’re longing for.

So in the spirit of being totally and unashamedly me, here I am - me as I've been taking on the world recently; rocking brand new glasses and pigtails. This photo is in my bedroom (and yes, I'm well aware a drawer - my sock drawer in fact - is slightly open, it irritates me every time I look at the photo too but I can't find a way to crop it out!) when I was feeling seriously crappy having fallen victim to some sort of throat lurgy. Yet I got dressed, stuck on some eyeliner and suddenly felt like I could take on the world so decided to take a photo. I share this with you so you can see authentic me as the woman I am; not perfect but loving myself and my story regardless, and here to help empower you to feel the same way about yourself and your life.

I am SOOOOO EXCITED!!!! And I can’t wait to share this journey with you xxx

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